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Master Franchise opportunity for India

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  1. 1. Company Presentation July 2011
  2. 2. Content§  Corporate Vision§  Corporate Mission§  Business Concept§  Market Opportunity§  History§  Company Assets§  Corporate Values§  Business Strategy§  Market Access and Development
  3. 3. Corporate Vision The corporate vision of Sultanahmet Köftecisi is“to become Turkey’s first international quick service restaurant chain uniquely based on a local flavour, that will primarily extend into the Middle East and India, by way of international franchising.”
  4. 4. Corporate Mission To make Sultanahmet Köftecisi ,a high quality traditional flavour accessible to the public as avalue for money alternative in an everyday eating out experience.
  5. 5. Business Concept§  The core business concept is to create a compact quick service chain of mainly one local flavour accompanying only a few Turkish dishes that will provide for “a value for money meal” for the mainstream.§  Standardised high quality of meal; small, compact neighbourhood stores; simple menu, easy store management; a satisfactory minimum revenue guarantee for the franchisees make up the backbone of the business concept.
  6. 6. Market Opportunity•  The food sector has always been seen as a appetising sector for both the local and the international entrepreneurs due to the high population constituting an emerging market.•  The current economic crisis has been proven to be even more appetising for especially the low end of the market offering value for money alternatives.•  Lessons were learnt by the hasty entrants into the market who have not established their operation prior to their pursuit of growth, who have suffered from wrong location choices and high rentals that would not justify expected revenues.•  Currently, a number of entrants to the market are backing away.•  The opportunity lies with only the wise and experienced entrepreneurs who know their trade well.
  7. 7. History•  With roots dating back to 90 years in the Turkish food sector, Sultanahmet Halk Köftecisi has become a well –known and valuable brand name.
  8. 8. History•  The brand derives its strength mainly from a traditional Turkish flavour, the meatball, having being offered in standardised high quality and superior taste in a previous operation.•  The meatball is the foremost of Turkish daily meat dishes enjoyed by the widest age brackets in all socio-economic groups. It stands for a tasty appetite fulfiller, a stomach filler for children, young students, workers- both muscle and office workers, soldiers and basically people from all walks of life.•  The brand name Sultanahmet is synonymous with this traditional meatball dish in Turkey.
  9. 9. Company AssetsThe company will be capitalising on mainly§  the valuable brand name “Sultanahmet Köftecisi” acquired by a long standing previous experience in the Turkish market.§  its standardised high quality production capability, particularly its vast experience in high quality meat processing§  İts experience in several international markets, namely, Poland (Warsaw) and Russia (Moscow), KSA ( Riyadh ), Iraq ( Erbil )§  its accumulated experience in multinational quick service restaurant management and sales operation of the world reknowed beverage marketing
  10. 10. Company Assets
  11. 11. Corporate Values•  High standards in quality, hygiene and taste are our mandatories.•  Our customers’ satisfaction and loyalty are the key to the success of our operation.•  Our franchisees are not only our business partners but also our family. We always guard for a win- win settlement with our franchisees.•  Our operating staff are our face in the field. Their happiness means our customers’ satisfaction.•  We are sensitive to the environment and to preserving the Earth’s resources. We carry this responsibility throughout all our operations.•  We care for our social environment and guard for all possible instances to fulfill our social responsibility.
  12. 12. Market Access and Development•  The market development in the four major regions will provide for a considerable short cut in time and resources due to the reason that the pre-marketing research for all these regions have been previously made.•  Namely, the average income, eating out habits, and propensity to spend per household in all the regions have been researched.
  13. 13. Closing Statement Thank you.