Skin fairness treatments- facts,myths &alternatives


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Skin fairness, difference between sunscreens and skin whitening treatment. Skin types and what they require

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Skin fairness treatments- facts,myths &alternatives

  1. 1. Currently - Medical Advisor in a leading Pharma company For any suggestions Write to –
  2. 2. 1. What are the facts?2. What are the myths?3. Who is responsible behind these myths?4. How to think logically?5. What is the solution?
  3. 3. the Sanskrit word for caste, means “color”
  4. 4. South film industry actresses
  5. 5. 1. The primary & the most important determinant of variability in human skin color 1. Amount 2. Density and 3. distribution2. Melanin has a dark brown/purple/black color 1. It is intensified by denser compaction
  6. 6. CONSTITUTIVE 1. Genetically determined 2. Irrespective of sun exposureFACULTATIVE Changes in response to sun exposure
  7. 7. 1. Sunlight has profound effects on the skin2. Ultraviolet (UV) light can cause a lot of skin reactions and other problems.
  8. 8. 1. UVA penetrates window glass2. UVA causes immediate and delayed tanning3. It is constant throughout the day and throughout the year1. UVB produces the most harmful effects and is greatest during the summer2. Snow and ice reflect UVB radiation3. It produces tanning more efficiently than does UVA1. UVC is almost completely absorbed by the ozone layer
  9. 9. signs of aging may start by age 30 to 35 Fine wrinkles that resemble crumpled cigarette paper These shallow wrinkles disappear by stretching Reduction in collagen, fat & elastic fibers
  10. 10. ComedonesBlackheads
  11. 11. Protection of the DNA from under going damage due to the UV Radiation coming from the Sun
  12. 12. A tan protects the body from photo injury Tanning occurs in 2 stages1st stage 1. Immediate pigment darkening 2. Caused primarily by UVA 3. Fades rapidly2nd Stage 1. If exposure to sun is continuous and prolonged 2. synthesis of new melanin. 3. Will appear only after 72 hrs. 4. Caused primarily by UVB
  13. 13. SUNBURN 1. Intense Redness 2. Some times blisters Skin burns because it does not tan
  14. 14. Type Characteristic Examples I Always burns easily, never Irish extraction; often blue eyes, tans red hair, freckles II Burns easily, tans slightly Fair-skinned individuals; often have blond hair; many whites III Sometimes burns, then tans Mediterraneans and some gradually and moderately Hispanics IV Burns minimally, always Darker Hispanics and Asians tans well V Burns rarely, tans deeply Middle Easterners, Asians, some blacks VI Almost never burns, deeply Some blacks pigmentedDermatol Clin 24(1):9-17, 2006
  15. 15. Which is your skin type?
  16. 16. and
  17. 17. Types of Sunscreen Broad spectrum Narrow spectrum
  18. 18. Amount of UVR required to cause sunburn when sunscreen is appliedSPF = Amount of UVR required to cause sunburn when sunscreen is NOT applied
  19. 19. Type Characteristic Suggested SPF Routine Outdoor day activity I Always burns easily, never tans 15 25-30 II Burns easily, tans slightly 12-15 25-30 III Sometimes burns, then tans gradually and moderately 8-10 15 IV Burns minimally, always tans well 6-8 15 V Burns rarely, tans deeply 6-8 15 VI Almost never burns, deeply pigmented 6-8 15Dermatol Clin 24(1):9-17, 2006
  20. 20. I leave the decision to youBut before you take the decision, Just one more thing
  21. 21. Vitamin D is formed in the skin through the action of the sun Strict sun protection can cause vitamin D deficiencyVitamin D deficiency may induce various types of1. Cancer2. Bone diseases3. Hypertension, (blood pressure) and4. Heart disease
  22. 22. I leave the decision to you
  23. 23. used to achieve a lighter skin tone or whiten skin
  24. 24. Probably forhyperpigmentation disorders, such as1. Melasma and2. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)
  25. 25. By inhibiting the production of Melanin Tyrosinase inhibition
  26. 26. HydroquinoneTopical Corticosteroids (Steroids) Mercurial compounds
  27. 27. Leading to stringent regulatory guidelines
  28. 28. Today, we do have many herbal (natural) drugs that are safe as well as effective The List can be exhaustive
  29. 29. Every second add talking of fairness preparation Nowadays even men are targeted
  30. 30. Or Are they only sunscreens? Or not even that
  31. 31. Are the sellers just playing on the fact that we all want to be fairIt is your choice and you have to make the decision
  32. 32. Why do we want to be fairer than we are?Americans desire to become tan & ours to become white
  33. 33. For all who want to become white I wish them they sooner of later attain………