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Ask Me Anything about Spatial ETL and GIS Data Transformations



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Are you moving your data from one place to another, and want to learn how to perform a spatial data operation? Translating and converting data in a seamless and efficient way from one format to another can be made possible with spatial ETL systems and spatial data transformation in GIS.

During this “Ask Me Anything” webinar, our team of FME Support Specialists will provide tailored support to answer your specific questions, including on topics such as:

- Coordinate Transformations / Geographic coordinate system
- Transformations
- Schema Mapping with FME
- Getting Arc Geodatabase repurposed in Arc pro
- Spatial queries

Join us on the air to ask our specialists questions, or type them in throughout the webinar.

Whether you are looking to begin working with spatial ETL, schema mapping with FME, or coordination system transformations — you’ll be sure to leave this webinar with the knowledge to improve your workflows and data quality.

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Ask Me Anything about Spatial ETL and GIS Data Transformations

  1. 1. Ask Me Anything about Spatial ETL and GIS Data Transformations Ask questions by typing them into the control panel.
  2. 2. How to Ask Questions In person, over the air: 1. Click “Raise Hand” 2. We will promote you to panelist 3. Unmute & share webcam 4. Ask your question on the air! Through text: 1. Type your question into the questions panel. 2. Hit Send Note: this is a one-way chat and you will only be able to see your questions and our typed responses.
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