Amul ice cream Marketing Plan


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Amul ice cream Marketing Plan

  2. 2. 2Executive SummaryThis report is about the marketing of the ice cream industry of Amul; an industry entering themarket with its unique and innovative marketing strategies. We discuss its goals that it has setfor its product Amul and eventually the type of culture of the organization. We also discuss thetypes of marketing researches before introducing our product to the market and how they havesegmented its target market and positioned it in the minds of the consumers. Moreover, wediscuss the SWOT analysis in which we highlight the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, andthreats the organization is facing since its product is launched. We further enlighten themarketing strategies employed at different stages of the product life cycle which promote theproduct and make consumers aware of it.
  3. 3. 3Table of ContentsContents Page #1. Executive Summary 22. Company Products and Services 43. Market Overview 44. Environment 55. Competition Review 56. Distribution Review 57. SWOT Analysis 68. Value Proposition 69. Marketing Strategy 710. Marketing Mix 8
  4. 4. 4Company Products and ServicesThe product line of our product is fresh milk and real Ice Cream as we are offering the bestquality product made of fresh milk and milk fats without any vegetable oil (frozendessert),through which we provide tasty and creamy ice cream to our consumers. It is not verymuch expensive; every class of person can buy it. The company is newly launched in Pakistan,and it has no products as such and this product will be the inception of the company in thiscountry.Market OverviewOur product is better than others which are currently offered by the competitors because we provide puredairy ice creams from fresh milk to the consumers. The customer always requires more satisfaction andbest quality products and we are providing it.Very soon, we will launch more products and customers will shift to our products, which will probablysatisfy the needs of the customer for a longer period of time.
  5. 5. 5EnvironmentCompetition Review1. Walls2. Omore3. IglooDistribution ReviewFirstly, we will distribute our products in the capital cities of the country and the price will bemoderate so that every class of person can buy it easily from any tuck shop or general store.After earning some profit we will distribute our products to ice cream parlors and parties.
  6. 6. 6Swot AnalysisStrengths and WeaknessesFinancially strong and good image in the mind of customer.There is no variation in taste.Opportunities and ThreatsOpportunitiesLack of focus due to multiple brands.Can reach out to different segments which have remained untouched.Amul must concentrate on heavy promotional advertising in order to maintain its marketshare. More enthusiastic efforts need to be carried out.ThreatsCompetition from existing players.Instability of Pakistans political system.Huge investments on advertisement by other brands.Objectives and Issues:To capture the large share of market.To provide maximum customer satisfaction.Continue product modification and improvement effort to increase customer benefit and reducecost.Expand production capacity in advance of increasing demand to avoid stakeout.To meet the highest international standards of quality.Value and PropositionWe will offer the customer what they need the most now days that is providing best quality ice cream fullof nutrition, fun and customer satisfaction and best quality backed by a large variety.
  7. 7. 7Marketing Strategy:Amul Ice cream adopted customer’s oriented Marketing strategies to attract customers as muchas it can. It follows differentiation strategy such as strategy emphasizes a product that is uniquein the industry provides distinct advantage to the consumers.One the prominent Marketing strategy of Amuls is focusing on all classes of customers.Marketing MixProductProduct Variety: A wide range of dairy ice creams and frozen dessertsQuality: Premium ice cream rich in calcium which is fresh every timeDesign: Includes ice pop, choc bar, dairy ice cream and pop sickle.Features: Made from fresh milk and cream and high in nutritionPackaging: High quality and eye catching packaging. Packaging color ranges from red, blue,yellow, orange and green. Packaging is colourful in order to attract children.Sizes: Sizes include 1ltr, 2ltr, and half litre for dairy ice cream. Choc bars & soft serveicecream are of different sizes as wellService: Satisfying the dessert needs of the population in the best possible manner anddelivering quality every time to the consumerWarranty: None what so ever.Returns: Only in the case when ice cream is expired.PriceList Price: Price varies for different ice creams. Depending uponCups = 20rsCones= 30rsIce Pop: 10rsSoft serve ice cream= Rs 101Ltr ice cream Tub= Rs 12ltr ice cream Tub = Rs 27The price of its competitor (Walls) is more or less the same and price of liter ice creams is lessthan Walls which is a great strategyOmore offers a 16% margin to retail traders and shop keepers which is slightly lower than Walls,who offer a margin of 20% to shop keepers. They are new in the market and do not have the samerelationship with retailers as Walls.
  8. 8. 8PlaceChannels: Sells directly to the end user through retailers and shopkeepers. This is the trend inPakistan.Coverage: Amul ice cream for the time being is only available in India and not available inPakistan. Now the company started off its operation in Pakistan.Transport: Ice creams are transported to retailers and shop keepers through privatetransportation firms.Locations: Available at large/medium sized and small bakeries, grocery stores and pharmacies inmajor cities of Pakistan.Sell their products directly to consumers using cycles and their own personnel. This strategy hasbeen in practice for many years and is being used by Walls and Omore too.PromotionAdvertising: Vehicle Advertising, Outdoor billboards, Point of Sale Displays and Ads ontelevisions. Advertisements are mostly colorful reminiscent to their ice cream packagingMessage: Linked ice cream with joy and happiness so their tagline/slogan is Art of Happiness.Linked with consumers and got reviews of different ice creams using various mediums socialcommunities e.g. Facebook and Orkut.