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บทเพลงภาษาอังกฤษ สำหรับครูประถมศึกษา

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Songs for workshop

  1. 1. Hello Everybody (Twice)สวั ส ดี สวั ส ดี สวั ส ดี My darling.
  2. 2. Hello, hello, how are you?How are you? How are you?Hello, hello, how are you?I’m fine, thank you.Mo chi mo chi ,A-no-neA-no-ne, A-no-ne.Mo chi mo chi ,A-so-neA-so-des-ka
  3. 3.  Clab your hands Sleep Wave your hands Sneeze Walk Swim Ski Slide sound the horn Ring the bell Kiss Comb your hair Wave your hands * Super Man
  4. 4. Hello, Hello, HelloHi, Hi, HiHi, Hello, HiHello, Hi, Hello ( As many times as you want)
  5. 5.  bridge =2 traffic lights = 3 traffic jam = 4 flowers = 5 octopus = 10 train = 27 anaconda = everyone
  6. 6. Hello, Hello, Hello(x2)I’m glad to meet you. (x2)
  7. 7. I’m glad to meet you.I’m glad to meet you.I’m so glad to meet you too.
  8. 8. Clap, clap hands , Clap, clap hands ,one,two,three, Put your hands upon your knees, Lift them high to touch the sky,Clap, clap hands and away they fly.
  9. 9. #I’m down, right up, right in, right out,Right happy to be here. /// I’m down, right up, right in, right out, Right happy to be here. ///Since I came to school,I’ve met a lot of friends.Repeat #
  10. 10. Go to the right, and then go to the left.Go straight, and then walk back behind. Down and up, jump over and slide, Another side turn around, clap your hands. ///
  11. 11. Let’s sing ENGLISH SONGS1-2-3 ,eyes on me! 1-2, eyes on you !
  12. 12. Loo loo la looLoo loo la loo loo la loo la loo la leLoo la loo la loo la loo la loo la le , Hey!Loo loo la loo loo la loo la loo la leLoo la loo la loo la leYou put your right hand in,You put your right hand out,You put your right hand inand you shake it all aboutYou do the hoky poky and you turn around, Let us clap our hands .Loo la loo .......................
  13. 13. Counting Rhyme I. Opie and P. Opie, The OxfordDictionary of Nursery Rhymes (Oxford:Oxford University Press, 1951,2nd edn., 1997), pp. 156-8.I
  14. 14. I am H-A-P-P-YI am H-A-P-P-Y.I am H-A-P-P-Y. I know, I am. I’m sure.I am H-A-P-P-Y.
  15. 15. One, two, three, four, five,Once I caught a fish alive,Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,Then I let it go again. Why did I let it go? ’Cos it bit my finger so. Which finger did it bite? This little finger on my right.
  16. 16. I’ve got love like an ocean,Love like an ocean,I’ve got love like an ocean in my soul. I’ve got love like an ocean, Love like an ocean, I’ve got love like an ocean in my soul. peace – river joy – fountain
  17. 17. Deep and wide, deep and wide,There’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.
  18. 18. I’m awake, alert, alive, enthusiastic.I’m awake, alert, alive, enthusiastic. I’m awake, alert, alive, Alive, awake, alert, I’m awake, alert, alive, enthusiastic.
  19. 19. Oh we charge to the left,And we charge to the right,And we walk and we walk,And we walk all night. From the heel to the toe, and a half way round. From the heel to the toe, and a new friend’s found.
  20. 20. If you look at me, a zulu you will be,If you stand by me, a zulu you will be, Hey, zulu! Attention! Come on! Right hand! Left hand Right foot Left foot Go down Turn around Sit down
  21. 21. Let me see your chicken, your chicken!Let me see your chicken, your chicken!Ooh ah ah ah ooh, ooh ah ah ah oohOoh ah ah ah ooh.One more time…..Ooh ah ah ah ooh, ooh ah ah ah oohOoh ah ah ah ooh. Crocodile, elephant, monkey, dolphin
  22. 22. Left and left,Right and right,Jump forward,Jump behind,1,2,3…..
  23. 23. Making melodies in my heart (3x)This is how you begin… Thumbs up Move your feet Knees bend Feet apart Buttocks out Elbows up Head bend Tongue out Turn around Sit down
  24. 24. Swimming , swimming in the swimming poolWhen days are hot, when days are coolIn the swimming poolFront stroke, side stroke,Fancy diving, tooOh don’t you wish you were a fishIf nothing else to do, but!
  25. 25. We are all happy fellows.(โบกมื อ บนศี ร ษะ ซ้ า ย-ขวา)Singing,.. and always smiling.(twice)Do follow me, do follow me(ผู ้ น ำ า ทำ า ท่ า ...คนที ่ เ หลื อ ทำ า ตาม)Do follow ,follow me.(twice)(เทรนเนอร์ ..ชี ้ เ ลื อ กท่ า ที ล ะกลุ ่ ม แข่ ง กั น )
  26. 26. I’ve come to join the camp.ชี้มือมาที่ตัวYou’ve come to join the camp.ชี้ไปที่เพื่อนWe’ve all come to join the English camp.I’ve come to join the camp.You’ve come to join the camp.We’ve all come to join the English camp.At..ERIC …la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la(ทำานองเพลง Happiness in my heart)
  27. 27. Pass the ball Pass pass the ball. Pass pass the ball. Let’s pass the balls on to your right. The balls go by and by (2 times) From right to right from friends to friends. All the trainees (Uh….hu) (2 times)Are you happy in this workshop? (Ah…Ha) To whom the balls stop by (2 times) Don’t you be shy, let’s speak English.