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Smart Sponge Technology to Combat Oil Pollution

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  • Dear Mr.Khan,
    Kindly recall your visit to Digboi Refinery of IOCL almost two years back in December, 2011. You had been shown two sites where we proposed installing your SmartPak or equivalent for absorption of hydrocarbons – one in a storm drain and the other at the outlet of a separator. You were requested to design simple systems where the adsorbent packs could be placed/installed. Subsequently, data of the outlet and the drain had also been sent to you – see attached mail.

    However, no concrete feedback was received thereafter on the matter. We would be grateful if you would advise us on the feasibility of the installation at the earliest.


    S.B. Lahkar
    Chief Technical Services Manager
    Digboi Refinery
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Smart Sponge Technology

  1. 1. AbTech IndustriesInnovative Technologies to clean water MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  2. 2. Corporate History• AbTech Industries – Environmental company dedicated to providing innovative solutions to clean water – Incorporated in Delaware in 1998 – Invested over $20M in developing the technology and market applications with 17 patents to date in addition to several international patents. – Technology is installed in over 13,000 locations across 36 states and 8 Countries MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  3. 3. Smart Sponge® Technology• Smart Sponge is an innovative filter media that: – Removes or eliminates contaminants such as hydrocarbons and bacteria at the street level on contact with limited or no infrastructure – Is deployed in specific quantities based on engineering calculation – Provides solutions that can help reduce beach closures – Utilizes non-invasive technology that requires no electricity or moving parts and is recyclable. – Fully encapsulates recovered oil, preventing it from leaching or leaking back into the environment MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  4. 4. Smart Sponge® Technolo gy• COMBINES TWO SETS OF PROPERTIES• Physical/Mechanical • Media is porous, resilient and elastic • Combines chemical absorbent properties with excellent hydraulics• Chemical • Chemically selective • Water repellent • Hydrophobic • Oleophilic • Absorption vs. Adsorption • Antimicrobial (biostatic) MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  5. 5. Smart Sponge® Technology ABSORPTION vs. ADSORPTION• Absorption--Contaminant is trapped within the structure•Adsorption—Contaminant is trapped on the surface of the structure Polypropylene (ADsorbent) Smart Sponge (ABsorbent) MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  6. 6. Smart Sponge® TechnologyLEACHING TEST Smart Sponge Polypropylene MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  7. 7. Smart Sponge® TechnologyLEACHING TEST Smart Sponge Polypropylene MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  8. 8. Smart Sponge® TechnologyLEACHING TEST Smart Sponge Polypropylene MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  9. 9. Smart Sponge® TechnologyLEACHING TEST Smart Sponge Polypropylene MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  10. 10. Smart Sponge® Plus Technology• ANTIMICROBIAL No leaching or release of any chemical or byproduct Long lasting, stable biostatic properties (no depletion) Antimicrobial efficiency verified over 20 years: – Enterococcus – Chaetomium Globosum – Escherichia Coli – Trichoderma Virens – Fecal Coliforms – Aureobadisium Pullulans – Staphylococcus Aureus – Pseudomonas Aeruginosa – Salmonella – Candida Albicans – Aspergillus Niger – Klebsiella Pneumoniae – Trychophyton Mentagrophytes – Penicillium Pinophilum MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  11. 11. Antimicrobial Treatment Smart Sponge® Plus TechnologyANTIMICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY Patented Process Permanently Binds Antimicrobial Agent to Smart Sponge® Media Antimicrobial Agent Chemical Structure Representation MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  12. 12. Antimicrobial Treatment Smart Sponge® Plus TechnologyPhysicalInactivation ofBacteria—Rupture of theCell Wall MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  13. 13. Smart Sponge® Plus TechnologyANTIMICROBIAL• Developed process to permanently bind antimicrobial agent to Smart Sponge® media • 1000% More Effective Today Than First Generation • Quaternary Amine Positive Charge • Microorganism cell wall negative polarization • Electromagnetic interaction/cell wall breakup • Microorganism inactivation MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  14. 14. Smart Sponge® Technology• Engineered Deployment – Customized Engineering Solutions – Defined parameters for optimal performance in variable field conditions – Controlled site selection process – Defined manipulation requirements of Smart Sponge® media to achieve target objectives: • TSS • Oil/Grease • Trash/Debris • Bacteria MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  15. 15. Smart Sponge® Plus Efficiency SSP-10 Powder Efficiency Curves e Coli 45000 y = -26594Ln(x) + 39761 R2 = 0.9677 40000 Effluent Concentration (cfu/100mL) 35000 10^4 Influent Conc. 30000 10^3 Influent Conc. 10^2 Influent Conc. 25000 Log. (10^4 Influent Conc.) ` 20000 Log. (10^3 Influent Conc.) Log. (10^2 Influent Conc.) 15000 Log. (10^2 Influent Conc.) 10000 y = -2963.5Ln(x) + 4645.3 R2 = 0.892 5000 y = 0.6306Ln(x) - 0.1545 R2 = 0.7177 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Bed Depth (ft) Source: NAMSA MAKERS OFBy increasing bed depth, bacteria count is dramatically reduced. PRODUCTS
  16. 16. Field Test Results: Inactivation of Enterococci bySmart Sponge® Plus 10 – CRG Labs MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  17. 17. Field Test Results: Inactivation of E.coli bySmart Sponge® Plus 10 – CRG Labs MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  21. 21. Smart Sponge® Overall Performance Summary Concentration P.S.D. Contaminants d50 Performance Filter Bed Depth Range TSS 100-300 ppm ≥15 µ >80% ≥5 ft TSS >100 ppm ≥100 µ >80% ≥2 ft T. Phosphorous ≥15 µ >40% ≥5 ft ≥100 ppm - ≥95% ≥4 in Oil & grease ≤100 ppm - ≥75% ≥4 inBacteria: e Coli ≤ 103 CFU/100 ml - ≥90% ≥5 ft Fecal Coliform ≤103 CFU/100 ml - ≥90% ≥3 ft Enterococcus ≤104 CFU/100 ml - ≥90% ≥3 ft Total Coliforms ≤104 CFU/100 ml - ≥90% ≥5 ft• Smart Sponge Density – 20 +/- 2 lbs/cf, flow rate of 80 gpm per square foot MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  22. 22. MarketsAbTech has identified the following key markets for its products: – Stormwater - Municipal – Commercial/Industrial – Aviation – DOD/Military – Marina MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  23. 23. Stormwater Market• Customers • Municipalities/State Agencies • Industrial /Commercial • Private Developers• Market Drivers • Regulatory: Clean Water Act • Health and tourism concerns - Over 20,000 beach closures in 2006 • Fines and litigation MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  24. 24. Commercial/Industrial Market• Customers • Fuel Service Providers • Heavy Industry • Manufacturers, refuse sites • Transfer stations, car washes• Market Drivers • Permit compliance (new & existing) • Regulatory fines and litigation • Operating efficiencies MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  25. 25. Aviation Market• Customers • Airports • Fueling Facilities • Airlines / Equipment Manufacturers• Market Drivers • Permit Compliance • Spill Response • Fines and Litigation • Perimeter Protection • SPCC compliant MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  26. 26. Department of Defense/Military• Customers • Fueling depots • Aviation • Transfer stations • Military bases & ships• Market Drivers • Environmental Compliance • Spill Response/SPCC • Perimeter Protection MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  27. 27. Product Line Overview• Ultra-Urban® Filters• Smart PAK®• Stormwater Antimicrobial Treatment System© (SWAT)• Passive Skimmers• Line Skimmers/Booms• Monitoring Well Skimmers• Trash & Debris Guard© MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  28. 28. Ultra-Urban® Filter with Smart Sponge® Inside• Treats stormwater runoff for new or retrofitted sites such as: – Municipal or industrial stormwater – Parking lots – Commercial or residential developments• Ideal solution for trash, debris, oil and bacteria• Easy installation and maintenance MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  29. 29. Ultra-Urban Filter – Installation(Curb Opening) MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  30. 30. Maintenance Saver MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  31. 31. Maintenance Saver MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  32. 32. Technology Type: Stormwater Treatment“The Ultra-Urban Filter is an innovative, low costBest Management Practice (BMP) designed to meetNational Pollution Discharge Elimination System(NPDES) requirements for non-point source pollutioncontrol.”EPA Home | EPA NE Home | Search | Contact Us | HelpServing Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, NewHampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  33. 33. Smart PAK® with Smart Sponge® Inside• Multiple contaminant treatment device ideal for existing or new vaults• Variable treatment capacity• Multiple Designs that feature single or multiple chambers MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  34. 34. Smart Pak® Vault MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  35. 35. SWAT with Smart Sponge® Inside• Full turnkey solution designed to remove contaminants from stormwater runoff• Ideal for large scale vaults or underground chambers• Scalable• Flexible design makes it ideal for either new or retrofit applications MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  36. 36. SWAT with Smart Sponge® Inside MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  37. 37. Passive Skimmer with Smart Sponge® Inside• Designed to absorb and encapsulate hydrocarbons by floating directly on the water• Ideal for: – Catch basins, sumps, oil/water separators and marine fueling stations – Hydrodynamic Separators – Manholes (Utility Vaults) – Marine Fueling Facilities – Retention Ponds – Standing Water MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  38. 38. Oil Water Separator/Application•Before Photo of the 3rd Stage of the OWS Installation of two AbTech Passive Skimmersat the AIR BP Maintenance yard MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  39. 39. Line Skimmer/Booms Series with Smart Sponge® Inside• Designed to absorb and encapsulate hydrocarbons and oil in non-confined water flows• Ideal for creating lines of hydrocarbon protection in areas such as: – Ponds – Streams – Clarifying wells and ships in port Single, Triple & Quadruple MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  40. 40. Monitoring Well Skimmer with Smart Sponge® Inside• Ideal for removing or reducing sheen & oil• Transforms pollutants into stable solid• Capable of remaining completely buoyant even after being saturated with hydrocarbons• Provides potential for long- standing remediation• Does not require modification of existing structure MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  41. 41. Trash & Debris Guard©• Pre-treatment filtration device• Designed to meet full capture requirement - excludes materials greater than 5mm in size• Minimal flow restrictions at curbside - approximately 10%• Ideal for both curb openings or drain inlet applications• Dramatically reduces filtration device maintenance• Has no moving parts or hinge points MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  42. 42. Disposal/Recycling Options Smart Sponge®• Smart Sponge ® transforms hydrocarbons into a stable solid per EPA’s Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP)• Easier handling & disposal – Landfill (dependent on local regulations) – Waste to energy facilities (Renewable Energy Source – High BTU) – Cement Kilns MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  43. 43. Competitive Advantage Intellectual Property• Patented Technology – 17 U.S. Patents issued – International patents issued in: • Australia, Singapore, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Korea, Israel, China, Japan – Several additional patents may be pursued• Registered Trademarks – Smart Sponge®, Ultra-Urban®, Smart Pak® MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  44. 44. AbTech Industries Key Projects MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  45. 45. Municipal StormwaterLong Beach, CA• Installed 1900 Ultra Urban Filters in 2004.• Over 3 year period est. 91,963 pounds of trash, debris, sediment, oil, grease and organics were removed.• Future plans include purchase of 3750 UUFs for replacement and expansion as part of a 16 city program with support of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009. MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  46. 46. Municipal StormwaterNorwalk, CT• Installed 275 Ultra UrbanFilters in 2004.• Norwalk conducted fieldtesting indicating a 75% reduction inhydrocarbons and bacteria. Threerounds of cleaning also yielded 37,976pounds of trash and debris.• Future plans includepurchase of 100 UUFs for replacementfilters, expansion to 100 additionallocations and the installation of an endof pipe vault application. MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  47. 47. Municipal StormwaterVillage of Babylon, NY• Village of Babylon has beeninstrumental in the initial field testing ofAbTech end of pipe vaults. Babyloninitially installed three vaults in 2006.• After two years of fieldexperience the Village of Babylon andSuffolk County announced theexpansion of the end of pipe vaults toall 92 of their stormwater outfall pipesthat drain into Long Island Sound. MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  48. 48. Municipal StormwaterNorth Carolina DOT – Nags Head• NC-DOT Ocean Outfall(study) Project has purchased 960Smart Paks for installation at theConch Street Outfall which serves adrainage basin of 53 acres.• Installation of the 60 ft. vaultdesigned by Moffitt and NicholEngineering will be completed in theFall of 2009.• Based on the results of thetest a total of eight installations arebeing considered for treatment withSmart Sponge. MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  49. 49. Business StormwaterTesco, Riverside CA• 77 Acre Food Processing andDistribution center on impairedwaterway required comprehensivestormwater plan to receiveconstruction permit.• Treatment train of detentionpond, hydrodynamic separator andAbTech Smart Sponge Vault providedbest treatment option at roughly halfthe cost of alternatives such as UV. MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  50. 50. AirportsWestchester County, NY• Shortly after initial installationof 35 filters in 2004 a fuel spilloccurred and the Smart Spongesuccessfully captured thecontamination before it entered thestormwater pipes.• This early capture preventeda costly cleanup and led to an airportwide implementation the followingyear. MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  51. 51. AirportsPope AFB, NC• Smart Sponge installed inspring ’09 on the entire flight line ofthis important military installation thatprovides flight support and deploymentto several military installations in theSoutheastern United States.• The 90 day inspection of theunits was successfully completed inAugust. MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  52. 52. AirportsRAF Coningsby• AbTech’s UK distributorparticipated in an award winningprogram which demonstrated SmartSponge’s ability to provide dramaticcost savings and waste reduction byencapsulating oil in the Oil WaterSeparators.• Demonstrated a 64% costsavings and a 99% reduction ingenerated waste.• This picture demonstratessimilar application at WashingtonDulles Airport. MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  53. 53. AirportsDallas Fort Worth, TX• Test project began in spring2009. After 8 weeks removed 58pounds of hydrocarbons in one testcatch basin.• Project success will bedocumented in fall 2009 with plans forexpansion.• Product pictures and resultsto be provided after inspection. Thispicture shows site prior to installationof AbTech UUFs. MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  54. 54. A Proven, Cost Effective, Low Maintenance Solution for Stormwater Treatment MAKERS OF PRODUCTS
  55. 55. Green Apple Environmental Technologies (A joint venture with AbTech Industries-USA)• Presented by: Safar Mohammad Khan Area Manager-West Region Green Apple Environmental Technologies (a joint Venture with AbTech Industries) 287-Patpardganj Industrial Area,Delhi-110 092,India MAKERS OF PRODUCTS