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Tours to Armenia: Enjoy Your Impressive Holiday Trip with SacVoyage


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Diverse tours to Armenia are always attracted foreign tourists who are looking for historical and cultural tours. Armenia has everything from lakes, mountains, historic places and other interesting sights that keep travelers. Armenian land is very beautiful and offers a lot of fun and enthusiasm to tourists. If you are also interested in mountain climbing, then make Armenia tourist destination. The highlands in Armenia are best suited for mountain climbing tours.

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Tours to Armenia: Enjoy Your Impressive Holiday Trip with SacVoyage

  1. 1. Diverse tours to Armenia are alwaysattracted foreign tourists who are looking forhistorical and cultural tours. Armenia haseverything from lakes, mountains, historicplaces and other interesting sights that keeptravelers.
  2. 2. Armenian land is very beautiful and offers a lot of fun andenthusiasm to tourists. If you are also interested in mountainclimbing, then make Armenia tourist destination. Thehighlands in Armenia are best suited for mountain climbing tours.
  3. 3. Armenia known as worlds first Christian country since ancienttimes. It is why Armenia has ancient monasteries, churches and forts.Some of the important monasteries are Geghard Monastery, HaghartsinMonastery, Haghpat Monastery, Tatev Monastery, Akhtala Monastery,Kirants Monastery and many more. In every region you can see a lot ofmuseums, theaters, concert halls and other places.
  4. 4. Armenian Cuisine resembles poetry where each verse has itsown flavor. It guides us to the feasts of the rulers, the shepherds and the monks,enriched with the ancient Hellenistic and Middle Eastern receipts. The essence ofthe Armenian cuisine is in its myriads of big and small secrets. Poems were writtenabout it and got an epic reflection. Various herbs, fish, meat, dairy, bread, salt andspring water combined with the art of cooking give the Armenian Cuisine its subtleand unique taste.
  5. 5. Armenia in a temperate zone It is located at the same latitude as the Balkans, the Apennine and the Pyrenean peninsulas. During the year it receives as many sun rays as the countries situated in these peninsulas. However, the climate is different. The reason is the distance from the Atlantic Ocean. The Armenian climate is also influenced by its elevation (vertical zone), the surrounding mountains and the direction of winds.
  6. 6. The mountainous Armenia is famous for floral diversity. This is testified by the fact thatmore than 3500 high quality plants (120 of them are endemic) grow here, which is an exception fora small area like this. Note that only in Russia (4 m km2) the number of plants does not surpass3500. Suffice it to note that 200 years ago the majority of the territory of the present country wascovered with forests. Today the forest area has shrunk by more than twice. Now there are two mainmasses of forests. The larger one rims the northern and the other - the southern part of thecountry. The forests are of great value thanks to their trees (oak, beech, hornbeam, pine-tree, elm-tree, maple, lime-tree) wild fruit trees (walnut, spelt, medlar, haw, blackberry, plum, cornel, pear,apple) and herbal ivy (buckthorn berry, grape and sweet-brier).
  7. 7. The fauna of the country is also very rich and Diverse. Around 17 000 species of animals are known to live in Armenia, which, is rare for such a small territory. There are 10000 species of insects, 1000 species of invertebrates and 460 vertebrates. The vertebrates include birds (303 species), mammals (86 species), reptiles (39 species), fishes (28 species) and amphibians (6 species). One is likely to come across mammals such as the brown bear, wild cat, lynx, wolf, fox, badger, marten, weasel, jackal, deer, wild boar, hare and squirrel; 40 % of the migrant birds from the CIS and 4 % of the migrant birds from the rest of the world. One of the main world routes of bird passage lies over the country. Of great interest among insects is the Armenian vordan karmir (cochineal). 18 mammals, 67 birds, 11 reptiles, 2 fishes and 1 amphibian are included in The Armenian Red Book.
  8. 8. For shopping purposes you can visitVernissage, it is a weekend Arts and Craftsfair and from Monday to Friday they have thisgold market where you can buy jewellery at one-third the price you pay at home. In Armenia youcan buy antiques, souvenirs and handmadecarpets.
  9. 9. Those who like arts can visit the National Arts Gallery, where you will find paintings of Russian and European artists. You can also visit the Children Arts Gallery which is unique in its kind to the world. Truly Armenia is worth the visit and all these factors have lead people to make Armenia tourist destination.
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