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What is process automation robotics


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This article is about process automation that how it is possible to automate all your workflows.With RPA,you can save your time and your energy level.

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What is process automation robotics

  1. 1. What is Process Automation Robotics? By Aitomation
  2. 2. What is process automation robotics?(we can replace humans). Fascinating website ( to providing people knowledge about the robotic process automation. Source of article : process-automation/ What is process automation? automation of robotic processes (RPA) is the application of technology that allows employees of a company to set up computer software or a “robot” to capture and interpret existing applications for transaction processing, data manipulation , prompting responses and communicate with other digital systems.
  3. 3. Any company using labor for large-scale work processes generally known, when people are making large volumes, the functions of highly transactional process, enhance their skills and save time and money with software automation robotic processes . As industrial robots are remaking the manufacturing industry by creating higher production rates and improved quality, RPA “robots” are revolutionizing the way we think and manage business processes IT processes support workflow processes, remote infrastructure and back-office work. RPA provides improved accuracy and cycle time and increasing productivity in processing transactions, while elevating the nature of work by removing people from boring and repetitive tasks. RPA technology can be specifically applied to a wide range of industries. What is process automation(and how it can helo your business)
  4. 4. Process automation Technologies such as the presentation layer automation software – a technology that mimics the steps of a process based on standards, not subjective, without compromising the architecture of existing IT – are capable of performing the functions prescribed consistently and easily scale up or down to meet demand. Process automation can accelerate tasks back- office finance, purchasing, management of the supply chain, accounting, customer service and human resources, including data entry, issuing purchase order, creating access credentials online, or business processes that require “swivel chair” access to multiple existing systems. IT support and management Automated processes on remote management of IT infrastructures consistently can investigate and resolve performance problems faster process. RPA can improve service desk operations and control of network devices. Separation of human resource scalability enables a company to manage short-term demand without additional training or recruitment.
  5. 5. automated attendant As in the software voice recognition or automated online assistants, the evolution of how language process machines, retrieve information and structure of basic contents mean that the EPR can provide answers to employees or customers in natural language rather than software code. This technology can help conserve resources for large call centers and centers of interaction with customers. As RPA brings more technologically-advanced solutions to businesses around the world, operating models that adopt automation, whether in-house or offshored, will cut costs, drive efficiency and improve quality