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Workforce 2014 Saba Becomes a Talent Magnet


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This was presented by Jan Sysmans at Workforce Live Breakfast Club. To join us LIVE, sign up at

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Workforce 2014 Saba Becomes a Talent Magnet

  1. 1. Become a Talent Magnet
  2. 2. Jan Sysmans Senior Director Marketing, Saba @jsysmans @sabasoftware
  3. 3. Agenda • Business Challenges • What Is a Talent Magnet • Where Do You Start • Business Benefits of Becoming a Talent Magnet • Conclusion
  4. 4. Talent Business Challenges Talent acquisition and retention has risen to top of the CEO agenda 60% of companies worried about losing top people in 2014 Synchronizing organization design with Business Strategy has a 5:1 rate of reorganization success Adobe's stock up 68% since it dumped stack ranking How best to develop, manage, engage, and retain talent were among the leading challenges cited by the executives January 9, 2014 Conference Board Survey Report, CEO Challenge 2014
  5. 5. Top of CEO Agenda Talent challenges business impact:  Unable to Effectively Pursue Market Opportunities  Incurring Higher than Expected Expenses  Poor Engagement & Productivity 17th Annual Global CEO Survey – Jan. 2014
  6. 6. What is a Talent Magnet?
  7. 7. What The Experts Say Josh Bersin “Today, one could argue that the war is over and “the talent won.” While unemployment remains high among many groups, highly skilled workers are in great demand, making it critical for organizations to become a “talent magnet” and creating a steady pipeline of top people.” “The ability to find and keep talent is perhaps the most valuable of all leadership attributes. And the best talent magnets make clear from their constant actions that their priorities are all about attracting and retaining the best. In business success, it is always all about people.” Anthony Tjan
  8. 8. “A Magnetic Culture draws talented employees to the What is a Talent Magnet workplace, empowers them, and sustains an environment in which they are more likely to stay. Such a culture is marked by engaged employees who share a strong desire to be part of the value the organization creates”
  9. 9. Talent Magnets Attract and Retain Top Talent
  10. 10. Where Do You Start?
  11. 11. Talent Magnet: Attract and Retain Top Talent • Attract  A strong and relevant employment brand  Enabling employees to be a brand ambassadors  Tap into social talent networks  Use innovative hiring practices • Retain  Meaningful, exciting & flexible work environments  Facilitate talent mobility  Encourage career and skill development  Transform from competitive, periodic performance assessment model to continuous coaching and capability development and where goals are well understood and aligned with the overall company goals Source: Bersin by Deloitte and Saba
  12. 12. Do – Start With An Employee Centric Culture
  13. 13. Do – Know Where You Are
  14. 14. Don’t – Boil The Ocean
  15. 15. Don’t - Technology for Technology’s Sake
  16. 16. Business Benefits of Becoming a Talent Magnet
  17. 17. Becoming a Talent Magnet • Companies with strategy-driven integrated talent management functions have significant advantages over their silo-ed counterparts: Plan Talent Attract Develop Retain  26% higher revenue per employee  40%lower turnover among high performers  87%greater ability to “hire the best people”  156% greater ability to “develop the best leaders”  144% greater ability to “plan for future workforce needs”  92%greater ability to “respond to changing economic conditions” “Integrated Talent Management – A Roadmap for Success” – Bersin by Deloitte
  18. 18. Conclusion
  19. 19. Becoming a Talent Magnet Is a Continuous Process Attract , Enable, Grow & Retain Top Talent Machine Intelligence Skills & Development Competencies Recognize Plan and Align Workforce Talent Mobility and Retention Acquire Top Talent Collaboration High Performance Agile Culture
  20. 20. Good Resources
  21. 21. Thank You @jsysmans @sabasoftware