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Jeff mc geary on the challenges and rewards of writing copy for supplements


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Jeff mc geary on the challenges and rewards of writing copy for supplements

  1. 1. Jeff McGeary on the Challengesand Rewards ofWriting Copy for Supplements Jeff McGeary This article was originally published in The Golden Thread This special report is brought to you free courtesy of
  2. 2. www.ProCopyWritingTactics.comCopywriter Jeff McGeary works full-time for Dr. Al Sears. Jeff’s copywritingexperience runs the gambit when it comes to health products. He haswritten promotions, books, newsletters, and more. He has written forinformation products, supplements, and exercise programs. Today, Jeff hasgenerously offered to share his experience and advice with copywriters whowant to write for the supplement industry.CI: How did you decide to become a copywriter – and what led you to thehealth industry?Jeff: I originally started copywriting as a part-time career, and then movedinto full-time work when I recognized its true potential. The health industrywas a natural choice for me as I’ve had an interest in alternative medicinefor most of my adult life.CI: What do you find to be most challenging about writing for supplements?Jeff: Finding a unique take for common products can be tough. When thereader has seen countless pieces of copy for the same type of supplement,coming up with a “big idea” that creates a compelling need to buy is a bigchallenge.CI: How does writing about a supplement differ from writing about otherhealth-related items like books, newsletters, or exercise programs?Jeff: Writing for information products gives you more freedom in terms ofwhat you can say or claim about the product. With a supplement, the legalrestrictions make it more challenging to reveal their real potential.
  3. 3. When you write for supplements, you can’t make claims that they will curedisease. What you can do is focus on structure and function. It’s thedifference between saying “Heal your arthritis instantly” and “Enjoy pain-freemovement.” The first will get you in trouble, but the second is okay.CI: What process do you go through to identify the main themes of a letterpromoting a supplement?Jeff: I try and find a single, appealing idea that links the reader’s desire andneed for a solution to the performance of the supplement. Everything elseflows out of that core idea.CI: How do you go about getting in tune with the needs and desires of youraudience?Jeff: I read all the major newspapers, including USA Today and The NewYork Times, to look for current trends. This often reveals what people in acertain age group are looking for. We also send questionnaires to ourcustomers – and this is a great source of feedback.CI: When writing about supplements, a copywriter can easily call uponeither negative or positive emotions to connect with and motivate thereader. Do you find one approach works better over the other?Jeff: Tapping into positive emotions is more effective in the long run. I thinkpeople are far more interested in discovering ways to feel happy and healthywithout being threatened by feelings of fear and helplessness. Of course,you have to define the problem and let them know you understand theirsuffering. But, in general, positive emotions will make them feel morecomfortable about buying.
  4. 4. CI: What tips do you offer aspiring writers who would like to break intowriting for supplements?Jeff: Make an effort to know the basics of anti-aging medicine and theunique opportunities that are available to people who know how to usesupplements. Magazines like Life Extension give you a lot of insight into thenewest breakthroughs and how consumers can take advantage of them. Forthe writer, this gives you a real advantage when you need to come up with aUSP for your product.CI: Can you tell us a little bit about one of your favorite promotions – theelements you most enjoyed, and the factors drove the success of the effort?Jeff: I recently wrote a piece for Dr. Sears about his new omega-3 productfrom Peru. At first, I wasn’t sure how to position it or how to distinguish itfrom similar products. But after talking with him, I realized that the story ofhis trek through the Amazon would make a great lead. So I went with the“adventure” approach, and the promo did remarkably well.CI: What final thoughts would you like to share with our readers before wewrap up?Jeff: Get regular feedback about your work and do your best to apply it.Keeping an open mind and a willingness to continually grow is the best wayto succeed as a writer.If you’d like to become a six-figure health copywriter like Jeff, then clickhere. For more great free information on how to take your copywriting career to the next level please visit
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