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A Dynamic and Valuable Duo - ArcGIS and FME


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This technical presentation will examine how ArcGIS Online Services can be used within FME Workbench by using the ArcGIS REST API. With FME 2013 Safe Software started to make use of ArcGIS Online Services as Basemaps in FME Data Inspector and through various Custom Transformers like ArcGISOnlineGeocoder, ArcGISOnlineGeoenricher and ArcGISServiceAreaCalculator. This session explains the basic concepts of the ArcGIS REST API and its usage within FME Workbench. Examples illustrate how these transformers can be easily extended and completely new Custom Transformer can be created making usage of ArcGIS Online Services. Beside the usage of ArcGIS Online Services to manipulate data, Feature Services can be used to store data and publish it in ArcGIS Online Maps. Attendees will get an understanding of Custom Transfomers and ArcGIS REST API.

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A Dynamic and Valuable Duo - ArcGIS and FME

  1. 1. CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE. A Dynamic and Valuable Duo – ArcGIS and FME Christian Dahmen Consultant, con terra GmbH
  2. 2. Agenda !  Introduction !  FME and Web Services !  ArcGIS Online and FME !  Ready to use Apps
  3. 3. con terra Facts !  Founded in 1993 !  Spin-off of the University of Muenster, Institute for Geoinformatics !  Part of the Esri Deutschland Group !  110 employees !  Development and design of company-wide GIS infrastructures & System Integrator !  Platinum Partner of Safe Software
  4. 4. FME and Web Services !  FME Desktop and FME Server can consume a various number of services !  OGC´s Web Feature Service !  OGC´s Web Map Service !  FME Server can act as any arbitrary service !  WxS approach !  In this presentation: Using ArcGIS Online Services within FME Desktop and FME Server
  5. 5. ArcGIS Platform and FME !  FME Extension and Data Interoperability Extension (ArcGIS for Desktop and Server) !  Using ArcGIS Online Services in FME
  6. 6. ArcGIS Platform and FME !  FME extends !  ArcGIS for Desktop through Data Interoperability Extension (or FME Esri Edition) with its data translation and transformation capabilities !  ArcGIS for Server through Data Interoperability Extension for Server !  publish models with integrated FME functionality
  7. 7. ArcGIS Platform and FME !  Make use of ArcGIS Online functionality in FME through !  Basemaps in FME Data Inspector !  ArcGIS Online Feature Service Reader and Writer !  Custom Transformers using any ArcGIS Online Service
  8. 8. ArcGIS Online !  Esri’s mapping platform for organizations !  Share and collaborate !  Key features !  Ready-to-use maps and apps !  Run spatial and location analytics !  Tools for developers ! !
  9. 9. ArcGIS Online Services !  ArcGIS Online provides a huge number of Services for !  Mapping, locations, data management, spatial analysis !  Create and host your own service (Feature Service) !  Create, Delete, Query, Update, Sync, and Uploads
  10. 10. Samples !  Geocoding and Place Search !  Convert addresses to and from geographic coordinates !  Search for places within a region and get places matching your search !  Directions and Routing !  Generate routes between any number of places !  Calculate areas accessible in a given amount of time
  11. 11. Samples !  Store and query geographic data !  Feature services allow you to create custom REST endpoints to store and query geographic data (points, lines and polygons) !  And many, many more…
  12. 12. ArcGIS Online Services !  All services are accessible through the ArcGIS REST API ! !  You can invoke the ArcGIS REST API through any language that can make HTTP requests (including FME) !  Services require an ArcGIS Online Account !  Some services run on a credit-based model
  13. 13. ArcGIS Online Services !  Working with ArcGIS REST API means !  Decide which requests to make !  Structure the requests correctly !  Anticipate and use the responses
  14. 14. ArcGIS Online Services !  Generate token (OAuth 2.0 credentials) !  Request the service (e.g. routing service) !  Parameters !  Token !  Synchronous / asynchronous !  Process the results
  15. 15. How can ArcGIS Online Services be used in FME?
  16. 16. #1 Basemaps !  FME Data Inspector !  Background Maps
  17. 17. #2 ArcGIS Online Feature Service Reader/ Writer !  ArcGIS Online Feature Service Reader and Writer !  Reader !  Read data from any ArcGIS Online Feature Service !  Writer (new in FME 2014 SP 1) !  Write any data (source format does not matter) to ArcGIS Online Feature Services !  Update Feature Services (including truncate layers)
  18. 18. #2 ArcGIS Online Feature Service Reader/ Writer
  19. 19. #3 Custom Transformers
  20. 20. ArcGISOnlineGeocoder !  ArcGISOnlineGeocoder !  Geocoding and Place Search !
  21. 21. ArcGISOnlineRouter !  ArcGIS Online Routing Services !  Driving directions !  Service areas (drive-time areas) !  Routes to closest facilities !
  22. 22. ArcGISOnlineServiceAreaCalculator !  ArcGIS Online Routing Services !  Driving directions !  Service areas (drive-time areas) !  Routes to closest facilities !
  23. 23. ArcGISOnlineGeoenricher !  Get information about the people, places and businesses !  In a specific area !  Within a certain distance !  Drive time from a location !
  24. 24. Create your own Custom Transformer !  Use case: How to enable Reverse Geocoding? !  Creating a Custom Transformer (general steps) !  Process Input !  Receive ArcGIS Online user credentials !  Generate token (ArcGIS Online Authentication) !  Prepare request !  Send request (reverse geocoding) !  Process results
  25. 25. Ready to use apps
  26. 26. ArcGIS, FME and map.apps !  Seamless web app integration !  Make the most out of FME Server by integrating FME functionality through a RESTful interface !  Build user focused apps using data translation and transformation capabilities !  Enrich data through ArcGIS Online Services and basemaps
  27. 27. Run ArcGIS Online Services FME ArcGIS Online map.apps
  28. 28. FME Extension for map.apps
  29. 29. What is map.apps? !  Is a standard software for creating Geo-Apps for web and mobile !  Provides a flexible and extensible toolkit for creating individual solutions !  Based on HTML5 and Java Script !  Compose apps through the map.apps Builder
  30. 30. Simple Configuration !  Create and publish FME Workspace !  Configure app with App Builder !  Run application
  31. 31. map.apps FME Bundles !  Ready to use functionality !  File Upload - upload any data into the application !  File Download - download data from application !  DB Import - import data into a database !  DB Export - export data from a database !  Web Connect - connect to any Web Service
  32. 32. What is Your next ArcGISOnline transformer?
  33. 33. Thank You! !  For more information: con terra GmbH Christian Dahmen @cda4all CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE.