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This presentation was made to the audience of Human Resource Excellence Forum 2014, Mumbai during Jan'14. The audience comprised of primarily senior HR folks were engaged in a conversation around the role of Social Media in HR space and how can it transform the very notion and current practices in HR. Many a times, a scary idea for the folks in HR who prefer to create and regulate the organizational practices and go by the rule book. Throw that away to the wind my HR mates!

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  1. 1. Workplace- 2020
  2. 2. 1% 22% 20% 50% 7% Source: PwC
  3. 3. Social = Media
  4. 4. Economy Agricultural Knowledge Industrial Social What we know Who we know
  5. 5. Resource? How Social is Human ?
  6. 6. Did it surprise you? Source:
  7. 7. Creator or Leader? Source: SHRM, 2012
  8. 8. HR’s SoMe Sweet Spots Recruitment (Social)
  9. 9. HR Gamification
  10. 10. HR’s SoMe Sweet Spots Learning & Development Social Learning
  11. 11. Ideating & Collaborating
  12. 12. Transformational Breakthrough M-PMV’s (an AIDS causing virus) enzyme structure was explained in just 10 days, eluded scientists > 15 yrs. # # -protein-decoded-gamers_n_970113.html
  13. 13. HR’s SoMe Sweet Spots Personal & Employer Branding
  14. 14. How strong is your clout? Source:
  15. 15. Source: Official Twitter handle @briansolis
  16. 16. HR’s SoMe Sweet Spots Social Performance Management Performance Management
  17. 17. Could social media revolutionize the performance appraisal process? Source: May, 2012
  18. 18. Social Leadership traits Source: Six social-media skills every leader needs McKinsey Quarterly February 2013; Roland Deiser and Sylvain Newton (A studied reference to GE) .
  19. 19. Concerns
  20. 20. Bringing executives on-board Let’s Crowd-source! Tweet your ideas- #HREForum2014 , @sadhankb
  21. 21. Questions to ponder! How can social media support our organization’s vision, mission, and strategy? Do we have leadership buy-in and are they fully engaged? Is our organization’s culture ready to embrace social media?
  22. 22. Sadhan k. bhattacharya, CPLP®