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Top 10 free pc programs everyone should have


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Computer programs (software) are what give functionality to your PC. Without them, you would have nothing but an expensive but useless pile of hardware. Continue reading to learn more about the top 10 free PC programs everyone should have!

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Top 10 free pc programs everyone should have

  1. 1. Top 10 Free PC Programs Everyone Should Have SafeBytes Software
  2. 2. Computer programs (software) are what give functionality to your PC. Without them, you would have nothing but an expensive but useless pile of hardware. It takes a long time and a lot of effort to develop, test, and release computer software. That is why you need to pay for most of the programs that are out there before being able to use them. However, there are thousands of useful computer programs that can be accessed free of charge. Here are ten that everyone should have on their computer. Dropbox With so many threats lurking across the internet, the importance of backing up all the important data on your computer can never be overemphasized. This is where Dropbox, a file hosting service that is based in California, comes into play. It allows you to save your files into a folder and access them from any of your other devices. Mozilla Firefox Firefox is one of the best-known browsers in the world. Best of all, it comes free of charge and is a good alternative to the native Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  3. 3. 7-Zip This nifty program allows you to easily compress and decompress .zip and .rar files. Gmail Gmail is the world's largest email client with millions of users across the globe. The best thing about it is that it, like the other programs on this list, comes free of charge. GIMP If you have photos that you need to edit, you can use GIMP, the image editing utility that comes completely free of charge. VLC VLC is renowned for being able to play almost all video and audio files. It is a useful alternative to Windows Media Player. Media Player Classic Another video and audio player that you can download free of charge is Media Player Classic. The best thing about this utility is that it is lightweight and comes with the codecs that are needed to play most files.
  4. 4. Amazon Kindle This is the application that you can use to read and download books from Amazon Kindle. The application is free and gives you access to the millions of books that are on Amazon Kindle, many of which can be access for free. OpenOffice If you would rather not have Microsoft Office Word from the Microsoft Office Suite, which can be expensive, you can use the free alternative, OpenOffice. CDBurnerXP Most people need to periodically burn images, audio, and other files to CDs from their computers. CDBurnerXP is a worthy alternative that comes with all the functionalities that are in paid DVD-burning programs. Use TotalSystemCare to Scan Your Computer What most people across the globe do not realize is that as they use their computers, errors begin to occur over time that slow down their performance. That is why it is important to always optimize your PC for performance.
  5. 5. We recommend that, in this regard, you scan your PC with TotalSystemCare, a lightweight PC performance utility from SafeBytes that has been designed to boost your computer's speed by identifying and fixing registry errors. Best of all, TotalSystemCare also helps protect your privacy by identifying dangerous adware and tracking cookies that can be used to steal personal information from your computer.