Innovating Mobile Campaigns on Mxit


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Some learnings and experiences from running a campaign on Mxit

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Innovating Mobile Campaigns on Mxit

  2. 2. @AllanKent Hello! @munnike @beabhainn @karmajustfar @lzanne @Murray_Turner @velflex @alCronje @LeGrape @Edekock At Saatchi & Saatchi AtPlay, @eshaam we build exciting digital stuff, welcome!
  3. 3. The African Welcome programme called for us to engage the youth of South Africa to celebrate the world coming to Africa by joining the African Welcome Wave.
  4. 4. We asked participants to send us their waves: Firstly by taking a 1 picture with their arms to the side. And lastly by taking 2 another picture with their arms up.
  5. 5. PARTICIPATING via MOBILE Mobile Phone Mobile Camera MMS from Mobile Those who sent us their waves were also entered into a draw to win 1 of 2 Digital Entertainment Hampers worth R25 000 TO WIN
  6. 6. MXit is South Africa’s LARGEST MOBILE SOCIAL NETWORK The MXit application has a global registered user base of 19.6 million (with 17 million SA users) That makes MXit (About 5x more popular than Facebook in SA) and it processes (sends/receives) about (250M messages per day)
  7. 7. Paying for MXIT ADVERTISEMENTS Tradepost >> Bandit >> African Welcome Hosted Portal An automated contact that feeds static info. Broadcast Messages Splash Screen Ads
  8. 8. A need to INNOVATE ATTENTION STATIC RESTRICTIVE Because MXit is All a Branded Advertising with naturally an IM MXit portal offers MXit remains app, users will is just simple text restrictive. easily be sorted under a Brands are all distracted by new menu and users doing the same messages and may navigate thing in terms of invites from those through this by process and who matter on clicking 1,2,3,4 function. their contact list. etc… Customization!
  9. 9. If the campaign could use MXit the same way a normal MXit user would then the campaign would… RETAIN REACH OPEN A DYNAMIC PORTAL OPEN CREATIVE Through the Through the ability to Through the acquisition of talk and send/receive ability to do “contacts” to/from those contacts more with the offerings of a normal contact
  10. 10. Add us a contact: AfricanWelcome
  11. 11. Making use of “Status Updates” Because MXit is an Application, the moment you exit the app, the contact goes offline. By using status messages we were able to tell all our contacts that we were not chatting and despite not chatting, contacts still knew exactly what to do. This became especially important during post “office hours”
  12. 12. Challenge: Despite having all the information communicated in our PAID FOR MXIT PORTAL and PICTURES ON THE MOBISITE The text only portal provided by MXit proved ineffective and participants were unable to click through from the portal to the Mobi site.
  13. 13. Solution: Because we know that MXit users are already sending and receiving pictures between their friends, we followed this exact user process and built what we like to call… MXit Flyers WE built mobile friendly “flyers” which were distributed through our MXit Contact.
  14. 14. Making use of “MXit Flyers” 1 2 3 The contact has a Once the contact has After viewing, the choice to either accepted the contact has the choice accept or reject the incoming picture, the to save it to their incoming picture. download starts phone, set it as their immediately and the profile picture or picture opens forward it on to their automatically within friends (contacts). MXit.
  15. 15. Making use of “MXit Flyers”
  16. 16. We gave away small prizes everyday for the duration of the campaign.
  17. 17. Entering on MXit “Spot Prizes” By either setting their profile picture in MXit to either the African Welcome icon or by taking a picture with their arms up.
  18. 18. Winning on MXit “Spot Prizes”
  19. 19. PARTICIPATING via MXit Open Camera Capture Send COMPARED to MMS Mobile Phone Mobile Camera MMS from Mobile
  20. 20. PARTICIPATION via MXit
  21. 21. NUMBERS About 3000 Contacts/Friends were accumulated on African Welcome’s MXit Profile Together 52% of Waves received came from MMS and MXit. On Average 10 messages sent/received per convo these included messages from and to African Welcome Interacting with about 20-30 contacts per day, including new and already existing contacts.
  22. 22. “I think its an awesome idea, something that has never been done before. I would love to see the end result. Carrie ” My Wave:
  23. 23. “ It was a great competition, it also brought out the happiness in me. It also showed that we as Africans can do funny but happy things. I remember when I was taking pictures, people thought I was crazy, but it was fun doing it. More competitions like this My Wave: should be brought. Bulelani ”
  24. 24. “I know you guys not chatting now but duty might not allow me to chat later! WELL DONE GUYS! Your initiative is AWESOME :-) Faatimah ” My Wave:
  25. 25. “ I thought it was a great idea for a competition. I love entering competitions. I won a Spot Prize and I must say delivery was quite quick. Well done. Monique ”
  26. 26. “ It was an awesome competition and the prize’s were amazing. It put a smile on so many people’s faces. Tamsyn ” My Wave:
  27. 27. “ It was wonderful but I wish it will stay longer next time. Thanks Engen, You played a big part in Uniting Mzansi Innocent ” My Wave:
  28. 28. @SaatchiAtPlay