The Pitfalls of Creating Content


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The Pitfalls of Creating Content:
Developing a Realistic and Rational
Digital Signage Content Plan

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The Pitfalls of Creating Content

  1. 1. The Pitfalls of Creating Content: Developing a Realistic and Rational Digital Signage Content Plan Thursday, March 8, 2012 Your Logo Here
  2. 2. Presenter Kim Sarubbi President & CEOSaddle Ranch Digital Your Logo Here
  3. 3. Company BackgroundSaddle Ranch Digital (SRD) is an advanced media companyspecializing in digital out-of-home deployment strategy andcustom content creation for screen media solutions.With roots in Hollywood film production and place-based media,the Company’s 25 years of specialist content experience hasevolved in to high-impact, interactive digital media solutions forall size screens. Your Logo Here
  4. 4. Session Goals1. Why Content should be the first thought in your planning process.2. How to determine and develop realistic expectations for your content strategy.3. How to align content development and sustainability with your business goals, timeframe and budget. Your Logo Here
  5. 5. Content cansingle-handedly make or break the success ofyour total digital signage investment. Your Logo Here
  6. 6. Why Does Content Fail?• Content isn’t simple• Viewers can’t grab message in a glance• No reason for viewer to engage• Content is an afterthought• No focused planning and allocated budget__________________________________Plan for Success… Your Logo Here
  7. 7. think CONTENT! Your Logo Here
  8. 8. Be Realistic!Get smart about expectations from your content… • Understand your audience/ venue/ environment • Know the dwell time • Understand how your audience wants to be engaged and interact with your brand • Get real with your budget Your Logo Here
  9. 9. Challenges of Consumer Engagement7 Key Questions to Address: 1. What should the engagement experience be? 2. What will truly engage my audience? 3. Who is it that I am trying to engage? 4. How can I best leverage engagement? 5. Why should the audience care? 6. How much value does content really have? 7. How do I build consumer trust? Your Logo Here
  10. 10. Needs Analysis forEffective Content Strategy Venue/Channel Profiling Audience Profiling What is the venue / communication Who are we communicating to? channels? Influencers within those environments? How do they consume content? Message Dwell Time What are the messaging goals? What is the face to face / interaction time What are the content connectors that will available to capture audience attention? motivate the audience to action? Your Logo Here
  11. 11. The PlaylistDeveloping the right Playlist will evolve out ofan understanding of:  Dwell time  Environment  What the consumer is doing  Loop Time  Type of client & specific needs Your Logo Here
  12. 12. Keeping Content Fresh• Depending on the type of venue, content must be changed daily, monthly, annually, or never.• A content plan needs to be in place that offers long-term effectiveness.• Customer frequency statistics can also help determine how often you need to change out your messaging. Your Logo Here
  13. 13. 5 Key Takeaways• Think Content!• Content maximizes ROI.• Value your consumer and create meaningful and engaging experiences…• Allocate a realistic dedicated budget to content.• Invest in an experienced and trusted content partner. Your Logo Here
  14. 14. CONTACTKim SarubbiPresident & CEOSaddle Ranch 345 N. Maple Drivetweet me @SaddleRanchDigi Beverly Hills CA 90210 (310) 746-5652 Your Logo Here