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target marketing campaigns, life insurance leads and recruiting

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  2. 2. Change of Customer’s Perspective  Today's technology can turn your one person insurance sales business into a entire one person marketing team. You can become a client information business that will create more exposure and sales opportunities for yourself. This simple and inexpensive concept should not be over looked in today’s competitive world.  Having your own personal insurance website can help with promoting yourself and your products and your brand.
  3. 3. Stay Ahead In today’s insurance market, one must stay one step ahead of the competition. Having your own website can at least keep you at par with the competition.
  4. 4. What you and your personal website could accomplish Insurance agents or insurance recruiter, there are so many reasons for you to consider having your own website that I could go on and on. Below are just a couple of reasons that first come to my mind. You add your own list of things you could do with your own website.  As a personal producer  If you’re an insurance recruiter
  5. 5. As a Personal Producer  Send them monthly updates on what you are doing.  Ask for referrals. (provide a contest, free gift certificate for referrals)  Send them financial planning tips.  Build a resource page to advertise items and earn an additional income stream.  Recruit your friends to get into the act of helping you sell and build.
  6. 6. If You’re an Insurance Recruiter  Build a monthly board of directors and promote a contest for recruiting agents.  Keep them informed of any new recruits and your progress.  E-mail specific groups in your local area using specific target marketing.  Provide a monthly news campaign for prospective agents, using websites like this one or your own articles.
  7. 7. Increase in Business If you have the know how, and the technology to build a website for your agency and your agents, you cannot imagine the additional amount of business you can generate, and the money you can save in mailings and secretarial costs. Imagine having a team of dedicated players: Your client base, your friends, etc., helping your insurance business grow, by using a personal website and networking with them.
  8. 8. Tying in your Prospect and Clients Every insurance agent should be tying in their prospect or clients, Somewhere in your interview or visitation, once you have your website set up, you should say something to the effect of: Mr. Prospect, I have a personal website where I provide ongoing and updated ideas on financial planning. It is a place where you can ask questions, as well as communicate with me. I do not make this available to everybody. I would like to sign you up. You then can see if it benefits you. If not, you can opt out at anytime you desire, with the click of a button.
  9. 9. Easy Way to Communicate Every time you send out a new article or information piece, it will automatically pop open on their personal e-mail site. What a fantastic way to communicate, and save a ton of money on postage stamps and sending out individual letters. It is a great recruiting tool also.
  10. 10. Importance of having a Website Having a good website reflects you as a business owner and your professionalism. It can also drum up extra business from clientele who like to search online, and it allows you to do business outside your normal area.
  11. 11. A Few Wise Words