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Smartlink Network Systems Ltd Company Profile

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Corporate Profile SNSL

  1. 1. Corporate PresentationBySabu ChandranNetworking is in our DNA
  2. 2. The Smart Advantage Over two decades of Pioneers in experience in brining IT Manufacturing, Networking to Sales & India Excellent Service First company to Marketing in the & Support start local IT Industry network across manufacturing India of IT Networking A company Products in India known for its honesty, ethics, integrity & Strong Pan-India Respected by all Network of its peers in the Regional & Industry National Distributors
  3. 3. Smartlink Network Systems Ltd. Smartlink Network Systems Ltd, is one of India’s leading networking companies offering an integrated value proposition that includes design and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and service and support. The Company has a robust product portfolio and a nationwide reach through its network of national and regional distributors, resellers and system integrators.
  4. 4. Our Vision, Mission & Values Vision To be a leading player in the Digitally Connected World , by offering a complete value proposition from product design to customer delight Mission • To facilitate our customers growth in their business through our best in class product & service offerings. • To encompass technological foresight with focused leadership. • To create a trustworthy environment by keeping transparency with internal and external stakeholders Values Innovation Commitment People Growth Customer Delight Highest Ethics & Integrity
  5. 5. 1993 1998 1999 Started the first SMT line set- Initiated a 2nd Manufacturing facility up at Goa under Smartlink JV for SCS with high-speed SMT line Network Private Ltd Products built in Goa Name changed to D-Link India Developed & Manufactured Pvt Ltd, after entering into a JV SCS Products locally the plant with D-Link Corp, Taiwan in Goa 1995 1999Our Journey…
  6. 6. 2004 2009 2001 The Company demerged and erstwhile D-Link (India) Ltd. was renamed as Smartlink Network Systems Ltd. with SCS range of products under brand name DIGILINK® as focused Business and Launched SCS the D-Link brand business was Listed on Range of Products spun off. NSE & BSE under the brand Name DIGILINK Launched DIGICARE service 3rd State of the Art & support, with RMA and Manufacturing Plant DSD centers across India built in Goa 2001 2004Our Journey…
  7. 7. 2010 Transferred DIGILINK brand business To Schneider Electric under a BTA (Business Transfer Agreement) Launched DIGISOL®, range of 2011 active networking products in Converged Communication Launched DIGILITE™, a new brand in Motherboards. 2011Our Journey…
  8. 8. Our Management Team Mr K R Naik Mr Bimal Raj Mr Jangoo Dalal Executive Chairman CEO Non-Executive Director BOARD OF DIRECTORSMr Pankaj Baliga Mr Pradeep Rane Mr K M Gaonkar Mr RT Krishnan Mr Dattaraj Salgaonkar
  9. 9. Smartlink has been instrumental and a drivingforce behind the successful launch & growth of many MNC brands in IndiaToday we are building our own truly Indian MNC brands
  10. 10. Our Strengths Manufacturing Sales, Marketing & Distribution Manufacturing facilities at Goa – DIGISOL Converged Communication Solutions 4 State-of-the-art Plants DIGILITE Motherboards Self/Contract/EMS/OEM/ODM DIGICARE Integrated Support & Service More than 2 decades of Experience RMA- 64 Locations Pan-India In the IT networking field DSD – Direct Service Support Excellent Network developed over DTAC – 24x7 Technical Assistance the years
  11. 11. DIGISOL Strengths•Over 150+ product offerings and vast range•Core Technical Expertise in the Networking Industry•Nationwide Presence with Experienced Sales team•Time tested and Loyal Exclusive Distributors across India•Excellent Infrastructure with own Manufacturing plants•Over two decades of Manufacturing Experience•Excellent Service & Support through DIGICARE•24x7 Tech Call Support Switching | Broadband Routing | Wireless LAN | Converged Communication | IP Surveillance |VoIP
  12. 12. Our Service Brand - DIGICARE DIGICARE a service division of Smartlink Network Systems Ltd offers after-sale-services. DIGICARE offer first-rate integrated service and support, which consists of RMA centres, DIGICARE Technical Assistance Centre (DTAC) and Direct Service Department (DSD). DIGICARE has evolved most efficient, skilled and professional state of service infrastructure. It has 64 RMA centers Pan-India DIGICARE Technical Assistance Centre (DTAC) supports international and domestic customer support on voice, emails and chat with a wide range of technological skills including level 1, 2, 3 troubleshooting in LAN Adapters, Switches, Routers, Broadband, Wireless Security, VoIP, Surveillance, Storage, 3G products etc...
  13. 13. Our Service Brand - DIGICARE• DIGICARE is Independent Service Division of “Smartlink Network Systems Limited”• DIGICARE owned 22 Direct CSCs and 4 Regional Service Hub, 1 CWH in Bangalore,7 DIGICARE partner CSCs and 35 DIGICARE Partner MCSCs.• Walk in Service facility for 60+ Cities, 17450 Pin codes Collection by courier collection points, on demand service for 122000 Pin Codes.• Multi Vender Support and handling 60000nos Products RMA Load per month.• 95% Local Repairs Level I, Level II and Level III.• Logistics Support for movements of Customer and Stock Products for PAN India by Blue Dart and Feedex.• Real time online CRM systems - SMT and iSMART to handle RMA Services.• Web Based Online Customer Registration for Products.• Web Based online Warranty Check and Customer Service Status Check.• Customer alerts by Mail – Acknowledgement, Ready and Dispatch Update.• SMS Alerts for Product Repair Ready and Dispatch status.• Today we are able deliver Service in 3BD -95% Repair TAT in Metros & 7BD – 95% in Non Metros.• Re-Exporting and Importing RMA Product for Vender HQ.• MIS Reports for RMA.• Dedicated Customer Care Email and Tel. RMA Support to Customers.BD – Business day. TAT - Turn Around Time
  14. 14. Our Service Brand - DIGICARE  Coverage : Pan India Presence 60+ locations  Accessibility: Walk In Centers close to IT Market Place.  Neutral Service Provider : Supporting 14 brands.  Specialization in motherboard repair & return support  15 ROHs BGA Machine in 11 Locations: offering repair & return service  412+ trained manpower: delivering performing Ops  Regional Managers guided by Central team to ensure faster resolution of the issue or process ramp.  Up to L4 repair skills for Mother board and Networking products.  Supported by DTAC and Factory.  Tie up 30+ couriers to ensure last mile courier service
  15. 15. Digicare Service CoverageDIGICARE Own Centre DIGICARE Collection Centre DIGICARE Collection Centre1. Bangalore 1. Surat 22. Madurai2. Bangalore – Electronic City 2. Baroda 23. Kottayam3. Chennai 3. Nagpur 24. Trivandrum4. Goa 4. Jammu 25. Varanasi5. Kolkata – RMA 5. Raipur 26. Trissur6. Kolkata – RSH 6. Jamshedpur 27. Calicut7. Mumbai – Santacruz (E) 7. Patna 28. Dehradun8. Mumbai – Lamington Rd 1 8. Hubli 29. Belgaum9. Mumbai – Lamington Rd 2 9. Ludhiana 30. Bellary10. Mumbai – Mahape 10. Ranchi 31. Kolhapur11. New Delhi – Nehru Place 11. Amritsar 32. Bijapur12. New Delhi – Okhla 12. Rajkot 33. Devanagere13. New Delhi – Southex 13. Siliguri 34. Aurangabad14. Secunderabad 14. Magalore 35. Udaipur15. Ahmedabad 15. Mysore 36. Dombivali16. Pune 16. Nashik 37. Thane17. Cochin 17. Kanpur 38. Bhopal18. Indore 18. Coimbatore 39. Kannur19. Bhubaneshwar 19. Vishakapattanam 40. Pondicherry20. Guwahati 20. Vijayawada 41. Gurgaon21. Jaipur 21. Agra22. Lucknow23. ChandigarhCenters marked in red have stock storage facility
  16. 16. Digicare Service Coverage
  17. 17. Digicare Service Coverage Brand Type Product Category RMA/ Month Channel All Active Networking Products 600 Channel Motherboard 600 Channel Motherboard, CPU, Server Boards 20500 Per Month Channel Motherboard All Active Networking Products Storage Networking Notebook 400 ODM Motherboard, AIO, Thin Client 2500 55000 39700 12500 1000 500 ODM/Channel Motherboard, VGA, Notebook 4500 % 72% 23% 2% 1% Channel Motherboard, VGA Cards 600 Contribution Channel Motherboard, Netbook 1000 Channel Memory Module, Pendrive, Storage Products 8500 STRONIUM Channel Memory Module, Pendrive, Storage Products 4000 Channel Motherboard 900 ODM Motherboard – HP, Wipro, Zenith, IBM, VXL, 105000 ACER, PCS, LG, HCL
  18. 18. Digicare Service Coverage Service Location TAT Commitment Metro DIGICARE Locations 3 BD Non Metro DIGICARE Locations 5 ~ 7 BD DIGICARE Collection Centre 7 ~ 10 BD Pick-up and Delivery to Any 7 ~10 BD Remote Location BD - Business Day
  19. 19. Digicare Resource Pool RMA Manpower As on Date Grand Total Technician Technician Office boy /Support Software Engineer Engineer Location Manger Logistic Trainee Trainee Ahmedabad 2 3 1 1 1 2 10 Bangalore 5 6 4 2 1 6 2 26 Bangalore - Elect 5 16 4 5 18 10 2 60 Bhubaneshwar 1 1 1 2 5 Chandigarh 2 3 1 2 8 Category Count Chennai 7 7 1 1 1 2 19 Cochin 4 11 1 3 6 1 26 Roll 245 Goa 10 3 4 10 5 21 6 59 Guwahati 1 2 3 Contract 34 Indore 1 2 2 1 6 Jaipur 1 3 1 1 6 Kolkata 4 14 5 3 1 6 3 36 Trainee 133 Mumbai -Lamington Road 6 8 1 1 1 4 1 22 Lucknow 2 3 2 1 1 9 Payroll : Temp Mumbai - Mahape 3 1 3 1 4 1 13 Mumbai 10 9 9 2 2 2 2 36 53 : 47 Delhi -Nehru Place 4 6 2 2 5 1 20 Delhi - Okhala 5 1 2 2 2 12 Pune 1 2 1 2 6 Secunderabad 5 1 1 2 4 13 Delhi - Southex 1 2 1 1 1 6 2 14 Grand Total 65 113 40 41 15 96 37 2 409
  20. 20. Digicare Support Model RMA Centers Delhi RMA Centers Pune / Indore Service Hub Jaipur / Lucknow Ahmedabad North Region Chandigarh Mumbai GOA Kolkatta Service Hub Centralized Service Hub West Region Service Hub East Region RMA Centers Bangalore RMA Centers Chennai / Cochin Service Hub Bhubaneswar, Seconderabad South Region Guwahati, GOA – Level IV Repairs, Service Hubs – Level I, II & III Repairs, RMA Centers – Level I & II
  21. 21. Integrated Support Services
  22. 22. Repair and Testing Tools BGA Rework & Reballing Stations ESD SMD Rework Station ESD Soldering Iron/Station Digital /Analog Oscilloscope Test Jigs. Loop Backs Post Card, Bios Emulator Antistatic Table Top, Wrist Band MARTIN Reballing Temp. Controlled Oven station Humidity Chambers X- Ray Machine Hot Pot DIP Socket Removers Bar Code Scanner, Printer DC Power Supply EPROM Programmer - SPI Tool
  23. 23. Service Process Disti/Reseller/SI Customer RMA Registration Unique Call ID/Gin NO# Inward Entry ACK - Mail Inward CID- Status to Customer QC RMA to Hubs Repair Section Rework Next Level Repairs Level I, II BGA/SMD Station Final QC Ready Info Mail to Customer RMA Re-export Vender Return to Customer Dispatch Update Mail Update in Buffer Stock
  24. 24. Repairs Yield Process 60% Repair 94% Repair 98% Repair 1-2% Case Walk In Repair Centre Central Hub HQ Vender Centre Regional Hub BER ? BER – Beyond Economical Repairs. Spare Cost > 60% of Product Cost 1 to 2% Case Scrap the Product under Warranty. Scrap Process
  25. 25. Present RMA iSmart • Fully Automated Online System to Execute Warranty and Post Warranty Services to Customer. • Online Centralized Data Base to Control and Monitor RMA Functions. • Facility to Register online Complaints and View Product Status on the Web by typing Serial no. • All Distributors and Collection centre are given access to System for RMA Support. • Online Billing and Payment Collections. • Tracking the Inventory of Buffer & Spares. • Failures analysis and Product performance. • Warranty Tracking and Maintaining Customer Product Service History. • Online Status by Email and SMS.
  26. 26. iSMARTS
  27. 27. Service Excellence Glimpse
  28. 28. Market Survey Results CRN Channel Survey 08-09 CRNChannel Survey 09-10DQ Channel Survey 08-09
  29. 29. About Our D-TAC Services 1800-209-3444
  30. 30. About Our D-TAC Services DIGICARE Technical Assistance Centre (D-TAC) INTERNATIONAL DOMESTIC D-Link Canada Smartlink Network Systems Ltd. Voice & Email Support for Retail & Voice & Email Support for All DIGISOL and Presales Support DIGILITE product consumers in India D-Link USA Voice & Email Support for Retail & Presales Support IFB Ltd. Outbound (Sales and Lead Generation) D-Link North America Quality Assessment Team for Retail & Presales Support
  31. 31. D-Link North America Process • D-Link Canada – Retail Voice & Email Support – Presales Voice & Email Support – Quality Assessment Support • D-Link USA – Retail Voice (Boxee Box products only) & Email Support – Presales Voice & Email Support – Quality Assessment Support
  32. 32. About Our D-TAC Services • Support Type: – Inbound Process (Voice and Email Support for D-Link North America customers -USA and Canada) – Global Quality Assessment of DNA vendors • Language Supported: English only • Operational Hours: 24X7 • Staff Strength: Total 63  Level-1: 44 ,  Level-2: 10 ,  Global Quality Personnel:4,  Local Quality Personnel: 2,  Team Lead Quality: 1,  Process Lead:1,  Process Manager: 1,  Operations/Accounts Manager: 1 • Products Supported: D-Link SOHO and SMB • Monthly Call/email volume: 15000-16000 calls and 2500-2600 emails • Daily Call/email Volume: 550-600 calls and 80-85 emails. • Total no. of shifts: 5. • Shift duration: 9 hours. • Shift timings – Evening : 16:00 to 01:00. – Evening : 20:00 to 05:00. – Night : 21:00 to 06:00. – Evening : 22:00 to 07:00. – Morning : 07:00 to 16:00. Break Timings Format ( For all processes) – Total no. Of breaks: 3. – Two short breaks 15 min. each. – One long break 30 mins.( Lunch/Dinner). – Any other Auxiliary breaks can be given at the discretion of the on-floor supervisor then.
  33. 33. Digicare Site Operations • Support Type: – Inbound Process (Voice and Email Support for DIGISOL and DIGILITE customers -India • Language Supported: English only • Operational Hours: 24X7 • Staff Strength:Total 5 • Products Supported: DIGISOL Retail and Digilite Motherborards • Monthly Call/email volume: 1500-1600 calls and 250-275 emails • Daily Call/email Volume: 50-60 calls and 10-15 emails. • Total no. of shifts: 1. • Shift duration: 9 hours. • Shift timings – Morning : 09:00 to 18:00. Break Timings Format ( For all processes) – Total no. Of breaks: 3. – Two short breaks 15 min. each. – One long break 30 mins.( Lunch/Dinner). – Any other Auxiliary breaks can be given at the discretion of the on-floor supervisor then.
  34. 34. About Our D-TAC Services D-TAC is committed to high standards of technical support quality. We take a holistic approach to Quality and believe that Quality has to be built in technical support process and not only inspected. We work on a quality framework to deliver the following: • Defect Free Processes – Meet Targets as defined by Customer. • Continuous Improvement – both Quality and Productivity. • Customer Focused Culture. • Motivated Employee Environment. Quality Assurance (QA) is an integral part of process execution. The role of the Quality Assurance Experts is essentially to maintain and monitor the high levels of customer service and would have the following responsibilities: • To monitor and record the Call interactions and Documentation • To ensure compliance with mutually agreed quality standards and SLAs • To suggest process improvements • To arrange for training programs that enhances the skill levels of agents • To continuously improve the quality standards
  35. 35. Quality (Local QA): Methodology & Practices • Quality Evaluations • Sampling Rate • 8 calls daily by each QA • 5 e-mails daily by each QA • Evaluation Practices conducted: • Professional Success Meetings: To promote discussions on call behaviors, teach the engineer to identify trends in negative behaviors, teach the engineer to link behaviors to the site metrics and thereby improve overall performance. • Interactive Parallel Sessions: To track the progress of the engineers Steps to success • Remote Sessions: To track the consistently of the service delivered by the engineers. • Supervisory and Team Calibration Sessions: To provide an open discussion of ideas and opinions on various performance attributes between the supervisors and at times the engineers in a collaborative forum wherein call flow standards and feedback methods and delivery are practiced and refined. • Feedback Practices conducted: • Situational Feedback: To address any negative behaviors or trends while on call/emails or during operational hours. • Professional Development Plan: The exercise is intended towards the overall development of an individual required on the basis of critical evaluations and calibrations. • Follow-ups: Follow-ups to monitor the continual improvement of an individual.
  36. 36. Our Capabilities  Communication Links:  Multiple service providers like Tata Communications, SIFY, and Reliance with mutually independent networks to provide communication links on optical fiber network.  D-TAC uses multiple redundant links for its technical support operations.  Agent Desktop Technology:  Deploys the latest IBM and Dell workstations as agent desktops to provide high productivity. The highly flexible domain configuration allows a workstation to be used by any agent profile during desktop failures without any loss in productivity.  Redundant workstations on the operations floor ensure almost zero downtime for agent despite equipment failures.  Server Technology:  Use of highly redundant like Gigabyte and Dell 2950 servers with multiple processors, NICs, RAID controllers for applications and network services.  Daily and Weekly backups ensure fast recovery of business services.  IT Support Availability:  IT Support based helpdesk system is available on 24x7 basis for Technical Support operations.  Power Availability:  D-TAC Goa facility has two Gensets and two UPS systems (40 KVA and 10 KVA) operating in 24x7 redundant mode to support the technical support operations.  Capability exists to guarantee 99.99% power uptime.  LAN Systems:  Top of the line products from D-Link like DFL 2500/DFL 860 are used as firewalls in redundant mode along with L2/L3 switches like DGS 3450 to provide a secure, robust and redundant LAN backbone.  End to end CAT6 network enables fully converged high performance network environment.  Training and Simulation Lab:  D-TAC maintains customer provided equipment in labs which are used for ongoing agent training and any complex scenario simulation.
  37. 37. Our Team The Sales Regions 4 Regions and Exports Service and Support Supported by Strong Product Engineering Manufacturing Logistics Nationwide Distribution network Corporate Marketing Product Management Product Engineering Channels & Alliances Finance Administration & Legal Human Resources
  38. 38. Our PAN India Reach 22 42 4 2 DIGICARE Partner Regional Central own collection Service Ware- Facility center Hubs houses 17 Branch Offices DSD Service Support Unique distribution setup 64 RMA Centers 22 Regional Distributors Level 4 Support from Factory 1000+ VAR’s DTAC - 24x7 Technical 5000+ Resellers Assistance
  39. 39. Our Global Reach Mongolia Syria Lebanon Iran Algeria Kuwait UAE Nepal Bhutan Oman Bangladesh Yemen Phillippines India Ghana Uganda Malaysia Tanzania Sri Lanka Malawi Chile Mozambique SNSL has strong Presence in Middle East, SAARC region, APAC, Latin America 39
  40. 40. Our Recognition No 1 in Home Networking Most Promising Networking Brand DIGISOL Awards & Accolades
  41. 41. We are… We are Experienced but Young. We are a Seasoned player with Fresh ideas. We have a Youthful team with Knowledgeable Leaders. We are Smartlink Network Systems Ltd. Thank-you…..