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Liability 201: Addressing Liability Concerns Related to Walking School Buses, Bike Trains, Remote Drop Off and More!!


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Join us for our upcoming webinar, Liability 201, where we will host experts on the sometimes confusing topics of Safe Routes to School and liability. Our speakers will review basic liability concepts and then delve into the more detailed issues related to the implementation of walking school buses, bike trains and remote drop offs. Additionally, our panelists have agreed to field your questions ahead of time! If you have specific situations you'd like them to discuss during the webinar, email them to before January 14th.

Note: Our experts will discuss liability situations and provide general legal information, but won’t be able to give legal advice. For legal advice on a specific situation, we recommend that you consult an attorney who is licensed to practice law in your state.

Sara Zimmerman, Technical Assistance Director, Safe Routes to School National Partnership
Ben Winig, Senior Staff Attorney and Program Director, ChangeLab Solutions
Dave Cowan, Program Manager, Safe Routes to School National Partnership

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