Double Page Spread Analysis


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Double Page Spread Analysis

  1. 1. Double Page Spread Analysis By Saba Kebede
  2. 2. 3) How is colour used? • Colour is effectively used in this double spread as the background has faded his the photo into black and white, then there’s the element of blue, pink and yellow on top to make the magazine seem appealing. The fact that the coloured stripes are around the photo of Anthony Gonzales is interesting, as it makes the reader look at him straight away. Similarly, the other photo looking outwards to the right has bright colours surrounding it, as though he is looking towards the writing, as to guide the audience, into looking at the writing. Colour
  3. 3. 1) How does the choice of band featured in the article suggest who the target audience will be? • The choice of band featured in the article are named ‘M83’ and the lead singer, Anthony Gonzalez is featured on the double spread. The target audience of this double spread may be for young adults from 18 and onwards, seeing as the colours represented are bright and vibrant, in which the younger generation would appreciate as oppose to people above the age of 30 and onwards. 2) What type of language is used in the article? Give examples of words or phrases which are specific to the style of the magazine. • The language in this double spread would be suitable for people above the age of 18, as the font is small, but readable and it talks about the experiences of M83 and Anthony Gonzalez. Even though the background colour and pattern seem bright and vibrant this can link with the fact that in the article is explains the highlight of the group previous experiences. However, the background contradicts the fact that the writing may be for people over the age of 18 as it has a small font, in which people under the age of 18 would get bored off because of the large amounts of writing. Choice of Band
  4. 4. 4) What style of text is used? Is it similar to any other pages? What does it say about the image of the magazine and the audience? • The style of text is a simple serif font in which is readable and clear, so that readers can approach it easily. The same serif font is the same with other articles, as it is the clearest and understandable. The fact that the serif font is simple and clear, can be linked with the fact that the image of Anthony Gonzalez, is also basic and clear. This suggests that the magazine is clear and straight to the point as with the front cover in which is clear and effective. The magazine reflects on the target audience as they would want to get straight to the point and read a magazine with clear messages and communication to the audience. Style of Text
  5. 5. “When I was young, I was obsessed with space and dreamt about being a space pirate and travelling from planet to planet” “I started to remember memories of my childhood and dreams that I used to have when I was a kid” The tone of this double spread is as though the audience is a close friend and an intelligent fan as Anthony Gonzalez explains his previous experiences as a child, in which seems as though he is sharing it with his close fans in which can relate to him. These quotes seem personal and concealed, as their fans wouldn’t off guessed that he wanted to be anything else other than a successful musician. Language
  6. 6. Eye-Flow & Layout
  7. 7. Drop Cap Credits Features Title Image :- Left Text :- Right The image is normally seen on the left hand side as oppose to the right. Moreover, the image on the right is facing towards the text. For the audience to read. The drop cap is the first word at the beginning of the article. The title is called “DREAMWEAVER” as the article is talking about the experiences of M83 and Anthony Gonzalez. The credits represent who wrote the article and who was responsible for the photography.
  8. 8. How does the style of the article match the style of the front cover? The style of the front cover reflects on the style of the article about M83 and Anthony Gonzalez, as both the texts are straightforward and uncomplicated. The fact that the front cover looks simple but effortless with the word “heavenly” makes it seem pure and real, as with the article relating to the reality of the band’s experiences. The style of this front cover is clear and obvious, in which is similar to the double spread. Front Cover
  9. 9. The language used in this double spread is simple and straight to the point, in which is relevant for the target audience, however, the reader must have prior knowledge in order to understand what the context is talking about. These lines suggests that the reader should have prior knowledge to the events in which M83 had embarked on. “M83 also embarked on a less successful adventure in 2010, providing the backdrop for French film” “Things didn’t work out and as he explains, the whole thing was rather more stifling than anything else.” Prior Knowledge & Language
  10. 10. Rule of Thirds The rule of thirds is a concept in this double page spread in which the frame is divided into nine imaginary sections. This clearly creates reference points which act as guides for framing the image of Anthony Gonzalez evidently.