Selling process.


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Selling process.

  1. 1. Selling process By Saddam hussain MBA (Aligarh muslim university)
  2. 2. Selling process The complete set of steps that must take place in order to execute a sales transactions from start to finish. The selling process may include such events as the initial contact , product demonstrations, trial Periods, bidding, price negotiations, signing of contracts, and delivery of the product or service being sold.
  3. 3. Steps in selling process Prospecting Pre- approach Approach Presentation Objection handling Sales close  follow up
  4. 4. Prospecting The step in which potential customers are identified by the salesperson is called prospecting. Prospecting just as the word implies is about searching for new customers. Prospecting can be done through nnumbers ways out of which some important are as follows:-
  5. 5. continue Current customers/ present customers Through referral /Delphi method Interacting with the influenced people Through the cold calling Using mailing list Through the trade shows& exhibitions
  6. 6. Pre-approach The stage where the salesperson collects information about the potential customers and understands them before making the sales call is called pre-approach.  Customer research the sales person should learn every possible thing about prospecting .
  7. 7. Approach Once the sales person has know about the prospect and adequate ,pre-approach information, The next step is the actual approach A good approach makes a favorable expression and establishes some degree of support between the sales persons and the buyers like hand sake , introduction of sales people , sample of the product , feature of the product. Need assessment ( discuss , clarify & understand the buyer needs and wants )
  8. 8. Presentation After knowing the need and want of the prospect . The sales person moves into main body of the sales presentation . Presentation is preliminarily of a discussion of those product and service feature advantages and benefits to the customers has indicated are important it may be oral ,the often include written proposal and supporting document materials as well as visual aids.
  9. 9. Objection handlings In this step, the salesperson clarifies all the doubts and questions that the customer has and eliminates all his objections to buying the product. salesperson need to (a) listen to buyer (b) clarify the objection ( c) respect the buyer concern (d) respond to the objection
  10. 10. continue Objection are like as: price or volume objection  product or services objection Hidden objection
  11. 11. Sales close Closing the sales is the goal in any selling process for sales persons which comes after the objection effectively handling and the customer is satisfying with the presentation and is ready to placed order.
  12. 12. Follow-Up This is the final step in the selling process where the salesperson follows up with the customers to ensure satisfaction and builds the relationship in order to repeat business with them.
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