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Verizon Strike Case

Published in: Business
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  1. 1. UNFAIRTREATMENT IN US TO THE RISE Let’stalkabout the unfairtreatmentatwork inaccordance with“The U.S. Equal Employment OpportunityCommission”.UnfairtreatmentinUSissomethingthatisgettingcommonlike the recent Verizonstrike due toweekendholiday,takingflightona number of the majorpointsof contention, whichincludespensioncutsandmore flexibilitytooutsource work.The strike lastedformore than6 weeksbutcame to an endafterboth partiesconcludedata win-winsituationwithmore than40,000 workers.Verizonagreednottooutsource the supportcallstonon-unioncall centers.Itisbelievedthat the changesmade will be goodfor the workers,the customersandthe companyitself too. VERIZON UNION WORKERS GO ON A STRIKEFOR THEIR RIGHTS Verizonagreedtogive 11% percentraise insalariesin4 yearcontracts ratherthan 6.5% whichwas proposedbefore.The workerspointedoutthatthe companywas not compensatingtheiremployees fairlyinspite of the fact that companyismakinga lot of money.Also,the company hadto withdrawa proposal thatallowedthe companytorelocate anyemployeeinanygeographical areafor2 months. However,the companysavedaloton healthcare costs, nearlyhundredsof millionsof dollarsthatthe unionindicatedtoacceptbefore the strike.Althoughitisveryrare,thisstrike mayaffectthe company financiallyratherthanpublically,itmaybe due to the fact that the companymiscalculatedthe union’s abilitytohold-out. VERIZON’SINCAPABILITY One thingVerizonneverdidforitself wastotraina goodnumberof people toruntheirservices,it concludedthatthe companystill needsthe workersforagoodworkingnetworkandthe internetwill not run byitself.