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Music video (saba)

  1. 1. Introduction A videotaped performance of a recorded popular song, usually accompanied by dancing and visual images interpreting the lyrics. It is a short video for Marketing Merchandise to promote the artist and sells it’s products. The purpose of a music video is to promote single/album or artist/band. It helps to create a star image. It’s one of the main purposes is to entertain the audience. A music video therfore, illustrates the meaning of a song.
  2. 2. Types of Music Videos
  3. 3. Performance based video Performance based videos feature the band/artist performing either to the camera or an audience. Along with the band performing is usually sequences of footage which can or cannot relate to the song at all. This type of music video relays on the audience focusing only on the band rather than having to follow a story throughout the video. There is often a wide use of different camera angles and different shots of the band playing along with different shots of random images which are often used throughout music videos of this kind to break up the performance of the band. Examples of performance based videos are shown on the next slide.
  4. 4. Narrative based video A video that consists a story line relating to the lyrics or the genre of the music video is known as a narrative based video. It keeps the audience engaged in the video. This type of video is often used for songs that feature in movies, with scenes from the movie cut into the video. The video will include actors that will tell the story to the audience, but props and locations and mise en scene also help tell the story and have to match the codes and conventions of the genre too. Some examples of narrative based videos are on the upcoming page.
  5. 5. Symbolic video Every genre has certain codes that has to be followed. Symoblic videos are which represents the genre of the song with the help of light, editting, use of motage, etc. This type could be used with another type of music video. For example, a narrative based video could also be a symbolic video and a performance based video can be a symbolic video too. For a more understandable view of a symbolic video, look at the example given on the next slide.
  6. 6. Lil Wayne – Love Me is said to be symoblizing girl’s being Evil. •Wayne says “These hoes love me like Satan,” basically saying that Satan loves him. •The video also features demonic looking women locked up in cages. •The flame from the lighter at the beginning of the video creates a silhouette of Baphomet. •A Satanic music video is completed with the all-seeing- eye being symbolized. This model’s eye is even being covered by a butterfly, the symbol for “Monarch” mind- control programming.
  7. 7. Thematic video Thematic videos are based on the genre of the music. For example, every rock music video would have certain codes and conventions. This type of videos follow a certain set codes and represent it in the video so the audience gets familiar with the genre of the music. The theme that has been represented in the video may or may not go with the lyrics of the song in the music video. Coming up next are the examples of thematic videos representing the rock genre.
  8. 8. Animated video An animated video is a video that has animated figures starring. Such a video is made up with the use of CAD (Computer aided design). This type of music videos are mostly used in the animated movies. Also, some singers make animated videos to express their thoughts and illustrate their lyrics better. Let’s have a look on some of the animated videos.