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Surprising Corporate Learning Facts


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We recently wrapped up our Saba Global Workforce Survey 2015 conducted in partnership with, revealing some surprising insights around what HR is delivering and what employees want. Check out this infographic focusing in on corporate learning and development, highlighting what employees like – but also what’s missing and what it means for your organization!

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Surprising Corporate Learning Facts

  1. 1. Survey says… Learn more about career development Want more data? View survey results Source: Saba Global Workforce Survey 2015, conducted in partnership with What Are Your Employees Thankful For? Surprising Facts About Corporate Learning 63% It’s effective It’s needed 82% 76% The company should invest in it 66% Prefer it to self-directed learning Employees are thankful for corporate learning How Do Employees Benefit? More effective at their jobs 62% More engaged44% More satisfied with the company 34% More connected to their team 32% More committed to the organization 34% 32% More purposeful in their work What’s Missing? CAREER DEVELOPMENT 85% say it's not preparing them for their next job Why Does That Matter? Lack of career development is the reason 1/3 of your employees will look for a job in the next 6 months.,-but-not-selecting-managers/