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Mealtime 101 power point presentation


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A "How to" demo for all LODGE MEALS at Camp Winacka and Camp Whispering Oaks- Girl Scouts San Diego-Imperial Council

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Mealtime 101 power point presentation

  1. 1. Meal-time 101 A how-to for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at camp
  2. 2. Does this stuff really matter???• YES!!!! This is pretty important stuff.• Hopefully this guide will help you feel more confident during camp mealtimes.• Watch this presentation and next time you go to Winacka or Whispering Oaks you’ll practically be an expert. 
  3. 3. How does the meal-time routine work?• 1st: Hoppers arrive 30 minutes early to set the tables.• 2nd: When Staff gives the “OK”, Adults enter lodge BEFORE girls, spreading out among tables.• 3rd: Campers enter lodge and sit at tables.• 4th: Everyone sings a “greeting”.• 5th: Eat…YUM! • 6th: Everybody joins in singing a closing song.• 7th: CLEAN-UP!!!
  4. 4. Table Etiquette Meals at camp are usually served “Family Style”.• Pass food around the table….not across.• Remember that there are 8 people at each table. Make sure everyone gets the same amount of food.• FEED YOUR HOPPER!!! Don’t forget about her! She needs food too.
  5. 5. • You can get seconds when the Rusty/Chewy sign is turned around so you can see their face.• When getting seconds, the hopper needs to take the serving dish with them, but not the serving spoon. They also need to know how many servings they need.• Remember: BRING ONLY 1 DISH BACK AT A TIME!!!
  6. 6. Hopping• Each Table has only 1 hopper. But if a table has “Buddy Hoppers” only 1 can be up at a time.• Hoppers are the people who get food for their table.• Hoppers come in 30 minutes early to help set up the tables.• Please, carry the food with two hands!!! BUDDY HOPPERS: Sometimes there are more hoppers than tables, so extra girls will be assigned as “Buddy Hoppers”
  7. 7. Just a note….• When you are hopping, it isn’t necessary for you to actually hop to the kitchen.• Remember, you are not a bunny rabbit.
  8. 8. • The hopper will go up to the big window on the left to get the food, carrying it with both hands.• Hoppers must walk through the center aisle of the lodge to get to the big window.• Be sure to form a single file line when you get there!
  9. 9. • Always enter behind the right of the stage.• There are red raccoon footsteps for you to follow. Please, follow them!• The food will be found at the second window.• Once you get the food, keep following the footsteps.
  10. 10. Follow the It’s not thatRusty hard…..footprints you’ll get it.from the right sideof thestage.
  11. 11. This is the window at Whispering Oaks that the mugs and pitchers are returned to.This is the window at WhisperingOaks where you get your food. Theserving dishes also come back tothis window.
  12. 12. This is the window atWinacka where you getthe food. The servingdishes also come back tothis window. This is the window at Winacka that the racked dishes are returned to.
  13. 13. Where do the hoppers sit? Stage/ front of room At Whispering The hopper Oaks, the right sits here side of the room may have to sit a little differently The adult (flip-flop version), sits here depending on how crowded the lodge is, so please listen The hopper for instructions at mealtime!!!! sits here The adult sits here
  14. 14. Setting the table:Start with the plate on the table…
  15. 15. Setting the table:The bowl goes upside-down on top of the plate…
  16. 16. Setting the table:The cup goes on the top right corner of the plate, also upside-down…
  17. 17. Setting the table: A napkin goes to the left…
  18. 18. Setting the table:A fork goes on top of the napkin…
  19. 19. Setting the table:A knife goes to the right of the plate…
  20. 20. Setting the table:A spoon goes to the right of the knife.
  21. 21. If you can’t remember which silverware goes on which side of the plate….this may help:• LEFT & FORK have the same amount of letters.• RIGHT, KNIFE, & SPOON all have the same amount of letters.
  22. 22. DISHESBefore taking your table’s dishes back,every person at the table needs to:• Separate their trash• Clean off their silverware, and• SCRAPE THEIR PLATE AND BOWL WITH THE RUBBER SCRAPER!
  23. 23. DISHES (cont.)• If the dishes aren’t properly cleaned, you WILL be eating sanitized bits of food from your last meal…So, make sure you clean every piece of food off of your dishes!• The dishwashers aren’t like the ones at home, they just sanitize the dishes.
  24. 24. Another note…• If you have something sticky, like syrup, on your plate, try using a leftover orange peel to help get it off…just make sure nobody wants the orange first. • Banana peels also work.
  25. 25. In order toget yourdishes clean,they have tobe rackedthe rightway so theyfit in themachine.
  26. 26. Dish Racks: This is what a PROPERLY racked rack of dishes looks like: It has 8 plates, 8 bowls, and 8 cups.
  27. 27. Here’s what it looks like from another angle: 8 7 8 6 8 7 7 5 6 6 4 5 5 3 4 4 3 2 2 3 1 2 1 1
  28. 28. What’s wrong with this picture???
  29. 29. That’s Right!!!There 7 6are 5only 7 4of each 3 6 7 7thing… 2 5 6 5 4 4 There 1 3 3 should 2 be 8 of 2 each. 1 1
  30. 30. What’s wrong here???
  31. 31. Wow…that was easy.Thereshouldbe one onerow of row ofplates… cups,onerow ofbowls.
  32. 32. Silverware• The silverware needs to be cleaned off VERY well.• On the table there will be a round white basket with small holes in it.• Place your silverware into this basket with the handles up (this allows the sanitizer to come in contact with the silverware).• Just remember: eating side down!
  33. 33. This area is for…..
  34. 34. Silverware basket Side view Side view of basket with silverwareTopview Side view of basket with silverware
  35. 35. Contents of the basket: basket 8 8 forks 2 serving knives 81 rubber spoons spoonsscraper
  36. 36. Mugs & Pitchers• At some point during camp, you may end up using a mug.• You can find the mugs at the front of the lodge.• At Winacka, the mugs are on the stage. At Whispering Oaks, the mugs are underneath the coffee maker.• BUT, DON’T CARRY MORE THAN 4 EMPTY MUGS AT A TIME!!!
  37. 37. Mugs & Pitchers (cont.)• Once you have finished, take the used mugs to the smaller window( at Whispering Oaks) or up to the stage (at Winacka), but make sure that there is nothing in them first.• Pitchers (with leftover liquids) go back to the smaller window (Whispering Oaks) or to the cart (Winacka)…• Chunky soup gets sent back to the kitchen Water pitcher Mugs Punch pitcher
  38. 38. • Take your pitchers to the smaller This is what the sink looks window like. Staff will (Whispering Oaks) be putting or the first leftover drinks here. window (Winacka)• Leftover drinks should be poured back into the pitcher (to be dumped down the sink by the kitchen staff.)
  39. 39. • The chunks from the soup can go into the trashcan. • The liquids can go back to theThese arethe soup kitchen to bepitchers dumped in the sink. *Usually, a Staff Member will explain this before your begin clean-up!
  40. 40. Different kinds of pitchersSoup/hotchocolate Waterpitcher…. pitcherwithoutlid Drink pitchers Soup/hot chocolate pitchers Punch/Soup/ hot lemonadechocolate pitcherpitcherwith lid
  41. 41. Which one do you think is the Serving bowl? How about the Regular bowl?
  42. 42. •They’re usually pink or blue & have an “S” on the bottom•Look carefully…Regular bowls & Serving bowls look VERY MUCH ALIKE!Bottom view of Serving bowl…see the “S” Top view of Serving bowl
  43. 43. • The Regular bowl is the bowl that you eat out of.• The Regular bowl is the one on top of your plate.• The Regular bowls also have a lip. Bottom view of Regular bowl Top view of Regular bowl
  44. 44. Serving bowl or Regular bowl?SERVING BOWL!!!!
  45. 45. Which type of bowl is this?REGULAR BOWL!!!
  46. 46. • The Salad bowls are the ones that are generally used for serving salad.• They are the clear bowls.
  47. 47. Greetings & Closings• Before and after every meal there is a song.• The song before the meal is called a greeting. (Sometimes called a Grace.)• Don’t start eating until after the greeting.• Some examples of greetings are: – “Superman” – “Neath These Tall Green Trees” – “The Cowgirl Grace” – Etc.
  48. 48. Greetings & Closings (cont.)• The song after the meal is the closing song.• After the closing song, it is time to clean up.• Closing songs can be any short camp song.• Some examples of closing songs are: – “The Alligator Song” – “Buddies and Pals” – “The Dinosaur Song” – Etc.
  49. 49. The kapers for clean-up are:• Trash• Racking(as previously discussed)• Taking the serving dishes back to the counter• Sweeping and• Wiping the table and chairs• EVERYONE must be part of the clean-up process, but give the HOPPER a break… she did her job already!
  50. 50. TRASH & COMPOST • Trash (non-compost) includes: Dirty napkins, empty packets, sausage, bacon, and cereal containers. • Compost includes: oranges, bananas, apples, carrots, and celery. • If you aren’t sure if something is compost or not, ask an adult. Non- Compost (trash) Compost*Note: it may not be compost season when you’re at camp.
  51. 51. • An important clean-up kaper is taking the serving dishes back to the counter.• This includes: – Serving bowls – Pitchers – Salad bowls and – Various trays
  52. 52. This tray is often A lot of used for the You will veggies time, this will This one see many have fruit usually has eggs different and things types ofThis isused for like that servingmain dish trays,items,muffins, each with itsalmost Baskets are used foranything! rolls, chips. Etc. own purpose.
  53. 53. SWEEPING Don’t forget that after every meal you must sweep the lodge.• At Whispering Oaks go • At Winacka go through the through the door at the back big doors leading outside of the room and go to the and go down the ramp. At left. There will be a closet the bottom to the right will with brooms. be the brooms.
  54. 54. WIPING• Go up to the front of the room and get a sponge from the bucket.• Once you’re done, squeeze out the sponge and bring it back to the front.• Keep in mind: the sponges are NOT to be used for dishes!!!• And don’t forget to clean the tables well, especially in between the cracks.
  55. 55. Singing Tree • Once you’ve finished cleaning, ask the adult at your table if you can go to Singing Tree. • The Singing Tree at Whispering Oaks is the porch directly outside the lodge. • At Winacka, the Singing Tree is at the benches outside the big doors.Picture: Singing Tree atWinacka.
  56. 56. The hotter it is, the morewater you should drink.
  57. 57. • Now you know practically everything there is to know about meal-times at Girl Scout camp.• DON’T FORGET TO THANK YOUR COOKS!!!! They’ll appreciate it.  Girl Scouts are so good that they have an A rating! Just like your favorite restaurant
  58. 58. Here are some links: These links may help you find some greeting or closing songs:• 3/contents.html• songs.html• songs.html••• This power point was created by Taylor Ingalls (Troop 5007) as portion of her Silver Award Project, GSSDIC 2010.