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TIM TALK- Mobile Learning - What You Need to Know Today!

TIM Talk is a mini-webinar series, modeled after TedTalks. To join us live, sign up at

Smartphones and tablets have changed the way we work, play, and now learn. In fact, mobile learning is the fastest-growing learning mode, with over one-third of companies having deployed mobile access. In this 20-minute TIM Talk, we'll discuss the three factors contributing to the appeal of mobile learning and three things you can do to benefit from it.

Takeaways include:
How you can benefit from mobile learning
\What are the best practices for mobile learning
Key technologies enabling mobile learning
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TIM TALK- Mobile Learning - What You Need to Know Today!

  1. 1. Mobile Learning: 3 Reasons 3 Case Studies 3 To dos Charles DeNault @mathchuck Sr. Director of Product Marketing August 28, 2014
  2. 2. 3 Reasons for Mobile Learning 3 Case Studies 3 Suggestions on getting started Questions, answers, and comments are welcome throughout. Slides will be sent to all attendees. Agenda
  3. 3. Reason 1: Anytime, Anywhere Access Accommodate Learning Styles. Everyone loves the convenience.
  4. 4. Reason 2: Mobile is the computing platform of choice • In 2012, 65% of workers surveyed declared their mobile devices to be their most critical work device.* • 78% of Facebook access in the US is via mobile • Phones and tablets offer great performance and are easy to use. *
  5. 5. Poll: How will Mobile Learning fare at your company in the near future? • Decrease significantly • Decrease somewhat • Remain the same • Increase somewhat • Increase significantly ©2014 Brandon Hall Group, Inc. 6
  6. 6. Reason 3: Your competition is investing in mobile learning The near future of mobile – source: Brandon Hall 2014 38.7% 48.7% 12.0% 0.7% 0.0% It will decrease significantly It will decrease somewhat It will remain the same It will increase somewhat It will increase significantly
  7. 7. Case Study: Guitar Center – Perfect Harmony June 12, 2014 ©2014 Brandon Hall Group, Inc. 8 “People want to learn on their own terms, when it makes sense for them.” – Chris Salles, Director of eLearning
  8. 8. Case Study: Guitar Center “More Stories to Tell” Mobile and Social Learning • Disseminate information quicker • Share information among stores • Collaborate, record and share • Lack of PCs “We’re going from 25 SMEs to 12,000!” ©2014 Brandon Hall Group, Inc. 9 About Guitar Center • Over 250 locations nationwide • 12,000 passionate employees • Largest retailer of musical instruments and related gear
  9. 9. Case Study: Weight Watchers “Moving to Pull” Why Mobile Learning? • Nimble and Bite Sized • Easily access fit with their BYOD Culture • Elevate employee engagement “No one wants a 4 hour eLearning course. They want something right now, that’s 10 minutes, and they want it to be good.” – Dan Hoffmaster, Sr. Manager of Learning Technology ©2014 Brandon Hall Group, Inc. 10 About Weight Watchers • 25,000 Employees • Operates in 30 countries • For over 40 years has helped millions lose weight Saba Case Study 2014
  10. 10. Big Global Technology Company “Just-in-Time Learning” 2 Years of Search, Filter, Download • Phase 1: Smartphone friendly content (MP4, PDF, PPT) & community access • Phase 2: Converting existing e-learning • Content review board & process ©2014 Brandon Hall Group, Inc. 11 About this implementation • 97,000 Partner Employees • Operating in 166 countries • 25% usage is mobile Saba Summit Presentation 2014 • 109,000 content downloads
  11. 11. POLL What do you think your biggest challenge will be with Mobile Learning? • Infrastructure • Integrating with current learning programs • Content (creating or converting) • Adoption • Workforce rules (union or part-time) • Other (please share in chat) • Not sure
  12. 12. Start a Mobile Learning Experiment • Choose a project – a class, a process, or community • Gain familiarity with the technology • Learn about content and behavior • Use private groups on LinkedIn or Facebook if no internal systems are readily available “There are no rules here — we're trying to accomplish something.” - Thomas Edison
  13. 13. Mobile Learning Infrastructure • Is your LMS ready? • If not, how about a social enterprise tool. • Start building a list of requirements – must haves and nice to haves.
  14. 14. Sponsor Mobile Access Will your learners access your content? $20 a month buys about 2GB of data which is a lot of learning and even more good will
  15. 15. Discussion
  16. 16. Thank You
  17. 17. Want to see more?