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E books: The future of reading


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E books: The future of reading

  1. 1. E - B O O K S : T H E F U T U R E O F R E A D I N G Sabrina Jackson T H E B E N E F I T S O F E - B O O K S
  2. 2. E-Books are slowly taking over, and reasonably so.
  3. 3. What are e-books?
  4. 4. "An e-book is an "electronic book". These books are called "electronic" because they are files that you access on your computer. Like a normal paper book they have cover art, an author, editor, illustrator, publisher and story. E-books are available in any genre, any length, and many formats." -
  5. 5. "There are dozens of specialized electronic reading devices available, like Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Sony Reader, and many more." - Maggie Rust, What is eReading: A Beginners Guide. E-books can also be read on tablets, phones and computers.
  6. 6. "The overall size of the e-book market appears to be holding more or less steady, growing at perhaps 1% or so per year." - Mathew Ingram, "E-Books have been around since 1971." - Maggie Rust, What is eReading: A Beginners Guide 10 20 30 40 50 Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5 0
  7. 7. Benefits Flexible Inexpensive Accessible Personalized
  8. 8. E-books: the most flexible form of reading
  9. 9. Syncable with audio books, read on a multitude of devices, and compact.
  10. 10. Why spend more when you can spend less? "If you love to read, you can read more books, while spending less." - Michael Kozlowski,
  11. 11. "Many readers cite the price of eBooks as one of the primarily aspects of why they choose to read digitally" -Michael Kozlowski,
  12. 12. "You can check out library books on your e-reader" -
  13. 13. Anyway and every-way
  14. 14. E-books can be read aloud, viewed in larger print and made interactive and accessible to those with disabilities
  15. 15. E-books are online and offline. Read a book you left at home on your tablet in England on your laptop
  16. 16. "Yesterday I couldn’t find my copy of The Good Soldier, and because I wanted it immediately and because I live a fifteen- minute drive from the nearest library, and thirty minutes from the nearest bookstore, I ordered it on my Kindle." - Francine Prose, The New York Book Review
  17. 17. Read what you want, before you want it
  18. 18. "If we can help authors create even better books than they create today, it's a win for everybody." says Nook Vice President of e-books, Jim Holt
  19. 19. E-Book services use reader history to recommend other books and use the data transferred via reading eBooks to create more popular and enjoyable literature.
  20. 20. "Digital technology has changed the way books are sold and published, but it has opened up new possibilities for understanding how people read, as they read. Can a paperback do that?" - Davey Alba,