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Verpaco lifestyle 5


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Verpaco lifestyle 5

  1. 1. F&Scollection2011
  2. 2. our creativity is unique
  3. 3. our service is unique
  4. 4. CutlerySS 18/10 in different patternsSS 18/10 accessories" Cutlery Creator Since 1866 "Sola Switzerland AG has its roots as a creator and a manufacturer of the finestcutlery since 1866. For five generations, our cutlery has been created by the purestSwiss touch and know-how and remains until today fully in line with the quality,professionalism and service spirit of the founders of our company. From a localfactory in Central Europe , our company became within 143 years a referentSwiss manufacturer of cutleries and table serving tools on the world market.In quantitative terms, Sola Switzerland AG is the largest Swiss cutlery manufacturerand gains important market share across Europe every year. Our companyoperates from a number of manufacturing sites, to fulfil customer demandsworldwide on a large and diversified range of cutleries for most of which, wemaintain a sufficient stock level immediately available to our clients, thanks to ourstrategic market proximity, in-house silver plating facilities and modern logisticplatforms.“Sola has been supplying us since the building “From the time of establishment of theof our hotel with goods of frst-class quality for SWISS, we have been using Sola ofour hotels need. We are highly satisfied with the cutleries in both the First Class and Businessproducts and we count on Sola Switzerland for Class. Both the quality of cutleriesand theour future needs.” support by account executives leaves nothing Hyatt-Hotel Zurich more to be desired.”
  5. 5. The company prides itself in being the most preferred source for the supply of Cutlery, Crockery, Glassware and Kitchen operating items for hotelsServing the best. and restaurants. The company is the channel partner for numerous world-famous brands.In brands. In service. Verpaco India also prides itself for the service it extends to its customers. The meaning of customer service for Verpaco India is always changing because customers expectations are always changing. Todays clients want more choice and more control, so the company gives them a wide selection in choice of brands in its 3500 sq ft showroom facility at IMT Manesar to sample the products before procuring.
  6. 6. Platinum Line-set24 pieces6 Table spoon6 Table Forkl6 Table Knife6 Coffee Spoon
  7. 7. Silver-set24 pieces6 Table spoon6 Table Forkl6 Table Knife6 Coffee SpoonCutlery-set24 pieces6 Table spoon6 Table Forkl6 Table Knife6 Coffee Spoon
  8. 8. Cutlery-set24 pieces6 Table spoon6 Table Forkl6 Table Knife6 Coffee Spoon
  9. 9. Silver-set40 pcs6 Table spoon6 Table Fork6 Table Knife6 Coffee Spoon6 Mocca Spoon6 Cake Fork1 Soup ladle1 Pie Server1 vegetable/Salade Spoon1 Salad ForkSilver-set30 pcs6 Table spoon6 Table Fork6 Table Knife6 Coffee Spoon6 Mocca Spoon6 Cake Fork
  10. 10. Silver-set77 pcs6 Table spoon 12 Mocca Spoon6 Table Fork 6 Cake Fork6 Table Knife Mono 6 Bouillon Spoon6 Dessert Spoon 1 Soup ladle6 Dessert Fork 1 Pie Server6 Dessert Knife 1 Salad Fork6 Soda Sppon 2 Salad Spoon6 Coffee SpoonCutlery -set60 pcs12 Table spoon12 Table Fork12 Table Knife12 Coffee Spoon12 Mocca Spoon
  11. 11. Big-set70 pcs12 Table spoon12 Table Fork12Table Knife12 Coffee Spoon12 Mocca Spoon6 Cake Fork1 Pie Server2 Vegetable/Salad Spoon1 Salad Fork
  12. 12. Serving Cutlery set 7 pcsCake Fork Set 6- pcsSalae Cutlery Set 2 pcsFish Cutlery Set 8 pcs
  13. 13. Wood-set77 pcs6Table spoon6Table Fork6 Table Knife Mono6 Dessert Spoon, 6 Dessert Fork6 Dessert Knife6 Soda Spoon6 Coffee Spoon12 Mocca Spoon6 Cake Fork6 Bouillon Spoon1 Pie Server1 Soup Ladle2 Salad Spoon1 Salad Fork
  14. 14. Cutlery-set16 pcs4Table spoon4Table Fork4 Table Knife4 Coffee Spoon
  15. 15. Children Cutlery-set4 pcsI Children Table spoon1 ChildrenTable Fork1 ChildrenTable Knife1ChildrenCoffee SpoonCutlery-set12 pcs each cutlery
  16. 16. HORECA Product RangePots and Pans"andymanhart story here
  17. 17. AISI 304Stainless Steel18/1072% Iron, 18% Chrome, 10% Nickel
  18. 18. Multiply PansAll Advantages of StainlessSteel and Aluminium withoutany disadvantage.Suitable for all cookers
  19. 19. MaterialComposition
  20. 20. MaterialSpecificationsBodyStainless Steel 18/10Thickness 0.8 -1.2mmHandlesStainless Steel 18/10Ergonomic designStays coolSealed with SiliconeWeldedStrong, more hygenicand easy to cleanLidsStainless Steel 18/10Strong, heavy and usablein all shapes of same diameterCurved rim for a better sealed with steamEnergy consumption time 2.8 times shorter with lidsBottomThickness 6 mmMagnetic SS layer for inductionConcave bottom when cool, flat when hotAllows cooking with lesser water
  21. 21. Smart Line CoockwareCoockware body made of SS 18/10SS wire handleTriple thermo-diffusive sandwich baseBoth inner and outer surfaces satin polishedMaximum performance on any kind of stovesIdeal for intesntive use in small restaurant
  22. 22. PackingCutlery:Individual Boxes of 12 pcs of Each itemPots and Pans:Individual Boxes for each Item