Pepper Pot Centre Annual Report 2009-10


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Design and collation of the outreach work undertaken by Pepper Pot Centre commissioned through recommendation by Evelyn Oldfield Unit.

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Pepper Pot Centre Annual Report 2009-10

  1. 1. Pepper Pot Centre 1a Thorpe Close Ladbroke Grove London W10 5XL Tel: 020 8968 6940 Fax: 020 8968 3169Annual Report 2009/10
  2. 2. Contents Mission Statement 3 Chair’s Report 4 Treasurer’s Report 6 Director’s Report 8 Outreach Officer’s Report 10 Health Promotion Officer’s Report 12 Arts and Crafts Report 16 Member’s Report 18 Care Services Report 20 Funders, Supporters, Staff and 22 Volunteers “Pepper Pot keeps a community cohesive, happy and supported. The level of hospitality and service are very important for physical health and mental stimulation.” Shaun BaileyPrinted October 2010 Pepper Pot CentrePublished by The Pepper Pot Centre 1a Thorpe Close Ladbroke GroveProduced by The Pepper Pot Centre London W10 5XLPhotography by The Pepper Pot Centre (unless otherwise stated) Tel: 020 8968 6940Designed by Sadiqa Jabbar Fax: 020 8968 3169
  3. 3. Mission Statement “By the end of the 1970s, it was clear to me that there was an increasing number of people of African Caribbean origin, categorised as Senior Citizens, who were suffering great isolation, loneliness and depression… I had to do something.” Pansy JefferyWe aim to provide a comprehensive service to older people from the African and Caribbeancommunity in Kensington and Chelsea to enable them to live more independently in theirown homes.The Pepper Pot Centre will use available resources within the community to meet the socio-cultural, physical, emotional and psychological needs of African and Caribbean elders,ensuring that each individual enjoys a high quality of life. 3
  4. 4. Chair’s Report Being asked to chair an organisation like Pepper Pot is an honour – but also a great challenge. Pepper Pot is loved by its members – and is an icon in the local charity world – representing a particular community and slice of history. Preserving that legacy is a considerable responsibility. However, Pepperpot is also having to move with the times – as our traditional membership grows older and funding is harder to come by. In the forthcoming 30th Anniversary year, the trustees will have had to think seriously about the way we can make Pepper Pot a viable service for the next decade. We have started to make links with other organisations for older people who, like our original members, have come from abroad to build new lives in the UK. We have also started to look at how to help our members deal with changes in social care funding. “links with other organisations for older people who, like our original members, have come from abroad to build new lives in the UK” We have tightened up our administration and received help from many organisations and individuals this year, in particular: Mark Lockhart of Westway Development Trust: Financial advice. The Volunteer Bureau: Providing committed and helpful volunteers and apprentices, without whose help we could not continue to staff the organisation. Sarah Edworthy and Rich Crosby: Writing and building the new web-site. Joe Delaney: Updating our computer systems and providing ongoing support when needed. BASSAC: Funding an invaluable consultancy project, led by Sam Brier, to identify key strengths and development potential for Pepper Pot.4
  5. 5. “Pepper Pot is loved by its members – and is an icon in the local charity world”The Trustees would also like to thank the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea for theircontinued support and assistance in meeting a proportion of our running costs. We wouldalso like to thank our other main funders, the Big Lottery Fund, The Notting Hill MethodistChurch, The Kensington Housing Trust and the The Worshipful Company of Grocers fortheir very timely and generous financial support towards the work of Pepper Pot.We would also like to thank Raj Jogia, his staff team and our volunteer helpers for theircommitment to the Centre throughout the year.Fiona BuxtonChair “The eurthymy sessions really relax me and gives me a feeling of well being. It helps me to cope with my arthritis. It helps ease my joint pains.” Paul 5
  6. 6. Treasurer’s Report The financial year 2009/10 was another tough period for Pepper Pot. As always we survived this period due to effective management of little financial resources at our disposal. During this period it was hard raising badly needed fund. As a cost cutting measure we carried out staff restructuring which significantly reduced our staffing cost. We received small but increasing income from letting out the premises in the evenings and weekends. This opens the door for future collaborative work with our Arabic Moroccan, Somali and Persian speaking communities and residents of the Royal Borough. The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea continues to support us. The funding from the Big Lottery still has almost 2 years before it comes to an end. We would also like to sincerely thank the The Worshipful Company of Grocers for their financial support during this period as this enabled the Pepper Pot Centre to update its outdated computer systems and the server. “effective management of little financial resources at our disposal”6
  7. 7. We are still investigating the best way to embrace the Personalisation programme introducedby the central government. The Pepper Pot is hoping to go live from 1st April 2011 in thisarea. This will have a significant impact on how our future financial resources are going tobe structured. It will also redefine our working relationship with our usersOnce again I thank all the funders that have supported us through this difficult time. We thankthe Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and the Big Lottery for their continued support.It is important to mention the timely support that both the Notting Hill Methodist Churchand the Kensington Housing Trust have provided towards our Healthy Living Projects. Wealso thank the Westway Development Trust for their ongoing support towards the PepperPot’s well-attended and much- needed Annual Christmas Lunch.Abdul Fatai TowolawiTreasurer
  8. 8. Director’s Report This year has been extremely challenging for Pepper Pot. The recession has put serious pressure on the voluntary sector and the Pepper Pot Centre has been no exception. The most immediate effect has been the difficulty in fundraising and sadly Pepper Pot, like many other voluntary organisations has had very limited successes in this area. However, we have made good progress in improving the administration and governance of Pepperpot – and making the Centre ready for significant changes in the way older people’s care is funded and delivered. In this regard I would like to thank the new Chair, Fiona Buxton for her unstinting support towards the redesigning of the website and other matters such as facilitating the improvements in trustee governance matters. “the Centre has begun discussions with a few organisations providing support to people from BME communities beyond our traditional Afro- Caribbean supporters”8
  9. 9. “Given the forthcoming changes to future social care funding, a major challenge for Pepper Pot has been how to embrace the new personalisation agenda”One of the key areas where the Pepper Pot Centre has been concentrating is exploring newways of future working. In this regard, we were fortunate to have had the assistance ofBASSAC to undertake a short strategic review which has highlighted the need for greaterpartnership working with a wider range of local older people’s groups. To this end, theCentre has begun discussions with a few organisations providing support to people fromBME communities beyond our traditional Afro-Caribbean supporters. Given the forthcomingchanges to future social care funding, a major challenge for Pepper Pot has been howto embrace the new personalisation agenda. With this in mind, we have been workingwith the Royal Borough’s Day Opportunities Review as well as attending various local andLondon-wide events on personalisation. Some consultations regarding day opportunitiesand personalisation have been held with staff and the user members of Pepper Pot. Anotherchallenge that Pepper Pot has been investigating is how to make the Centre generate moreindependent income to support charitable activities. The Centre has made some goodprogress in sharing its premises with other local organisations at a subsidised cost.I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all the staff, trustees, volunteersand services users who have contributed to the continued success of the Pepper PotCentre during 2009/10 and who are equally willing to embrace the new challenges andopportunities that await Pepper Pot in 2011, the thirtieth anniversary of the founding ofthe Pepper Pot Centre.Raj JogiaDirector 9
  10. 10. Outreach Officer’s Report The Outreach Service works in close association with the Care Services Manager and the Health Promotion Officer ensuring the provision of a comprehensive and culturally specific range of services and activities which include mental, physical, artistic and spiritual stimulation to members. Outreach is undertaken at the grass roots level and therefore is more successfully able to address shortcomings and gaps in the delivery of mainstream services. Outreach is concerned with supporting and visiting members who are too frail or unwell to attend the Centre. Members are visited at home or in hospital. Members may be supported in several different ways such as by referring them on to other mainstream or voluntary organisations, assistance with sorting bills and correspondence, advice and practical help, advocacy, ensuring their home repairs are done and encouraging them to attend the centre. Outreach Over the years several members who are regular drop in or day care members at the Centre become unable to attend due to sickness or become too frail to do so or sadly may pass away. Outreach keeps in touch with them through telephone support and personal visits. It is important that the numbers of members are continually augmented so that the Centre membership base does not decline. Referrals In order to continually augment the membership of the Centre, Pepper Pot depends on referrals which come from various agencies such as social services, health services, voluntary organisations, friends and family or self referrals, publicity drives and word of mouth. Publicity for the centre is made by publicising and reporting events with the “...undertaken at the local press, holding open days, representation at grass roots level and health fairs, intergenerational activities and other events. therefore is more successfully able to Once a referral is made to the Centre the Outreach address shortcomings Officer will visit the client in their home to get their and gaps in the personal and health details, assess their needs and discuss the activities and services available. delivery of mainstream services.” There were 54 referrals for the year. Of these, there were 19 from Social Services, 14 from friends and family, 12 self referrals, 5 from health services and 4 were from voluntary organisations. Referrals are usually made for clients to attend the centre or to receive meals on wheels.10
  11. 11. “Holidays are importantto members and manydepend on them fortheir annual holidaywhere they can enjoythemselves in the UK or abroad”Outings and Holidays and Exchange VisitsThe Outreach Department also organises outings and holidays. These make up an importantand exciting part of the Centre’s annual activities.Holidays are important to members and many depend on them for their annual holidaywhere they can enjoy themselves in the UK or abroad, in the company of other membersand with the security of having Pepper Pot staff to supervise and assist when necessary.This year there was a 5 day holiday in Snowdonia, Wales. There was one seaside day-tripsto Hastings in August for 43 drop in and day care members.In November, a wonderful and interesting holiday was enjoyed by 22 members who had aone week all-inclusive holiday in beautiful Antalya in Turkey. We look forward to a returnholiday.In June we had an exchange visit from the Harmony Day Centre in Birmingham, who cameby coach to the Pepper Pot with 35 members. The large group dined, socialised and joined inwith our activities one of which was the presentation of “Happy Moment” booklets whichrecorded the lives through words and photos of some of our members. We look forward toan exchange visit with our members to the Harmony Day Centre in Birmingham.The FutureWe hope to further improve and develop our activities, services as well aspartnerships with other organisations. As we approach the introduction of“personalisation” we look forward to the challenges, opportunities or benefitsit may present.Russell Lambert.Outreach Officer 11
  12. 12. Health Promotion Officer’s Report Our overall aim for the last year has been the on-going delivery and improvement of physical and psychological, health and wellbeing services for the benefit of our members. In particular, reducing social isolation, developing stronger links with family, carers and service providers, working with other voluntary organisations and the wider community in general. Highlights of the Year: Delivery of a comprehensive range of health promotion talks and events to our members. Establishing the Heart Health Clinic, including a local NHS Community Cardiac Nurse attending the centre. Stroke Association Project where 19 members benefited from increasing their awareness about the causes of stroke and ways to prevent it. Establishing ‘Talking Matters’ counselling service. Participating in men’s health screening for prostate cancer, in conjunction with the Cancer Society. Including a Prostate Cancer Specialist attending the Pepper Pot during Prostate Cancer Awareness Week. Diabetes Care –sessions were organised benefitting at least 25 members. Holistic Health Approach Pepper Pot delivered a comprehensive programme of promotional talks and events, aimed at enhancing members’ physical, mental and environmental well being. A wide range of health topics were included, such as falls prevention, prostate cancer, dementia, cardio care, sickle cell, healthy heart, stroke care, medication management, symptom control and men’s and women’s health in general.12
  13. 13. “Partnership working plays an important part in our delivery of health promotion”Falls Workshops and TrainingThe aim of the falls projects is to enable trained staff and members to reach serviceusers living in Kensington Chelsea, who don’t easily have access to existing healthcareservices.Partnering with Kensington Chelsea PCT, the Pepper Pot delivered training to 6 staffand members, who were then able to provide tailored falls information and services tomembers.Mental Health‘Talking Matters’, an informal weekly counselling service led by a volunteer counsellor (thena student), ran again from April 2009. These sessions were well received by our membersand we are looking to raise funding to make the service permanent.Healthy Heart Walk-in Clinic at Pepper PotThe aim of this project was to reduce members’ visits to their GP and to reduce their needfor Hospital stay by ensuring regular health checks, monitoring, and identifying high-riskmembers for referral. 13
  14. 14. “aim for the last year has been the on-going delivery and improvement of physical and p sy c h o l o g i c a l , health and wellbeing services for the benefit of our members” This project is aligned with the GPs who will be taking the proposed government’s Vascular Check programme forward locally in the future. The Vascular Check programme is aimed at those aged between 40 and 4, to help them make healthier lifestyle choices in order to minimise future risks of cardiovascular diseases. As a result of members’ requests and in partnership with Kensington and Chelsea’s PCT NHS local community nurse(s), we ran a clinic every two weeks. The clinic has been very well received by members of Pepper Pot. Nearly 25 members attended and a number of individuals made appointments for future clinics. A monitoring and review report will be produced by the Community Nurse and the Health Promotion Officer later this year, which will include recommendations on how the clinic can be developed and taken forward. Cook and Taste Classes The Centre in conjunction with the Kensington and Chelsea NHS organised and helped to supervise cook and taste training for service users.This comprised of 6 weekly sessions in terms of practical hands on training eg.preparing healthy and nutritious meals at the Centre. 12 service users attended of which 6 completed the course and were awarded a certificate.14
  15. 15. Nail Cutting ServiceIn partnership with Age Concern, the Centre has been providing weekly nail cutting servicesto the local community.Swine Flu UpdateSince June 2009 members of the Pepper Pot have been kept informed and updated regularlywith all the relevant information on swine flu and recently on flu friends. Large posterswere also produced and posted at suitable places within the centre.The FutureWe aim to continue to both improve and develop a range of healthy lifestyle services andpreventative health care programmes in collaboration with the local NHS and the RoyalBorough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Public Health Section.Partnership working plays an important part in our delivery of health promotion and weaim to continue to seek out opportunities to do so, particularly with other local BME andother voluntary sector groups, for the benefit and well being of our members.The Pepper Pot Centre Health Promotion Team “wide range of health topics were included, such as falls prevention, prostate cancer, dementia, cardio care, sickle cell, healthy heart, stroke care, medication management, symptom control and men’s and women’s health in general” 15
  16. 16. Arts and Crafts Report COME AND PAINT! Come and paint is our painting activity that takes place every Tuesday, encouraging and guiding Pepper Pot members in the art of painting. You don’t have to be a Van Gogh or a Picasso, you just need to have the will to get out and do something different. Painting is a way of socialising and bonding with members of the centre so reducing isolation and increasing their sense of well being. For most people it also involves learning a new and inspiring skill. “I like to do a little painting and so on…it gives me something to do and I like it.” Pamela Painting is also a therapeutic activity which helps keep the mind healthy and stimulated. It also keeps dementia at bay. We also have visiting artists coming in to undertake workshops with members at the centre. From time to time representatives from the Wallace Collection bring paintings to the centre to appreciate and discuss and stimulate the minds of the members in the class.16
  17. 17. The class is made up of 10 membersand this year we produced over 100paintings and other art and craft work.Every year we have a sale and sellsome of the art work to members andthe public.We have also mounted an exhibition atthe Tabernacle Community Associationof the paintings by the members andwe are looking forward to presentingan exhibition for the public in the nearfuture. Most of the members in the artclass have not painted before and withthe guidance of the tutor are quiteamazed at the beautiful works of artthey are capable of creating. Membersare free to choose what medium theywant to use to create works of art. Soif you are over 50 and always wantedto paint now is your opportunity tocome and paint.“I like to come to Pepper Pot. I feel at ease with the people and thoughI have never painted before, I now come once a week especially for that and I really enjoy it.” Veronica 1
  18. 18. Members’ Report Members meetings continue to be held every six weeks. These meetings give the members the opportunity to ask questions and to discuss any issues that they needed to have addressed. The meeting is chaired by one of the Members’ Representatives, Myrtle Innis who is also a Trustee on the Board. “Aromatherapy really She is often accompanied by the other 2 Member Representatives, Chris puts a spring into my Hossein and Carmen Rose. Members step. I feel so good after are involved in the day to day operation attending a class.” of the Centre through monitoring the range of services and activities offered Norma to Day Care and Active Elders, survey evaluation, undertake spot checks of health and safety issues, and risk factors affecting their well being. Members are also involved in participating in the decision making process of the following activities: trips and outings, members’ birthday events, arts and craft classess,tea dance,bingo,fellowship and storytelling, Keep Fit Classes and Healthy Ageing issues via nutrition classes and the choice of Health Promotion talks. In this regard, the members were very pleased that the Notting Hill Methodist Church ,the Woodlands Trust, the Kensington Housing Trust, The Countess Dowager Eleanor Peel Trust were very generous in the provision of funds for healthy ageing classes and enabling the Centre to purchase some new kitchen equipment.18
  19. 19. “Mondays are a real highlight for me as I attend the Music and Movement sessions. These sessions make me feel emotionally and physically well.” CeciliaMembers have also organised the dominoes team and this is now played every day at theCentre. Dominoes are one of the favourite games which, most members who came in the1950’s and 1960’s from the African and Caribbean continents, are most familiar with.In addition, chair aerobics, tai-chi and yoga classes continue to be a huge success andmembers find these classes very therapeutic as well as keeping them physically fit.Members have also been consulted as users on a range of upcoming issues affecting thefuture of health and social care and are keen to learn more about personalisation and howit will affect the new generation of rising over 50’s when and if they choose to come to thisCentre. “I try never to miss my Yoga sessions as I find it promotes good circulation and keeps me feeling energized. It’s really fantastic!” PansyOne highlight of the year for many of the Pepper Pot’s members was the 5 day holiday inSnowdonia, Wales and the seaside trip to Hastings which was a success and enjoyed byeveryone.There is no doubt that what makes Pepper Pot such a unique place to be is the people thatcome through the door over the years and the stories that they share with others.Although some members have passed on, our membership base has increased steadily andwe are looking forward to a positive year.Myrtle Inniss, Chris Hossein and Carmen RoseMembers Representatives 19
  20. 20. Care Services’ Report Our mission here is to contribute towards the overall health and wellbeing of our Members and ultimately the wider community, through delivering a comprehensive range of high quality relevant services and activities, in order to help Members maintain an optimum level of proactivity and independence. Our Care Services plays an increasingly important part of our overall service to our day care and drop-in Members and their families. We provide a safe and social place for those Members who need constant care and this, in turn, gives day time respite to their Care Givers. The need for our Care Services is set to grow given that in the year 2011, 4% of those aged 65+ in the Royal Borough of Kensington Chelsea will be Black Caribbean, Black African and Black Other*. Services Available Include • Continuous care i.e. Befriending, Out Reach and Counselling. • Therapies such as Aromatherapy and Reflexology. • Toe-Nail Cutting [in conjunction with Age Concern]. • Indoor and Outdoor activities. • Meals-on-Wheels. • Transportation. • Laundry. Service Users Our goal is to offer the best and safest care for our Members, many of whom have special needs, by ensuring our Carers undertake high standards of continuous professional development, for the benefit of Members and in alignment with National Standards. On average, 17 – 25 day-care and drop-in Members use our services on a daily basis. Meals-on-Wheels Some Members are housebound and cannot make it to the Centre, so for these Members, we give essential support to them by providing a week day home delivery food service. The meals, which were created with Members input and suggestions, consist of a hot, nutritionally balanced meal and are carefully created to meet any special dietary needs, whilst ensuring culturally favourite dishes are included. Last year, we provided more than 8,500 lunches, available daily, either at the Centre or through our Meals-on-Wheels service. “The magic is in how you mix the Caribbean flavours and the subtleties of traditional herbs and spices”20 Marcia
  21. 21. Free TransportTo help Members get to and from the Centre moreeasily and to encourage them to attend regularly,we provide a free and safe door-to-door transportservice. Each day, members can be collected fromtheir home in the morning and returned back safelyin the afternoon.A fully qualified and trained Carer, plus our ownregular Driver, travel with the Members to ensuretheir optimum safety. We have a modern mini-bus,specially designed with a tail lift facility, so that frailerMembers and those with mobility difficulties canboard and alight with more ease.Activities AvailableWe believe an important aspect of enabling our Members to keep active, stay stimulatedand overall, to help them increase their mental and physical wellbeing throughout theirsenior years, is to be able to participate in a variety of activities and interests.We remain committed to offering our Members a wide range of educational, intellectual andphysical activities. Some of the activities available are listed below and include suggestionsfrom our Members.• Gentle exercise such as Music Movement, Yoga and Tai Chi.• Socialising i.e. birthday and Christmas parties, Carnival events, the Luncheon Club, funeral attendance.• Recreation activities such as overseas holidays, day trips, cinema and theatre outings.• Board games, pool, story-telling, quizzes, Arts Crafts and Sewing Knitting classes.• Educational i.e. basic computer classes, talks on various health issues, Safety at Home, Bible studies and Family Worship.The FutureOur future challenge as a day care provider is how we as a Centre can effectively embracethe personalisation agenda, so that we are able to offer a menu of services which are ofhigh quality and which will attract existing and new service users from the Royal Boroughas well as the neighbouring boroughs. To this end we will be working towards establishinga fair pricing policy which will enable the Centre to provide a range of user friendly servicesat a reasonable cost.Olu CokerCare Services Manager*Source – London Research Centre, 1999 21
  22. 22. Funders, Supporters and Volunteers Funders We are grateful to the following funders who have supported us during this period: • The Royal Borough of Kensington Chelsea • The Big Lottery Fund • Tesco Stores • The Notting Hill Methodist Church • The Worshipful Company of Grocers • The City Bridge Trust • Westway Development Trust • Waitrose Stores • Kensington Housing Trust Supporters The following countries High Commissions in London: • Antigua • Barbados • Dominica • Grenada • Guyana • Jamaica • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines • Saint Lucia • Saint Kitts and Nevis “As Pepper Pot • Trinidad Tobago • Bahamas has grown and • Belize developed, so Numerous individuals including: have attitudes • Stephen Duckworth to the needs of • Bridget Davies • Rev. Robert Magintley older people, and • Father John Brownsell measures to make • Cynthia Dize • Sue Snyder their lives better and • Shevanthie Goonesekera more comfortable • Tracy Holden-Beg have coincided with Board of Trustees 2009/2010 our own ‘great leap • Shaun Bailey: Chair until September 2009 • Cllr Doreen Weatherhead: Acting Chair until November 2009 forward’ in terms of • Fiona Buxton: Chair from November 2009 premises, staffing • Shevanthie Goonesekera: Vice Chair until October 2009 • Abdul Towolawi: Treasurer and amenities.” • Cllr Julie Mills – until June 2009 Bridget Davies • Chris Hossein from Oct.2008 • Carmen Rose: User Representative • Myrtle Inniss: User Representative • Terry Myers • Chandra Putty • Rosie Moise22
  23. 23. • Dawn Barnett until November 2009 Life President• Norma Seal McConnie from November 2009 Mrs Pansy Jeffrey JP• Adama Mboge from November 2009 PatronsPartnerships Prof. Ian Hall MA (Oxon.), FVCM (Sierra Leone)• Age Concern Kensington Chelsea and Sixty Plus Peter Bowring CBE• BASSAC Dr. Frank Williams• Helping Hands Association• Help the Aged• History Talk• Kensington Chelsea Transport• Open Age• Westway Development Trust• Persian Elders Centre• Eritrean Elders Welfare AssociationStaff• Raj Jogia: F/T Director• Yonas Abraha: P/T Finance Officer• Olu Coker: F/T Care Services Manager from February 2010• Amanda Henry –May ,P/T Care Services Manager until November 2009• Russell Lambert: P/T Outreach Officer• Aarun Taylor: P/T Health Promotion Officer• Kishore Jukhoop: F/T Administrator from July 2009• Marcia Edwards: F/THead Cook• Eudene Blackman: P/T Assistant Cook• Joyce Wade:P/T Assistant Cook• Tsanesh Askele: P/T Care Assistant• Cynthia Hesse: P/T Care Assistant• Soki Kombo: P/T Care Assistant• Mamengi Batousol:P/T Care Assistant until October20009• Keith Newby: F/T Driver• Genet Abhay: P/T CleanerTutors• Morgan Baptiste: Arts Crafts• Farahnaz Kagar: Reflexology Auditors• Alisha Thompson: Gentle Chair Exercises GMAK• Jane Farrimond: Yoga 5- Vernon Road• Tracey Holden-Beg: Sewing Portobello Road• Michael Jacques: Tai Chi London W11 2DXVolunteers BankersMany thanks to all our numerous volunteers who HSBCprovided great support to our staff on a daily basis 152 Portobello Roadand on various special occasions. London W11 2EA 23
  24. 24. Pepper Pot Centre1a Thorpe CloseLadbroke GroveLondon W10 5XLTel: 020 8968 6940Fax: 020 8968 3169Email: The Worshipful Company of GrocersProduced by The Pepper Pot Centre Registered Charity Number : 297952Photography by The Pepper Pot Centre (unless stated otherwise) A Company Limited by GuaranteeDesigned by Sadiqa Jabbar Registered in England and WalesPrinted by The Pepper Pot Centre Registered Company Number: 2178605