Sacred Sanctum July 2011


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The July edition of Sacred Sanctum Features Aspects of Freedom in our lives. Freedom and spirituality, freedom from specific ailments, experiencing freedom through stereotypes, soul parenting and the meaning of 'Just Being'.

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Sacred Sanctum July 2011

  1. 1. Sacred Sanctum Birthing & Nurturing Your Soul ( Compassion Space to Heal, Grow & Celebrate the Joy of ExistenceDedicated to Our Founder Sri Raj BhowmikThe World is yet to know about You. We take Your Message and Your Essencethrough this platform.To Know more about Sri Raj BhowmikRead More Gratitude To Sri Raj Bhowmik CORPORitual Values Of Living
  2. 2. About Sacred Sanctum( are a group of people whose souls are touched by Sri Raj Bhowmik. We choseto redefine our Lives and Existence. Through Conscious choices & actions, wecould make a Quantum Leap in redefining who we are today through Healing,Nurturing & Celebrating Life. Our Mentor, Guide & Guru, Sri Raj Bhowmik hasbeen with us continuously on this Journey of transformation to birth our NewCompassion Self. This Compassion Space is a tribute to Him & to share with theworld, infinite transformations that happen around & through Him in everydomain of Life, Earth & Existence. We Welcome you to Our Home: The SoulSanctum, Birthing & Nurturing Your Soul.Contents: 1. Editorial 2. Freedom To Be Myself and Discover me through Myself 3. Cover Story: Freedom & Spirituality 4. Transformations @ Soulbath Peace Foundation: An Ongoing Journey. 5. Soul Relationships: Just Do Just be 6. Awareness Through The Body: The Power Of Freedom 7. Soul Parenting: Let Children experience Childhood Fully
  3. 3. Editorial July 2011 Freedom : Our Being Soars to experience the fullness of LifeOur basic birth right is to experience Growth & Progress through relationships around us. Inevery relationship that Our Soul has chosen to Manifest, Growth and Progress is a pre-definedoutcome. Conscious Growth creates movement inside the body that automatically creates anenormous momentum of hormones & an innovation as an outcome in the environment. However,a wholesome growth, spiraling in Nature can only happen when we allow Freedom into our Lives- freedom from perceptions of possessive & binding love, freedom from who we constantly havetrained ourselves to be, freedom of our obsessions & compulsions from others & freedom to allowthe Real You to blossom in a Spiraling Momentum of Life. This section in July closely looks atFreedom in our Lives. Every organisms natural instinct is to Grow freely when Space and theright nurturing conditions are provided. This Issue of the Sacred Sanctum focuses on theseaspects of Soaring with Freedom in a Nurturing Environment.In our section, Sri Raj Bhowmik Speaks, every month we bring out experiences from HisLife and people who have been fortunate to be chosen by Him for the Work. These are stories ofTransformation, messages that are shared for the very first time to the world. They carry apersonal touch to His Life and for all who want to know Him a little more, watch out this sectionevery month.Cover story features an a revelation based on the theme of the month. This month it isSpirituality and the Concept of Freedom. Transformations is a section, where we bring real lifestories of people whose lives are touched by Sri Raj Bhowmik. These transformations have beenpath breaking, sometimes beyond decades of patterns & conditioning.Soul Relationships is a section dedicated to converse and understand the language of yourSoul. It also helps one get into an action mode with this understanding through their everydayenvironment.Awareness through the body: Every month, we will feature the theme and its impact on thebody, the cells and the infinite possibilities in cellular consciousness that one can bring aboutthrough awareness & Being conscious in relationships.Soul Parenting is an exclusive section dedicated to the family and upbringing of children. We willfeature many different ways of building a deep bonding through activities of togetherness in thefamily. Menus, stories & understanding & making meaning of the language of children is the aim.Welcome to the Sacred Sanctum. Welcome to the most Compassionate Birthing & NurturingSpace for a New You
  4. 4. Freedom to Be Myself and Discover Me Through Myself(Narration by SPF TEAM Member )Every person aspires to be led by someone who knows. In my journey of seeking, I moved fromstation to station spending many years in well known Ashrams, with Gurus & serving them wholeheartedly for years.However, the journey of the Soul has a different Fragrance & unique paths for every Individual.With someone who does not wear an orange robe & does not talk conventional language ofSpirituality, it took me about 2 years of being in constant touch to even admit to myself that thisBeing that I was living close to is more than God. It took me 2 years to surrender and movebeyond traditional spiritual practices that was used to discover a Guide who was Omni Presentand Knew at all times. It took my brain 2 years to realize fully that I was not working with anormal human being. Why was the separation so long? Because in my mind, I separated myselffrom the true Self. Even defining what the Soul looks like, feels like through books, lectures & peergroups; therefore Life unfolds in a predictable manner based on the reference. But in this stationwith my Guide, He gave me no Rules, No Mantras & just working with Him through CorporateLanguage & Skills but with a very different Fragrance & Outcome.I was amazed to see how the Interactions changed, something Miraculous was happening forwhich I had no Answer. I even Remember telling Him one day "I cannot put You on a pedestal.Please dont expect this from me. ", to which He smiled and said, "Sure, just do the Work." We areso scared with Freedom to Be ourselves in our Journey. Spirituality is sometimes the biggestbarrier when this Freedom of Existence is not true and we are copying or trying to be someone.I realised that all the while, these opportunities were created so that I understand the differencebetween True and a Mask. Today I feel like Clay that is Wet and ready to be molded by the Master.Only with True Freedom in our Beings, can we give Our Unique Fragrance to the World and ourenvironment. True Freedom is experienced in Stillness and through Action that the environmentdemands. True Freedom is dynamic. My Master enabled this so subtly that it is so easysometimes to miss it because we are so trained to what it needs to appear. My Journey towardsFreedom has just begun and I choose to allow His Work to guide me to experience this HighestFreedom in my environment. I know not what it looks like and what it should do but I am Just Meand I know that I am safely Free to be Me in the hands of my Master.
  5. 5. Cover story: Freedom & SpiritualityIn the olden days, Freedom or renunciation or liberation were aspects of Spirituality. In todaystimes, just as every element in the Cosmos is redefining itself, it is the turn of Spirituality Now tocreate a new meaning.So can we run away in todays times? The answer is NO!! Across centuries, Masters have alwaysindicated that the Soul or Spirit is like the Water. If we limit the Water in a bottle or a swimmingpool that is flashy or a pond, the nature and quality of the same substance is different v/s freeflowing, as stagnation causes a change to the water. These are the different versions of Spiritualitytoday. Some are yet to take a leap as they are yet in a bottle, some have jumped into a artificialdomain of boundaries & limitations of what it should look & feel like. The true Nature of humanSpirit or Soul is when Consciousness just flows. This can happen anywhere, in any circumstance,through any one...Unlimited, abundant, diverse & Vast.In simple words, kindness, goodness, are values of the Spirit. They dont have to be learnt in aschool but in different languages the outcome is the same. Are we aware of this Language OfCompassion? Compassion is only an aspect of Service done from the Soul for no other benefits orcalculations or branding. Freedom from our Masks to recognizing the true human in a person isso powerful that it just consumes. Imagine if everybody in the world could just Flow like this.Try for a Day just repeating this affirmation: "I am One with the Creator, Creating Hope aroundMe in myself & All around. I am Blessed and I truly Bless my environment. I love & appreciatemyself and all in my environment. People are comfortable to be themselves around me and Workgrows as I give my 100% contribution to it. I Love my Work & am One with it."Notice, the compassion element around yourself and your environment - be it Family, Office, onthe Road, with Children or in the Super market. Become Aware, how did the human spirit in youand others respond with this affirmation. Our Relationship with the Creator is initially that ofAwe till we Love & Identify completely, that the relationship then transforms into a One Zonewith No Difference. We become the Creator and Its Consciousness. This is theFreedom Of the Spirit. I am and So it Is...
  6. 6. Transformations @ Soulbath Peace Foundation - An OngoingJourneyI wish to express my deepest gratitude to you and your work for helping me find away out of the health problem I have been facing for the past 4 years.I was struggling with life dealing with the difficulties as best as could. I consultednumerous doctors and tried all kinds of medications but could not get the desiredrelief. 2009-10 was a especially tough year for me. The challenging circumstancesliterally brought me to my knees. Normal activities like going outdoors hadbecome difficult. I had reached a point where I could not continue on my job. Myrelationships, health, career, and finances appeared to be in a irretrievable state. Icould see no way out of the mounting difficulties that surrounded me and wentinto depression.I had not gone to work for about 8 months. Then my brother in law came acrossyour healing division through the internet. He suggested that I should give it atry. My first session was hugely an eye opener. It transformed my perception ofthe illness. It became clear to me how the disease was affecting my mind andbody and what I needed to do to overcome the problem.I found that the approach was goal driven and very practical. Within 3 weeks Iwas functional again and back at work. Now about 6 weeks after my firstconsultation, I feel have re-discovered HOPE. My health and relationships haveimproved considerably and I am optimistic now about making a completerecovery and my future.I have realized that I have just begun on the journey to achieving emotional wellbeing and the rich knowledge received can greatly transform my life. I lookforward to more enriching sessions.I wish to thank Raj Bhowmik for founding an wonderful organization likeSAHHEAL that people in distress can reach out to for help.
  7. 7. Soul Relationships - Just Do Just BeJust do just be.Thats the way of the Being.Thought and time cannot set boundaries for our vastness;Words cannot measure it up;Neither can knowledge penetrate intelligence.Our biggest illusion is that ,we think we are bound;Is to think of solving our illusions from the space of our illusion; Impossible.The most humbling and transforming point of our life is when we break throughthe fort of accumulative knowledge and the tangle of attachment andidentification. Lets just allow our inner intelligence to wade throughthis clutter .What we will see is the beauty of the real in all its absoluteness;in allits magnificence..Just be open , not curious; lets just be ourselves not so manyothers and somany things. We are not carbon copies or imitation pieces.We areoh! So original and so, so, unique.
  8. 8. Awareness Through The Body : The Power Of FreedomIn the health domain, this month we focus on the aspect of Freedom and its impact on the body.Experiencing Freedom with emotions leads to the feeling of being Light and Vast. If you have everfallen in Love with someone, you would know what I mean?However, in relationships whether office, home or intimate, when our perception of who we areis because others define it & make it, how will we ever experience Freedom? It is definitely notpossible for any relationship to cater 100% attention to the Other because we think and are fromwho we are. Very often partners, parents feel neglected because either their Freedom is givenaway to someone else, or they are holding too tightly in a relationship. In either case, physicalbody will show up Pain.Pain initially is like a pull or a stretch, when unnoticed becomes throbbing as the tension spreadsto surrounding areas. This causes Inflammation. The physical appearance is softer that is causeddue to retention of fluid. When we are more unaware, this hardens over years, then becomingharder parts hiding in some parts of our body that are accumulation of toxic elements. When weare unable to release the Freedom, the hardening increases.Bottom line being, pain is an indicator of Uneasiness in the environment around us that is gettingtranslated to the Body.Ask Yourself: Are you holding any person or relationship too tightly or are being held tightly?.How is the power of your Freedom restricted?Are you willing to let go this perception in the Relationship & change your point of viewing theRelationship? Are you willing to claim your Power of who you are just for Your Self?Reflection for a Week: Quietening yourself at a specific time of the day for about 20 min."Take a Deep breath & focus your attention on any object that is Natural - plant, flower, tree,sky. observe how it is Flexible & Changing in Structure. Affirm to yourself - I belong to the Earthand I am Safe here. I claim my Power back in past relationships as I deserve Harmony & Lovein my body & Environment. With every breath I am more myself, comfortable & new. I amgrateful to my Body being with me. I love myself just as I am because I love me."Notice the different thoughts, sensations & feeling around in your body. Are there any changes inyour environment in Life? Keep a Journal. Its Worth it.(Following Steps, Next Month)
  9. 9. Soul Parenting : Let Children experience childhood fullyIn Soul Parenting, we focus on Freedom given to our Child today. In the earlierdays, our parents we very strict. We did not have the Freedom of either askingquestions or even getting an answer that deserves an explanation.To compensate that now, parents have no choice but just do the opposite.Children need a boundary and your Love and Intelligence can provide that.However when as parents you allow your child to choose with options that yougive, the child learns flexibility, decision making & is ready to even realise thepower of Options. We all as humans love Options. Spending time with Actionstogether, hugging & loving in the Language of the child is what really a childmakes meaning of. Soul Parenting is about unlocking the child in you and yourenvironment. Soul Parenting is to create the balance of a boundary & Freedom ofChoice.