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Data Hacks: How To Calculate The Value Of Your Lead Generation Event


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If you're struggling to communicate the value of your lead generation event check out this tip sheet which breaks down some nifty hacks that you can use to communicate value.

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Data Hacks: How To Calculate The Value Of Your Lead Generation Event

  1. 1. Eventbrite 1 Cheat Sheet: How To Calculate The Value Of Your Lead Genera:on Event
  2. 2. Formula To Calculate Total ££ Value of Your Delegate List: Total Value Of Your Delegate List = # of valuable people registered (excl. any speakers, suppliers, speakers) x Perceived ££ Value of delegate *If you don’t know what the perceived ££ value of the person registered for your event is, ask your sales team what is the average value of new prospects that they sign up. You can then use this number as your ‘perceived ££ value of the delegate’ 1: What’s The Total Value Of The List?
  3. 3. Formula To Calculate The Cost To Organise Your Event: ROI = Costs Incurred – Total Sales Generated * Cost Incurred = expenses incurred to organise and run event (££ expense + (man hours spent x average per hour salary) * Total Sales Generated = Total new business generated by the event (££) 2: What’s The Cost Of Organising Your Event? Was It Worth It?
  4. 4. You can either send an email or organise a debrief meeQng to communicate the wrap up and follow up process for your event. Post Event Wrap Up Template Talking Points: 3: Did You Communicate ROI of the event (and a follow up process)? •  Total PotenQal Value AVended ££ + # of aVendees •  Highlight Key Companies in AVendance (you can include a hyperlink to a full company list) •  Total Registered + Total Value Registered •  Event Highlights (include photos etc) •  Thank You’s & Shout Out’s (it’s important to demonstrate graQtude) •  SLAs - Sales Follow Up Process (this one is important to ensure that leads are followed up in an appropriate manner)
  5. 5. Eventbrite 5 Good Luck!