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Nano technology for medicine


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Nano medicine is a field of new research area and this presentation for my research and describe about nano medicines, pros and cons, suggestions to development.

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Nano technology for medicine

  1. 1. Nano Technology For Medicine
  2. 2. OVERVIEW • Aim & Objectives • Introduction of Nanomedicine • Why Nano Medicine? • Limitations
  3. 3. Aim To understand about the areas of the nano medicine, advantages and the limitations of that related nano medicine applications and suggest new ideas that could bridge gaps in the field and finally submit the review paper with all the details. Objectives • To study about the nano medicine applications. • To study about advantages and limitations of the nano medicine applications. • Critically review the literature written on the topic. • Suggest research areas that will broaden the knowledge the subject. • Analyze all the data and submit the review paper with all the compressed details.
  4. 4. Why Nanomedicine?? • Disease and ill health are caused largely by damaged at the molecular and cellular level. • Today’s surgical tools are huge and imprecise in comparison.
  5. 5. What is Nano Medicine??? • Nanomedicine is a field of new research area based on diagnosing, treating to patients, preventing disease, injury and relieving pain and improve health of human by using nano structured materials.
  6. 6. Nano Particles • Particles that exist on a nano metered scale.
  7. 7. Advantages of Nanoparticles • Small size and smaller dosage form. • Less toxicity. • Increase bioavailability. • High surface area and it helps to proper dispersion. • Modification using for high capacity. • Selectivity by using functional groups. • Enhanced sensitivity and reduced instrumentation size
  8. 8. APPLICATIONS OF NANOMEDICINE Application of nanomedicine span across a variety of areas such as, • Drug delivery • In medical nano robots • Gene delivery • Cancer detection
  9. 9. DRUG DELIVERY • Drug Delivery Systems (DDS) intended to deliver predetermined rates of drugs in predetermined time period. It focused to deliver targeting tags to a desirable group of cells such as tumors, diseased tissues. • 2 types Passive Targeting Active Targeting
  10. 10. Nanorobots in Nanomedicine • Nanorobotics is an emerging new field that benefited for clinical and healthcare by delivering drugs and reveal symptoms in human body. • Used in early diagnosis of cancer brain aneurysm treatment of diabetes dental applications
  11. 11. Gene Delivery • Gene delivery is a lately introduced considerable area for the treatments and prevention genetic ailments in medicine. • Correcting defective or muted gene by inserting normal gene within genome to replace a nonfunctional gene or genetic materials like DNA, RNA, oligo-nucleotides
  12. 12. Cancer Detection • Nanotechnology has found many new ways in detecting cancer cells and how far the disease has spread throughout the body. • Gold nanoparticles can be used as both detecting and destroying cancer cells. • The problem is that the particles are so small that they are passing through healthy cells and making them mutate into cancer cells.
  13. 13. Advantages of Nanomedicine • Can able to deliver drugs to the exact location. • Lesser side effects. • Detection is relatively easy. • No surgery required. • Diseases can be easily cured.
  14. 14. Other Limitations • It is necessary to address about toxicity issues for the human health. • Is those materials are eco-friendly? • It is difficult to developed nanomaterials with advanced properties. • It requires high level expertise knowledge for nanomedicine. • Only few nanoparticle formulations have been approved for the clinical usage in the study and treatment of tumors (oncology). • It needed to huge knowledge and better understanding about the physical properties of the nanoparticles to design development of optimal distribution in tumors. So the specialized scientist and clinicians are infrequent.
  15. 15. Conclusion • Realization of the full potential of nanomedicine may be years or decades away, recent advances in nanotechnology related drug-delivery, diagnosis and drug development are beginning to change the landscape medicine. • Nanomedicine is effective, safe and could greatly reduce the cost of current medical procedures. • So nanomedicine is future medicine.
  16. 16. Suggestions • It will be more useful expand the area of Nanomedicine to detecting and deliver the drugs which diseases caused by viruses. • For eg:- HIV AIDS
  17. 17. THANK YOU…