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Sachin synonpsis

  1. 1. SYNOPSIS of the project work to be carried out in an academic Session as a part ofcurriculum for partial fulfillment of the Award of master of business administration (MBA)degree in the faculty of commerce of Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati.A Comparative Study of Ameron and Exide Batteries in Amravati SUBMITTED BY Mr. Sachin B. Farfad MBA-(Programme) 2010-12 UNDER THE GUIDENCE OF Prof. Deepak Jaiswal TO The Head of Department of Business Administration and Management, Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati 20011-2012
  2. 2. A Comparative Study of Ameron and Exide Batteries in Amravati 2011 IndexSr.No. Contents Page No.1 Introduction-Battery Industry in India 3  Growth of Battery Industry 3  Introduction to Battery 3  Introduction of Companies 4  About Ameron 4  About Exide 52 Research problem definition 63 Research objectives 64 Research methodology 65 Research type 76 Tools and techniques of Data collection 87 Research process 88 Scope of the study 99 Limitation of study 910 Chaperization 1011 References 10Dept. of Buss. Admin & Mngt, SGBAU Page 2
  3. 3. A Comparative Study of Ameron and Exide Batteries in Amravati 2011 IntroductionBattery Industry in India: Indian organized storage battery market is estimated at about Rs.56 billion,comprising industrial batteries (Rs.25 billion) and automotive batteries (Rs.31 billionincluding two-wheelers). Besides, the size of the unorganized sector is estimated at Rs.15- 20billion. The automotive segment accounts for nearly 60 per cent of sales volumes, and about55 per cent in storage battery sales in value terms. The industrial segment accounts for thebalance 40 per cent in volume terms and about 45 per cent in value terms. The automotivebattery segment can be further divided into OEM and aftermarket, of which the formerconstitutes about 34 per cent. Demand for automotive batteries is divided among differentsegments with cars and utility vehicles having the largest share of 38 per cent followed bycommercial vehicles at 29 per cent. Demand for automotive batteries largely relies on thegrowth of the automobile OEMs and the aftermarket. The growth in the industrial batteriessegment is driven by infrastructure, information technology and process industries.Growth of Battery Industry in India: The Indian battery industry is growing at a rate of 30 percent per annum. A couple ofyears back, it did see a slump due to dumping of cheap Chinese batteries, but it has picked upsince then. It is poised to more than double within four years, given the current rate ofgrowth.(Source: Annual report 2007- 08 of Amara Raja Batteries Industry Limited)Battery Introduction: The lead-acid storage battery, an important energy storage device, is the most widelyused secondary storage cell by automobile and other industries. Storage cells are deviceswhich release a flow of electron through an external circuit as a result of reactions occurringbetween the active electrode materials and ions transported by the electrolyte. The cells inwhich the reactions are reversible are called secondary cells. In these cells the activematerials can be returned to their original state by applying electrical current from an externalsource in the opposite direction to the flow of the cells discharge current. In the early nineteenth century, scientists discovered that when direct current waspassed between some pairs of electrodes of the same metal immersed in an electrolyte, theDept. of Buss. Admin & Mngt, SGBAU Page 3
  4. 4. A Comparative Study of Ameron and Exide Batteries in Amravati 2011electrodes became polarized, i.e. when the circuit was opened a difference of potential existedbetween the electrodes. If they were connecter, together a current flowed. Based on theseexperiments, in 1959 Gasten Plant began to investigate such cell. Since then major developments have taken place in basic material of construction oflead-acid batteries. The present construction of this type of battery consists of positiveelectrode made up of leap peroxide, negative electrodes of lead in highly active metallicsponge. The insulating layers are made of hard rubber, PVC etc. The electrolyte is a diluteaqueous solution of sulphuric acid and container is marie of plastic, glass, rubber orpolypropylene.Functions of Battery:  For temporary electrical storage.  For solar energy storage.  For running up different electronics devices, machines and lights Etc.Companies Introduction: Ameron & Exide are well known batteries manufacturing companies in India. Theyhave leading market share in Indian market of batteries. Brief information about Ameron &Exide Batteries is stated below:About AMERON- Ameron International Corporation (Ameron) is a multinational manufacturer ofengineered products and materials for the chemical, industrial, energy, transportation andinfrastructure markets. Ameron is a producer of water transmission lines and fabricated steelproducts, such as wind towers; fibreglass-composite pipe for transporting oil, chemicals andcorrosive fluids, and specialized materials and products used in infrastructure projects. TheCompany operates in three business segments: Fiberglass-Composite Pipe Group, WaterTransmission Group, and Infrastructure Products Group. Ameron operates its businesses inNorth America, South America, Europe and Asia. On October 21, 2010, the Company soldits 50% ownership in TAMCO, a steel mini-mill operating in California. As of November 30, 2010, the Company had two partially owned affiliatedcompanies, Ameron Saudi Arabia, Ltd. (ASAL) and Bondstrand, Ltd. (BL). ASAL owned30% by the Company, manufactures and sells concrete pressure pipe to customers in SaudiDept. of Buss. Admin & Mngt, SGBAU Page 4
  5. 5. A Comparative Study of Ameron and Exide Batteries in Amravati 2011Arabia. BL owned 40% by the Company, manufactures and sells glass reinforced epoxy pipeand fittings in Saudi Arabia. ASAL is included in the Water Transmission Group, and BL isincluded in the Fibreglass-Composite Pipe Group.(Source: EXIDE- Exide Industries Ltd is the country’s largest manufacturer of lead acid storagebatteries and power storage solutions provider. With seven international standard factoriesspread across the nation, the company offers one of the widest ranges of batteries for everyconceivable application in industrial as well as automotive segments. Exide also has amanufacturing subsidiary in Sri Lanka and does business globally through its subsidiaries andaffiliates in South-East Asia, Australia and Europe. Exide’s products are sold globally,particularly in developed markets like Australia, Japan and Western Europe, under its ownbrand name. Exide’s strong brand pull, established in India for close to hundred years, issupplemented by its nationwide dealer network and a very strong R&D centre. Exide Industries Ltd, the country’s largest lead acid storage battery manufacturer andstored energy solutions provider.(Source: Profile: Car batteries. Inverter Batteries. Industrial Batteries. Automotive Batteries. Two Wheelers Batteries. Lead acid Storage Batteries.Dept. of Buss. Admin & Mngt, SGBAU Page 5
  6. 6. A Comparative Study of Ameron and Exide Batteries in Amravati 2011 Research Problem Identification: Ameron & Exide is the leading batteries companies in India. Both are strongcompetitors to each other, both companies are competing with each other in every segment ofbattery and also compete in promotional and marketing strategies. They have carried samecompetition in Amravati also. So I selected this topic to carry out my research inComparative Study of Ameron & Exide Batteries in Amravati. The requirement of competing firms on the knowledge about factors that affectPromotional & Marketing Strategies is necessary. With so many market-related researchstudies in the past as well as the changing market culture, it is essential to focus researchtopics on particular areas that deemed to be lack of up-to-date research to indicate what theprecise needs of this segment with respect to Battery industry and businesses. The purpose ofthis research is mainly to fill the gaps and contribute to the existing knowledge related to thesubject of the study.Objectives of the Project:- Primarily, this study aims to compare top two leading battery companies Ameron &Exide in relation to the factors that affect market of batteries. Specifically, the researchobjectives include the following: 1) To study Market of batteries in Amravati City. 2) To study of Promotional & Marketing Strategies Ameron & Exide Batteries in Amravati city. 3) To study of market depth of Ameron & Exide Batteries. 4) To study a services provided by batteries companies. Research Methodology: Research methodology is a scientific & systematic research for pertinent informationon a specified topic. The main aim of the research is to find out the truth which is hidden andwhich has not been discovered as yet. Market analysis has become an integral tool ofbusiness policies these days. Research, thus replace intuitive business decisions by morelogical & scientific decisions. Research Methodology is a way to solve the research problemDept. of Buss. Admin & Mngt, SGBAU Page 6
  7. 7. A Comparative Study of Ameron and Exide Batteries in Amravati 2011systematically. It may be understood as a science of studying how research is donescientifically. In this, we study the various steps that are generally adopted by researcher instudying his research problem along with the logic behind them. The purpose of the researchmethodology is to solve the market problem.Research strategies can be used for three purposes-1) Exploratory2) Descriptive3) Explanatory Research Type:Exploratory Research: Exploratory research defines a problem which is then solve by conclusive research.The objective of exploratory research is to find out new ideas flexibility and ingenuitycharacterized by the investigation.EXPLANTION:The study was conducted for the first time regarding market review and comparative analysisbetween Ameron & Exide Batteries. Thus it is an exploratory type of research.Sample Design: A sample design is a definite plan for obtaining a sample for a given population. Itrefers to a techniques or procedure adopted in selecting items for the sample.Sampling: Further, the design that has been adopted for the study of the given topic isSYSTIMATIC SAMPLING.EXPLANATION:During the course of the study Systematic sampling will be used for interviewing authorizeddealers of Ameron & Exide Batteries and authorized automobile retailers in Amravati city.Because authorized dealers and authorized automobile retailers can be enlist and it is possibleto interviewing all. The following is the sample design that has been adopted for the study.Dept. of Buss. Admin & Mngt, SGBAU Page 7
  8. 8. A Comparative Study of Ameron and Exide Batteries in Amravati 2011 Universe: Universe of the proposed study will be finite (limited) Dealers and Automobile Retailers shops owners of Amravati City. Sampling size: The sample size will be as follows: 1. All authorized Dealers of Ameron and Exide Batteries in Amravati city. 2. Selected authorized Automobile Retailers Shops of Amravati city. Tools and techniques for Data Collection:Tools and techniques for: 1. Primary Data: - Collected primary data during the course of research period with the help of the questionnaire that was designed for interviewing authorized Dealers of Ameron and Exide Batteries and interviewing authorized Automobile Retailers Shops of Amravati city to collect the information that was required to carry out the research. 2. Secondary Data: - Secondary data was collected from books, news papers, magazines, articles, Internet, previous research papers and information that had been given by the company representatives and officials.Tools and techniques of Analysis: Simple statistical tools and techniques like average, ratios, pie charts, tables and graphs are used to analyze the data. Research Procedure: Understand and study the plans and prepare a questionnaire Systemtic collection of data for research Analyze the collected data for detecting the gaps,deficiencies & areas of improvement Develop recommendations based on the findings.Dept. of Buss. Admin & Mngt, SGBAU Page 8
  9. 9. A Comparative Study of Ameron and Exide Batteries in Amravati 2011 Scope of the Study: The research project has been helpful to new entrance to establish in Amravati Marketand it will definitely help to plan their Marketing Strategies for Amravati Market. The project will be to get the insight of the market of Amravati in context of thesearching the demand of Batteries. Through the study was consented on the penetration oftheir products and factor affecting their penetration finding of this project can be useful forgetting the feedback about various batteries, their market presence and consumer responsesfor the batteries. Though project was confined to batteries but company to understand the market factorother than competition, affecting the presence of its wide range of batteries. This project canbe used to formulate new marketing and promotional strategy for increasing sale. It also helpsto reduce competitor’s influence in market. To make a people aware about the batteries brand. Limitation of the Study: During my entire projects study I tried my best to make my research study and myreport qualitative but during my project work the following limitation I faced;  Time period for the study is very short.  It happens that some respondents may give wrong/ biased data.  Some respondents did not give proper response.  Study only in Amravati city. Chapterisation:1 Introduction: 1.1 Battery industry in India. 1.2 Growth of Battery industry in India. 1.3 Battery introduction. 1.4 Functions of Battery. 1.5 Companies Introduction. 1.5.1 About Exide. 1.5.2 About Ameron2 Research Methodology: 2.1 Research procedure. 2.2 Collection of Data. 2.3 Sampling Techniques.3 Data Analysis & Interpretation.4 Findings and Conclusion.Dept. of Buss. Admin & Mngt, SGBAU Page 9
  10. 10. A Comparative Study of Ameron and Exide Batteries in Amravati 20115 Appendices. 5.1 Bibliography. 5.2 Webliography. 5.3 Annexure. References:1. BOOKS:  Principles of marketing: Kotler and Armstrong-Ninth edition.  Marketing management: Kotler.  Research Methodology: C.R Kothari.2. WEBSITE:     www.exide4u.comDept. of Buss. Admin & Mngt, SGBAU Page 10