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Blogging Your Way To Millions

How you can utilize a blog to either build a business online or take your existing business to the next level with latest tool, techniques, and strategies.

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Blogging Your Way To Millions

  1. 1. By Sadhan Samanta
  2. 2.  What is a Blog? According to Wikipedia, a blog is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries typically displayed in reverse chronological order. In more simpler words, it’s just like any other website on the internet, but the owner of the blog keeps it updated with posts on a regular basis. A regular website is static while a blog is dynamic which updates frequently with latest content.
  3. 3.  Broadly there are two types of blogs ◦ Personal Blogs ◦ Corporate/Organizational Blogs Personal blogs can be further divided into two types ◦ Commercial (for earning money) ◦ Non-commercial (for sharing your own world) Corporate blogs are mainly used for sharing their own news and other information and hardly used for monetization purposes.
  4. 4.  Top 10 Blogs In The World And Their Earning 1. The Huffington Post - Around $30,000 a day (Alexa – 81) 2. Mashable - Around $15,000 a day (Alexa – 220) 3. Techcrunch - Around $14,000 a day (Alexa – 397) 4. Engadget - Around $10,000 a day (Alexa – 513) 5. Smashing Magazine - Around $6500 a day (Alexa – 1176) 6. Tuts+ - Around $5000 a day (Alexa – 725) 7. Lifehacker - Around $4800 a day (Alexa – 479) 8. Gizmodo - Around $4000 a day (Alexa – 539) 9. Perez Hilton - Around $3,500 a day (Alexa – 1106) 10. Joystiq - Around $1,700 a day (Alexa – 4077) Source: Alexa Ranking as on March 10, 2014
  5. 5. You can also have your own blog and start generating an income from the Internet. To setup your own blog, there are a few components:  Domain Name  Domain Hosting  Blogging Platform  Lead Capture System
  6. 6.  Domain Name ◦ You need a name for your blog which visitors will click to visit your site. For example, my personal blog is at ◦ You can register your Domain Name from a registrar like GoDaddy.  Domain Hosting ◦ Once you get a Domain Name, you need to have a place to host your blog. ◦ You can buy hosting from GoDaddy or GVO, which is also very good and cheap.  Blogging Platform ◦ Right now the most famous Blogging Platform is WordPress and the best part is it’s free of cost as well! ◦ If buy hosting from GoDaddy or GVO, they have the option to install WordPress from within your control panel. ◦ In WordPress, you can easily install themes or advertisement links to monetize your blog.  Lead Capture System ◦ The other way of monetizing from your blog is capturing leads (visitors to your blog), so that you can provide them the solution (market them) whatever they are looking for. ◦ The best Lead Capture System I have found is Aweber. GVO also provides lead capture and email marketing solutions, and if you buy domain from them, then everything remains at the same place.
  7. 7. Once you have everything set up and your blog is ready, now you can monetize it. For that you have to:  Blog daily – keep the content updated  Give quality content – quality is the key here  Tell as many people as you can about your blog using Social Media or paid strategies  Put advertisements from sponsors or Google Ads or your own affiliate offerings on your blog The key here is to give good quality content with proper Search Engine Optimization so that your blog comes up in Google and other search engines. Good content will drive free traffic to your blog and increase your site ranking/authority, which in turn will increase your income.
  8. 8.  There are many websites which also offer free blogs, but with free blogs, there are lots of limitations.  Most of them DO NOT allow you to monetize your blog.  They have strict guidelines as to what you can post in your blog.  Hardly any of them allow you to capture leads. Remember, leads are the lifeblood of your business.  Whatever you post on free blogs, basically they own the content. In comparison, with paid blogs, you do not face any such issues.
  9. 9.  If you do not want to take the trouble of registering Domain Name, Hosting, setting up your blog, installing plugins to make it look good as well as more functional to monetize to its best potential, then the solution is to buy a full-fledged blogging platform like Empower Network which removes all that headache.  Remember, when doing it all by yourself, the whole process can take anywhere from 1 day to 1 month to never, depending on your expertise level.  Getting traffic and having an authority on the internet is an another struggle.  With an Alexa ranking of 428 (as on March 10, 2014), compared to Top 10 Blogs above, Empower Network is already a high authority blog!
  10. 10.  Empower Network Blog provides you with: • A core 'Done for You' Blogging System, INSTANTLY Set-Up in "Money Getting" Format. • You can start driving traffic and generating leads as soon as you start! • A complete 8-Step 'Money Getting' Formula Video Training Series with most effective ways to build a successful online business and the Core 'Must Have' principals to Effective Entrepreneurship in today’s market. • 24/7 Easy access to the most successful "Money-Getting Bloggers" in our online community. • Instant Access to Empower Network’s NEW Mobile Application (FREE Upgrade) Upload Text & Images right to your Blog with just a few clicks from any MOBILE device. • Multiple Blogs! That’s right - Blog about your Products. Blog about your Business. Blog about your Family, or your favorite Hobbies, or Sports Teams, or ANYTHING, all on different Blogs, for the same low price of only $25! And control them all from one simple, proprietary Viral Blogging Dashboard!