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Copywriting Articles by Mike Palmer

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  1. 1. Copywriting Articles by: Mike PalmerMike is a successful financial copywriter. He was trained byAWAI – The undisputed leaders in the copywriting industry This special report is brought to you free courtesy of
  2. 2. Make a Lot More Money—and Do Less Work Every six months, I add up our copywriter royalties.And when I was adding up the totals for the first half of 2008, there were somesurprises. Some of the very talented copywriters in our group make A LOT inroyalties. Others don’t make much at all. Why?Well, the answer basically comes down to one thing…To make more money as a copywriter… you simply have to turn out more copy.No big surprise there. But how do you do that?Well, here’s the thing…Believe it or not, you don’t have to work any harder or longer than you are rightnow to make more money. You can probably even work less. The secret is simplyto become more efficient.In the copywriting world, efficiency = money.One of our copywriters, for example, has been the model of efficiency in the firsthalf of this year. She’s knocked out three blockbuster packages for our $1,000+trading services, a promotion for an introductory $99 newsletter, a specialrenewal offer, a promotion for a software program, a ―welcome series‖ for one ofour introductory letters (including upsell letters), and a Google pay-per-clickcampaign.And keep in mind, none of this work was rushed out the door, in fact, one of the$1,000+ trading service promotions she produced became our #1 seller of all-time.As a result, she got a big, fat (and well-deserved) royalty check. (I almost forgotto mention that this woman also commutes from Virginia, 90 minutes each way,three days a week.)
  3. 3. So the two of us were having a conversation the other day, about what she’s donedifferently this year.It turns out that she’s adapted three of the things I believe are secrets ofbecoming a rich and efficient copywriter.If you can simply adopt these habits, you will probably be able to make all themoney you will ever need, working just a few hours per day.Here’s what to do…Secret #1: Turn off your email.If you’re checking email first thing in the morning – and again a dozen timesthroughout the day – you’re wasting an enormous amount of time. I recommendyou take a quick peek in the morning, just to make sure there’s nothing thatneeds urgent attention (spend five minutes or less). Then, turn it off till lunch…then turn it off again till an hour or so before you leave the office. Email is thebiggest distraction and time-waster in the world. None of us needs to be checkingemail more than 2-3 times a day.Surfing the internet is almost as bad. Besides the normal research you do, Istrongly recommend limiting yourself to 30-60 minutes each day to get yourinternet fix… reading the news… checking the markets, etc.Secret #2: Write first thing in the morning without distraction.I used to think I wasn’t a morning person. Now, I know that mornings are by farthe best time to write and think. I believe everyone would be more efficient ifthey learned to work first thing in the morning, before hundreds of distractionsappear in your day.I promise that if you can turn yourself into a ―morning person‖ and can dragyourself out of bed at the crack of dawn, you will make more money. Those first2-3 hours are golden. Your mind is clear. It’s quiet. Even if the rest of the day is acomplete waste, you’ve still gotten something significant done. (This doesn’tmean you have to work more hours… it’s just a matter of shifting your schedulearound. Work first, then do other things in the afternoon.)I never schedule a meeting or appointment until the afternoon. Mornings shouldbe your time to write and think and edit. Afternoons are for reading, research,meetings, running errands, working out, doctors’ appointments, making phonecalls, etc.
  4. 4. (By the way, I learned last week that Gary Bencivenga—one of the bestcopywriters of the past 20 years—still does this. He calls it his ―Power Hour‖ andwrites for one hour every day of the week… even weekends and holidays.)Secret #3: Use the Gene Schwartz 33-minute trick.I thought this idea was ridiculous when I first heard it, but I’ve been using it forabout three years, and I’ve found that it’s by far the best way for me to get a lotof writing done, very quickly.If you don’t know about Gene’s trick, here’s how it works…Set a timer for 33 minutes. (There’s nothing magical about the number 33…sometimes I do 40… but never more than that.) Start the timer. During that 33-minute period, you can do nothing but write or edit the copy you’re working on.You can’t check email. You can’t answer the phone. You can’t look something upon the internet.That’s the only rule—you can’t get up from your chair… the only thing you can dois write or edit what you’re working on.Sometimes you’ll sit there for a few minutes and not know what to do. But sinceyou’ve got to be there for the next 33 minutes, eventually you’ll start tinkeringwith your writing… and before you know it, your timer will beep, and 33 minuteswill have passed.At this point, stop what you’re doing, even if you’re in the middle of a sentence.Take at least a five-minute break. Then, do it again.(The one thing to remember about this technique is that it only makes sense forwriting and editing your work, not research, which doesn’t require nearly as muchbrainpower or concentration.)If you can do six of these 33-minute sessions a day (that’s just three hours), youwill produce an incredible amount of copy. It’s an extremely efficient way to getyour writing in. Very few copywriters get in three hours of completelyundistracted writing per day.
  5. 5. There you have it: Three ways to be more efficient, work fewer hours, and makemore money. I didn’t invent any of these techniques, but I’ve been using them foryears, and I can tell you they will change your life if you’ll give them a try.For more great strategies and tactics to help you become a successful freelancecopywriter check out AWAI’s Versatile Freelancer Program.