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TIM Talk: Getting Ready for Tomorrow's Worrkplace


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** This is a pre-recorded webinar session. To join us live, visit

Today's workplace is undergoing change at a frenetic pace. Before our eyes entire job families are disappearing, while new jobs are appearing requiring entirely different skills. The new workers are challenging every pre-conception we have of the art of management. Meanwhile, technology is transforming how we connect, collaborate, learn, and grow in our careers. In this new world of work, the ability to adapt to the future is the critical capability for an individual, a team, an organization, and an economy.

In this webinar, join Amar Dhaliwal, Chief Evangelist at Saba, to learn how Saba is partnering with the best-known and most innovative organizations around the globe to help prepare them for the future. You'll also hear how Saba is enabling HR and learning professionals to play a transformative role in empowering their enterprises and optimizing business performance.

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