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Summer Arts 2019


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Summer arts program progressive schoolhouse 2019

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Summer Arts 2019

  1. 1. The Progressive Schoolhouse In association with THE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATION THROUGH THE ARTS presents SUMMER ARTS PROGRAM 2019 Celebrating 28 Years of Summer Fun! June 17 – August 1 Artist’s Playground Mission Statement “Supporting the Individual’s Learning Process and Expression” All human beings are unique and have the potential to live successful and happy lives. All ages deserve the opportunity to engage in meaningful educational programs that support their development, expression and autonomy. Our mission is to advocate, educate and support learning through the arts. Children’s Art Program Monday – Thursday 9:00a – 2:00p Afternoon Academic Program Monday-Wednesday 2:30p-5:00p The Progressive Schoolhouse 2400 Notre Dame Blvd. Chico CA, 95928 (530) 345-5665 Director: Lori Tennant
  2. 2. Children’s Art Program Week 1: June 17 - 20: Ceramics Studio This week’s activities will focus on the ceramic art techniques of hand building, pottery wheel and finishing techniques. NOTE: all ceramic projects will need additional time for firing; all fees included in class fees. This week, students will also enjoy modeling and sculpting original figurines and other multi-dimensional projects. Instruction will support the student’s experiences in mold making, relief, engraving, carving and modeling with multiple sculpting compounds. One of our most popular studio experiences, this week’s activities will provide the expressive artist an outlet for their creativity! As well as providing support and resource to further their interests and skills, activities include monologue, mime, mask making and dramatic improvisation. Students will be encouraged to create and develop character, dialogue, simple costume and set design. Production elements for stage and film! In addition, movie making is an anticipated activity. Week 7: July 29 - August 1 Theater Arts Studio Week 3: July 1-4 Painting Studio- OPEN 4th of July! An all-encompassing week full of color! Students will receive individual instruction to compliment their skill development in brush techniques, composition and color theory. Instruction in the traditional uses of watercolor, acrylic, oil and tempera paint will be given. Week 2: June 22 – June 25: Drawing/Bookmaking Studio Students will receive individual instruction to compliment their development in technique, composition and color theory. Drawing media to include pastel, pencil, conte, water-color pencil and ink pen. Instruction will introduce students to photo realism, figure drawing, cartooning and abstract composition. The pen & ink studio will include instruction in utilizing a variety of ink pens and brushes. Texture, dimension, perspective, composition, colored pencil, watercolor wash and calligraphy will be explored. The students original book ideas will inspire a host of creative application and project work. Week 4: July 8 – 11 Sculpture Studio This week, students will enjoy modeling and sculpting original figurines and other multi-dimensional projects. Instruction in relief, engraving, carving and modeling techniques will support the students experiences with various modeling compounds. Week 5: July 15 – 18 Textile Arts Studio Weaving, knotting, sewing, beading, appliqué, fabric dyes, printing and pattern making...also embroidery knitting and! A week full of studio- asked crafts and original project work with instruction. One of our program’s favorite weeks. Week 6: July 22 - 24 Artistic Crafting Studio This creative studio will inspire conceptual design skill and self-expression. An abundance of 2 and 3-dimensional crafting materials will provide plenty of opportunity for innovation and invention.
  3. 3. Afternoon Academic and Tutorial Program Academic K – 8th Grades 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm Monday - Wednesday Instruction offered in the following areas; one or more areas of academic emphasis may be integrated in planning. This program provides students with individualized instruction and tutorial in a small group setting. Emphasis is given to individual planning and goal setting. Students, their families and administration will work together to create goals appropriate for the duration of the student’s enrollment. All goals will be structured from individualized assessment. Appropriate curriculum and learning activity will be chosen according to these goals. Individualized planning will support the needs of each student’s program. This program will ensure successful acquisition, goal attainment and cater to each students needs during the learning process. • Math- all levels through Algebra • Spelling/Vocabulary • Reading • Science • History • English Grammar • Written Composition • Penmanship • Spanish • Computer Lab • World Geography • Creative Writing • Any special topics of interest The program enrolls six students per day. All class materials and curriculum are provided.
  4. 4. • This program welcomes students ages 5 years old and older. Enrollment for each week is at the director’s discretion, and will close once at capacity. • Register early to guarantee your student’s spot! • Instruction will run from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm daily, please schedule your student’s arrival and pickup accordingly. • All materials are provided in the price for each artistic week. • Students are encouraged to wear clothing appropriate to the creative nature of the program. Special “art aprons” will be available for purchase! • Please label all personal items that come to the program with your student. • Students should plan on taking home finished projects at the end of each class period. (As noted in the class description, all ceramic work will require extra time for drying and firing and will be available after completion.) • Students will take two meal breaks daily. Please send your student with a nutritious snack and lunch. With parent permission and supervision, students will be allowed to leave campus at lunch; ask director for more information. • The school’s “Snack Café” will also offer drinks, snacks and frozen treats for a nominal fee. Program Details and Important Information Week 1: June 17-20 Ceramics Studio Week 2: June 22-25 Drawing/Bookmaking Studio Week 3: July 1-4 Painting Studio Week 4: July 8 - 11 Sculpture Studio Week 5: July 15 - 18 Textile Arts Studio Week 6: July 22-25 Artistic Crafting Studio Week 7: July 29-Aug 1 Theater Arts Studio Children’s Art Program 1 day per week $45.00 2 days per week $85.00 3 days per week $125.00 4 days per week $140.00 Full 6 week program $900.00 Afternoon Academic & Tutorial Program per day $60.00 Accepted Methods of Payment: Check or Cash At a Glance Summer Schedule Pricing and Payment