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Trojan proxies


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A proxy Trojan is a virus that hijacks a computer that it infects and effectively turns it into a proxy server. This new proxy server is then converted into one more bot in a botnet that is exclusively dedicated to finding other machines to infect in order to expand the botnet. Continue reading to learn more about Trojan Proxies!

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Trojan proxies

  1. 1. Trojan proxies SafeBytes Software
  2. 2. There’s no denying that as time goes on, computers are becoming more and more integral to our everyday lives. From productivity enhancing to entertainment providing, computers are not only becoming more and more advanced and capable of more diverse functions and applications, but also becoming cheaper and cheaper. Some models of Chromebooks can go for as low as one hundred and fifty dollars. This means that with each passing year, more and more people are buying personal computers (as opposed to the family shared PCs). Each year people are also younger when they get their very own PC, and it’s not uncommon for 9 or 10 year olds to have little netbooks or even laptops all to themselves. This widespread use unfortunately also means that the more inexperienced users are also more prone to committing errors and getting their computers into bad situations. An inexperienced user can turn a perfectly healthy PC into a slow unresponsive and useless nightmare simply by not knowing what to click and what to leave alone. Thus, they fall victim to malware, which can include, among other things:
  3. 3. · Viruses: Malicious code that can harm a computer’s functions, such as booting the OS and then propagate itself to other files or storage mediums in order to infect them in turn and continue the cycle. · Worms: Another bit of malicious code that infects a computer and propagates itself. The difference is that worms are mostly designed to propagate themselves and not change the computer that is infected, although this does not mean that they cannot have other deleterious effect on the computer or network. · Trojans: Named after the famous ruse the Greeks played on the Trojans. As their namesake implies, these programs disguise themselves as something harmless in order to infect a computer and provide access to its files. In this article, we will be examining the third item on that list in more depth: the Trojan horse. To be specific, a Trojan proxy. Let us start by defining what a proxy is in computer terms: · At its most basic, a proxy is nothing more than another machine through which certain requests pass before being sent to a server, essentially acting as a sort of hub for data traffic. The main advantage of this is that anything you send and receive has to go through an intermediary machine.
  4. 4. There are many reasons a user could use a proxy: · Surfing the web anonymously by masking or otherwise making your IP address undetectable. · Filtering certain web content · Getting around certain restrictions (such as the web content filters of the previous point) · Getting around regional restrictions for streaming content These are just a few of the most common uses a normal person could have for a proxy, and as you can see some of them are not really an issue for quite a lot of people. Items such as getting around a parental filter aren’t really useful for a considerable number of grown-up users. Regionally locked content is not so much of a problem for countries that have tons of content available on these services or similar. Having said this, if you thought that being able to mask your IP address was kind of worrying, you were absolutely right. The fact that a proxy allows someone using it to gain virtual anonymity is worrying because it means that hackers and crackers using effective proxies can attack with impunity.
  5. 5. Going back to the subject of Trojan horse malware, there is such a thing as a “Proxy Trojan”. This does not mean that the Trojan connects to a proxy server and then attacks a computer while staying anonymous. What it does is quite a bit worse: A proxy Trojan is a virus that hijacks a computer that it infects and effectively turns it into a proxy server. This new proxy server is then converted into one more bot in a botnet that is exclusively dedicated to finding other machines to infect in order to expand the botnet. Botnets are indeed dangerous by themselves, since with each bit of processing power borrowed from one of the bots in the net the processing power -- and by extension the possibilities of what the botnet can do – increases considerably. The person who is using the Trojan then has at his disposal the processing power of a botnet with the added benefit of having a proxy network that is going to mask his presence and identity from security experts that might be watching.
  6. 6. One thing to remember though, is that even though it is a highly sophisticated form of malware that can give a single person power over a very vast network of zombiefied computers, the proxy Trojan still needs to rely on the methods other Trojans do to infect computers. This means that a careful and alert user can identify the threat and take actions to delete or quarantine it before it infects the machine. Finally, while an antivirus is essential for having a healthy and malware free PC, there are also other things you can do in order to ensure that your computer is always in tip- top shape, one of them being installing and running SafeBytes TotalSystemCare program. Total System Care will: · Speed up your PC by performing a scan for errors and invalid keys that are known to cause problems and lengthen the time it takes for it to boot up. · Clean your registry to correct errors in the windows registry that are known to slow down performance. · Prevent errors from occurring by going deep and fixing a wide range of critical Windows and software errors, thus preventing computer crashes and other unwanted behaviours.
  7. 7. And in case you run into any trouble at all SafeBytes, TotalSystemCare also has a dedicated team of customer support representatives ready to clear up any and all doubts you may have, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. This allows any user to rest easy knowing that their PCs are optimized to keep running perfectly day in and day out!