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All your BIM are belong to us - Revit and FME for Enterprise Data Management


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This session illustrates the use of FME and Revit to create data management workflows for AEC firms. Topics include user driven reports, BIM validation workflows, data extraction and collection routines, Revit to GIS workflows, more.

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All your BIM are belong to us - Revit and FME for Enterprise Data Management

  1. 1. CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE. All your BIM are belong to us – Revit and FME for Enterprise Data Management Greg Schleusner AIA, HOK Director of buildingSMART Innovation @gschleusner @zoog
  3. 3. CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE. Planning Ahead: Proud Owner of
  4. 4. CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE. Zero Wing com/watch?v=FVsijm CFs50 http://en.wikipedia.or g/wiki/All_your_base_ are_belong_to_us BABTM
  5. 5. My Job @ HOK  Architect, Technologies, knew Lat/Lon when jumped in  Work with any of the 40+ groups that have project technology needs ...@zoog  Databases, City Modeling to Steel Fabrication  150+ Different Software titles used across the firm.  Needed a better Urban Planning workflow  Started using FME 1 year ago
  6. 6. How we use (plan to use) FME  Crazily convoluted, 5 software Revit to GIS workflows  User Driven Reports  FM BIM Validation workflows  Data extraction and collection routines  and more…
  7. 7. Better Urban Planning Workflow  130+ Square Mile New City  New City the population size of Roma (Rome)  “...sure we can model all the buildings”  @#$@#$@$@$@%#@#$%!!!!!!!
  8. 8. SMART CODE – Transect Adjacencies
  9. 9. Revit Landuse Plan CityEngine Massing Infraworks Presentation Model
  10. 10. Transect T5 Transect T6 SMART CODE – Transect Adjacences
  11. 11. Transects Social Infrastructure Road Center Lines (3,4,5) Generated Buildings GeoTIFFs Shape Files Terrain IMX IMX Road Centerlines (1,2)
  12. 12. Transects Social Infrastructure Road Center Lines (3,4,5) Generated Buildings IMX Road Centerlines LIVE DATA 3d Data Client engagement FME Cloud BIM 2d Data File management workflow
  13. 13. AutoCAD From Revit Hatches from Revit rooms Attributes Added Colors Set Image Rasterizer
  14. 14. AutoCAD From Revit CenterLines Attributes Added ESRI Shapefile created
  15. 15. City Engine (remember to ask for reader) Smart CODE • Road Creation • Block Subdivision • CGA Code (Generates Building Forms)
  16. 16. 3ds files From CE IMX file created
  17. 17. • Uses LandUse “rooms” to create: • Coverage Areas • Water Features • Planted/Wooded Areas
  18. 18. What we are working on...exploring  Google Spreadsheet >Mobile>dRofus>Revit <Repeat>  Space Syntax Like Analysis of Revit Floor Plans  2D/3D Model Version Compare  PostGIS Model Version Storage  Mapping Revit Activity across the firm  Self Serve File Transforms  Automatic Clash Detection  Project Startup – Location Setting > Revit  Batch Processing  “Ample Data” Collection  Data Quality Checking
  19. 19. Once we started...  dRofus (PostgresDb) – Program Management dB
  20. 20. Space Analysis (Efforting – Have Feature Requests)  Analysis of BIM based Room network without a network Autodesk Research
  21. 21. 2D/3D Drawing Compare
  22. 22. Exploring RVZ to Postgis for Versioning
  23. 23. Sync with Central Data
  24. 24. Revit to ... Self serve exporter
  25. 25. Automation Goals  Batch Process using RTV Tools  RVZ, IFC, 2D DWF, 2D PDF, DWG.  Create Precompiled Data for multi project analysis  Server – Self serve for N number of needs  Automatic reports back to project teams when they should be sleeping
  26. 26. FME Opportunities/ Challenges  Nearly untapped market for Automation in AEC  Apparently buildings are on earth?  Emerging Market for Rule checking, Zoning, FAR, Inside, outside...  .....  Support for AEC Formats  FBX, CityEngine, Rhino, CGA Shape Transformer...  Big clumsy files – 800mb IFC, RVZ
  27. 27. Thank You!  Questions?  For more information:  Greg Schleusner,  HOK @  @gschleusner CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE.