Cloud       *Rackspace Cloud   *Amazon AWS       *Microsoft Azure   * Salesforce.comserviceproviderLaunched    *2005      ...
LinuxProgrammi      *Java                  *Java            *ASP.NET             *Apexng             *PHP                 ...
Databases     *Microsoft SQL      *IBM DB2          *SQL Azure            *Not Available              server 2008 R2      ...
Service (SES)     Network)             *Siteforce                                   *Networking       *Virtual Network    ...
for 30 minutes and   and 25% for          up to 100%           less than 99%Basic      *Cloud servers –    *Amazon EC2    ...
– free                                   *Amazon                                   route53 – first                        ...
Support    *Fanatical Support   *24/7              *24/7              *Forums           *24X7X365            *Diagnostic  ...
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Compare cloud computing technologies


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Compare cloud computing technologies

  1. 1. Cloud *Rackspace Cloud *Amazon AWS *Microsoft Azure * Salesforce.comserviceproviderLaunched *2005 *2006 *2009 *2000Cloud *IaaS *PaaS and IaaS *PaaS and IaaS *SaaS and PaaSserviceControl *Application *Application *Application *Applicationinterface Programming Programming Programming Programming Interface (API) Interface (API) Interface (API) Interface (API) *Web based service *Command *Command Line *Web based service LineOperating *Arch 2011.07 *Debian *Windows 7 *Not AvailableSystem *Cent OS *Fedora *Windows Vista *Debian *Gentoo Linux *Windows 8 *Fedora *Red Hat *Windows Server *Gentoo Enterprise 2008 *Red Hat Linux Enterprise *Open Solaris *Ubuntu Linux *Oracle *Windows Server Enterprise 2008 Linux *SUSE Linux *Ubuntu Linux *Windows Server 2003 *Windows Server 2008 *Amazon Linux AMI *openSUSE
  2. 2. LinuxProgrammi *Java *Java *ASP.NET *Apexng *PHP *PHP *VB.NET *JavaLanguage *Python *Python *PHP *VB.Net *Ruby *Ruby *Java *Perl *.NET *WinDev *C# *PHP *C# *.NET *Python *Windows *Ruby *C# *Windows *Perl *MobileRoot *Available *Available *Not Available *Not AvailableAccessProcessor *32 Bit *32 Bit *Information not *Not Available *64 Bit *64 Bit availableVirtualizati *Xen virtualization *Xen *Hyper-v *Not Availableon *Vmware virtualization hypervisor virtualizationSecurity * Free Bootable *Free Advance *Backup storage * Free AdvancedFeatures mode firewall * Free Critical email security * Free Critical data *Free data privacy * Free Advanced privacy Custom/Secure * Free Data password security *Backup storage permissions protection * Free Backup * Free Data *Backup * Free Persistency storage protection storage *Free Advance * Free Critical data *Snapshot backup *Persistency firewall privacy * Free Persistency *Snapshot * Free Data *Free Advance backup protection firewall * Free Failover features * Free Persistency * Free Snapshot backup
  3. 3. Databases *Microsoft SQL *IBM DB2 *SQL Azure *Not Available server 2008 R2 *IBM Informix Standard Edition dynamic server *Microsoft SQL *Microsoft SQL server 2008 R2 server standard Web Edition *MySQL *MySQL enterprise enterprise *Oracle databaseData center *US (Chicago) *US East *US (Chicago) US (San Francisco)location *US (Dallas) (Northern *US (San Asia (Singapore) *US (Virginia) Virginia) Antonio) *EU (Netherlands) *US West *Asia (Hong *Australia (Northern Kong) (Sydney) California) *Asia (Singapore) *UK (London) *EU (Ireland) *EU *Asia (Hong Kong) *Asia Pacific (Netherlands) (Singapore) *EU (Ireland) *Asia Pacific *In total there are (Tokyo) 24 nodes *AWS GovCloud (US) *South America (Sao Paulo)Products *Cloud Hosting *Compute *Compute *Sales Cloud *Managed Hosting *Content *SQL Azure * *Hybrid Hosting Delivery *Storage *Service Cloud *Email and Apps *Database *Business *Chatter *Deployment Analytics *Radian6 and *Service Bus * Management *CDN (Content *Heroku *Messaging Delivery *
  4. 4. Service (SES) Network) *Siteforce *Networking *Virtual Network *AppExchange *Payments and *Identity *Remedyforce Billing *HPC *Storage *Marketplace *Support *WorkforceService *Network and data *Amazon *Compute and *All services 99.9%Level center route53 100% connectivity guaranteed perAgreement infrastructure is guaranteed per 99.95% month 100% guaranteed month guaranteed per per month *Amazon EC2 month *Cloud files and 99.95% *Storage, SQL Cloud load guaranteed per Azure, Service balancers 99.9% year Bus, Access guaranteed per *Amazon Control, Business billing period route53 and Analytic, Caching, Amazon and CDN 99.9% CloudFront guaranteed per 99.9% month. guaranteed per monthSLA *Cloud load *Amazon EC2 *Compute *Not Availablecompensati balancers, 10% for below connectivity,on Migration nad 99.95% compute role Cloud server hosts *Amazon S3 instance 5% for each and Amazon monitoring, additional hour and CloudFront storage, CDN – up to 100% 10% for equal 10% credit for *Network and Data to or greater below 99.95% and center than 99% but 25% for below Infrastructure 5% less than 99.9% 99.9%
  5. 5. for 30 minutes and and 25% for up to 100% less than 99%Basic *Cloud servers – *Amazon EC2 *Compute – extra *Sales cloud –Pricing 256MB RAM, – Small – small – shared contact 10GB storage - 1.7GB memory, CPU cores. management $0.015/hr 1 virtual core, 1 768MB - $0.04/hr $2/user/month *Cloud sites – EC2 compute *SQL Azure – *Service cloud – 50GB storage, unit, 160GB standard – pay as professional edition 500GB bandwidth, storage, 32 bit - you go $65/user/month 10,000 compute $0.085/hr * Storage - * – clean cycles - (Linux) $0.14/GB/month. call for price $149/month $0.12/hr $0.01/10,000 *Chatter – chatter *Cloud files - (windows) transaction free $0.15/GB *Amazon *CDN - * – One storage/month, $0.015/hr $0.12/GB, app $15/user/month $0.18/GB *Amazon S3 – $0.01/10,000 bandwidth/month standard – transactions *Managed cloud 1TB/month *Caching – $45 servers - $0.14/GB, for 128MB cache $199/month $0.01/1000 size, 400,000 *Rackspace email - requests transactions/hr $2/mailbox/month *Amazon EBS - 1,400 data *Rackspace server $0.1/ allocated transfers/hr, 10 backup - GB/month, concurrent $4/user/month, $0.1/million I/O connections requests *Amazon RDS – standard - 1.7GB memory, 64 bit - $0.11/hr *Amazon VPC
  6. 6. – free *Amazon route53 – first 25 hosted zones - $0.5/month, first billion queries $0.5/monthIndustrial *US Safe Harbor *SAS 70 Type *US Safe Harbor *TRUSTe certifiedRegulatory *SAS 70 Type II II privacyComplianc *ISO 27001 *HIPAA *VeriSign Securede *PCI Data Security *SOX *SysTrust Standard *ISO 27001 *SAS 70 Type II *PCI Data *US Safe Harbor Security *ISO 27001 Standard *FIPS 140-2 *FISMA Moderate *International Traffic In Arms ComplianceFree Trial *14 days free trial *Not available *3 months free *30 day free trial rackspace email trial with 750 for all services small compute hours per month, 1GB of database using web edition SQL, and 20GB storage covering 50,000 transactions
  7. 7. Support *Fanatical Support *24/7 *24/7 *Forums *24X7X365 *Diagnostic *Forums *Knowledge Base *Forum Tools *Online *Online Resources *Live Chat *Forums Resources *Phone *Online Resources *Online Guides *Phone *Phone *Phone *Urgent Response *Urgent Response *Urgent ResponseRoot *Available *Available *Not available *Not availableAccessWebsite * * * * om mBlog *http://www.racksp *http://forums.a *http://www.wind *http://blogs.salesfoCommunit ace. ws. ows rce.y com/blogs/ Com/company/ us/community/blo g/