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Benefits of fire insurance


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Benefits of fire insurance

  1. 1. BENEFITS OF FIRE INSURANCE:If you are uninsured against your house or business burning down, you may not beable to recover, both emotionally and financially. You could be paying for a homethat is no longer there, all your possessions may be gone and very often people donot have the money saved to replace all the possessions. Every home owner has acertain amount of fire insurance, by law, any bonded home has to have fireinsurance as part of its building insurance cover. However, one needs to ensure thatyou are sufficiently covered. For most businesses it is vital to have this cover.Replace ContentsIt will include the replacement of a certain value of household and business contents.Temporary AccommodationTaking out fire insurance should protect you financially from the loss of yourpossessions, home & business . It will include temporary accommodation, this helpsto pay for the insured to move out and live somewhere else for the period of time ittakes to repair the structure before they can move back.Rebuild the DamageFires can devastate buildings and cause unbelievable damage to the structure of yourhome or business. This policy covers you so that you can rebuild it or replacesections that are damaged. Make sure that your garage, swimming pool and anyouthouses are included.Preventative MeasuresThe use of fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and other safety measures can decreasethe cost of the policy.