Saab's offering in Commercial Aeronautics.


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With a track record of more than four thousand aircraft built, saab is one of the few companies in the world with the capability and technology to develop, integrate and maintain complete aircraft systems.

For seven decades we have been pushing the boundaries of technology, supporting our customers every step of the way, from concept studies to fully certified products.

Today, our offer includes everything from design, engineering and manufacturing of complete aircraft systems, structures, and subsystems and
equipment, to a range of services and support solutions designed to meet the requirements of the commercial aerospace industry.

Combining our standing as a leading supplier and highly skilled integrator with our extensive manufacturing know-how, we know exactly what is required for the formation of a successful long-term partnership and a strategic alliance.

A partnership with saab gives you access to a self-reliant partner that knows what it takes to develop high quality solutions that provide low cost of ownership.

This knowledge has made us a preferred partner to the international aerospace industry. and, by constantly challenging the laws of nature we are not only able to make ideas fly, we improve our customers’ competiveness.

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Saab's offering in Commercial Aeronautics.

  1. 1. commercialaeronauticssolutions
  2. 2. commercial aeronautics solutions commercial aeronautics solutions partnership for improved competiveness With a track record of more than four thousand aircraft built, saab is one of the few companies in the world with the capability and technology to develop, integrate and maintain complete aircraft systems. For seven decades we have been pushing the boundaries of technology, supporting our customers every step of the way, from concept studies to fully certified products. today, our offer includes everything from design, engineering and manu- facturing of complete aircraft systems, structures, and subsystems and equipment, to a range of services and support solutions designed to meet the requirements of the commercial aerospace industry. combining our standing as a leading supplier and highly skilled integrator with our extensive manufacturing know-how, we know exactly what is required for the formation of a successful long-term partnership and a strategic alliance. a partnership with saab gives you access to a self-reliant partner that knows what it takes to develop high quality solutions that provide low cost of ownership. this knowledge has made us a preferred partner to the international aerospace industry. and, by constantly challenging the laws of nature we are not only able to make ideas fly, we improve our customers’ competiveness. content COMMERCIAL MEETING THE CHALLENGES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 AERONAUTICS SYSTEMS INTEGRATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 AIRCRAFT DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 AIRCRAFT SUBSYSTEMS AND EQUIPMENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 AIRCRAFT SUPPORT SOLUTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 ENGINEERING SERVICES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 REGIONAL AIRCRAFT SALES & LEASING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 AIRCRAFT AIRCRAFT DESIGN ENGINEERING AIR TRAFFIC AIR TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 AND MANU- SUPPORT SERVICES MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS FACTURING AIRCRAFT REGIONAL SUBSYSTEM AIRCRAFT AND SALES & EQUIPMENT LEASING
  3. 3. commercial aeronautics solutions > meeting the challenges commercial aeronautics solutions > sYstems integrationbringing you your partner inthe future inteGrationin aeronautics With saab as your partner you will have access to an integration expertise with the ability to improve your overall capabilities as well as your operational performance.Demands on the commercial aerospace industry are constantly increasing. With more than 70 years’ experience of systems integration, we are well suited toin addition to the ever-present need for better, safer and more cost-effective aircraft, be your partner in integration.there is also a growing demand for more environmentally friendly solutions.MEETING THE CHALLENGES THE FUTURE OF AVIATION DESIGNED TO FACILITATE INTEGRATION OUR ExPERIENCE, YOUR FUTUREOur mission is simple: based on our extensive experience from Our business is global and many of our skilled engineers have Most Saab solutions are built with scalable open technology, With Saab as your partner, you can benefit from the best technol-design, development, manufacturing and integration of aircraft sys- extensive experience from international projects and from working which facilitates integration with legacy systems and makes way ogy and a knowledge generated from more than seven decadestems, related subsystems and equipment, we support our customers close with customer personnel. At Saab we also make continuous for cost-effective upgrading in the future. of aircraft development and manufacturing. This means that ourwith capability growth designed to meet the aeronautical challenges investments in research and development. In fact, about 20 per cent integration experience will provide you with the solutions you needof the 21st century. of our yearly sales are reinvested in research and development. That FROM INTEGRATION SERVICES TO COMPLETE SOLUTIONS to meet present as well as future challenges. is probably one main reason why we have been selected partner in most of the major aerospace development programmes in Europe Our integration operations include everything from integration ofOVERALL RESPONSIBILITY during the last twenty years. complete aircraft systems and structures to a wide range of capableWith Saab as your partner you can benefit from more than seventy integration services. Based on our extensive experience as partneryears experience from developing, building and maintaining By utilizing our extensive knowledge and experience, we are not to the international aerospace industry our capabilities and ourcomplete aircraft. This means, as one of only a few companies in only supporting our customers in building better, safer and more reliability have been proven through a number of successful large-the world Saab can take on the overall responsibility for a wide cost-effective aircraft, we bring them the future in aeronautics and scale integration projects for demanding customers such as Boeingrange of work packages comprising everything from design and generate the future development of aviation. and Airbus.manufacturing, and subsystems and equipment, to the provision ofin-service support and complete supply chain solutions.4 5
  4. 4. commercial aeronautics solutions > aircraFt Design anD manuFacturing commercial aeronautics solutions > aircraFt Design anD manuFacturingengineeringthe futureSaab’s history is almost identical with the YOUR MANUFACTURING PARTNER to both Boeing and Airbus, the key-market space in an aircraft. And, we understand what working with improvements of functions with industrialisation and ramp-up for on-history of flight in Sweden. Our first own Today, our experience of integration of systems players through the last decade. is required of components and materials, and and processes – all the way from the going programs and also provide reliabledesigned aircraft was developed in the late and structures and our long practice in design- what makes design producible. management to the workshop floors. extended enterprise solutions.1930’s. Since then Saab has designed and ing, developing and manufacturing aircraft KNOwLEDGE BASED ON OwNmanufactured fifteen different types of have been transformed into first-class products ExPERIENCE CONTINOUS IMPROVEMENTS ExTENDED RESPONSIBILITYaircraft, and a total of more than 4 000 have and services for other OEMs. And our aircraft Our background as aircraft manufacturer The introduction of lean manufacturing Sometimes our expertise is used to sup-been delivered. A majority have been mili- manufacturing operations for the commercial means that we know what is demanded from has been a key part of Saab’s production port the customer in deciding if owntary leading-edge combat aircraft such as the market is now focusing on development of a partner. We know what it takes to develop focus for many years and it is a vital part manufacturing is better than buying fromGripen multi-role fighter. But, more than 500 the Saab 340/2000 fleet and the provision of a and build a complete turbo prop airliner. We of our ability to provide cost reduction, a subcontractor. Furthermore, as yourhave been commercial aircraft, among them wide range of capable and affordable aircraft also have extensive experience of integrating automatization and development. manufacturing partner Saab can assumethe Saab 340 and Saab 2000 regional aircraft, engineering services – Saab has, for instance, systems and equipment into different struc- Supported by a global supply chain and overall responsibility for all subcontractors,in service all over the world. an overall commitment as programme partner tures and how to make the most of the limited low-cost sourcing we are continuously including the transfer of work packagesIntegration of aircraft systems Aircraft Systems Engineering Aircraft Engineering Aircraft Manufacturing Modification and System Integrationsand structures With more than 4 000 aircraft built we know the com- saab has the capability and technology to develop our manufacturing services are designed to support saab offers a range of upgrade, modification,saab knows from own experience what it takes to plexity of aircraft systems and how to make sure that almost any airframe structure, from concept to fully more efficient and safe manufacturing and to contrib- integration and certification services designed tointegrate aircraft systems and structures and under- design, functionality and costs meet precise customer certified product and after sales support. our aircraft ute to bring down the cost-curve. By empowering our improve reliability, increase operational capabilities,stand industry demands. as your partner in integra- requirements. With saab as your engineering partner engineering operations is focusing on highly integrated process-oriented working methods and well-proven and to maintain and maximize the platform, system ortion we can support you with everything from integra- you will access the know-how and technological and assemblies employing the optimum combination of quality systems with the lean manufacturing we can equipment usability over its lifetime. our offer includestion of complete aircraft systems and structures to financial resources necessary for defining, developing composite and metallic solutions. our engineering support you all the way from prototype development standard optional services and functions as well asprovision of a wide range of integration services. and manufacturing complete aircraft systems. services include, for example, testing of tools, weight to industrialisation and final assembly of the product. customer or operational specific ones – for saab optimization, calculations for certifications, faultfinding We can, for instance, provide manufacturing tools developed platforms and systems as well as other methods, repair kits and service bulletins. that meet the design and make trial series that con- oem platforms and systems. firm the design measures the requirements.6 7
  5. 5. commercial aeronautics solutions > aircraFt suBsYstems anD equipment commercial aeronautics solutions > aircraFt suBsYstems anD equipmenttoMorroW’s teChnologytodayBeing a company that manufactures reduced size and weight – criteria that are ers and electro-mechanical actuation. Our the technologies required to convert actua- modular technology we create flexible andcomplete aircraft rather than just another now important in the competitive com- impressive suite of modular avionics for tion systems from hydraulic to electro- scalable solutions that can be adapted,supplier of sub-systems and components, mercial market. This experience has driven safety critical solutions can be customised mechanical. developed and tailored to precise customerwe understand our customer’s requirements us to achieve cost-efficient and innovative to meet all customer requirements. Saab has needs – integrated in existing systems orand the need for cutting edge technologies systems and equipments. the knowledge and capability to produce ENHANCING PERFORMANCE operated as stand-alones.that can be tailored for a huge spectrum software and electronic hardware in align- A partnership with Saab ensures yourof avionics projects. The limited space for IN THE FOREFRONT ment with RTCA level A requirements. aircraft and systems meet the relevantavionics equipment on small aircraft has A major part of our offering to the com- As part of the More Electric Aircraft (MEA) performance standards required in today’salways pushed us towards products with mercial avionics market is control comput- trend, Saab is a forerunner in developing civil aircraft environment. By using openAvionics Computers RIGS Head-Up Display System Recorders and Monitoring Systems Communications Management Systems Control and Actuation Systems Civil Aircraft Missile Protection Systemsaab offers a suite of customizable modular avion- this next generation head up display for helicopters By combining video and audio capabilities with our reliable and capable communications solutions as a leading supplier of equipment for flight-control (CAMPS)ics based on aerospace standards for distributed and small aircraft is a cost-effective and multi- in-depth knowledge of electronics and software are vital for security and efficiency. saab has long and other system-critical functions, we have an camps is designed to be an integrated part of theima. the modules are designed to meet a wide function system optimised to give helicopter and development, we can provide a range of compact been a driving force in this development and for in-depth knowledge and the hardware design nec- aircraft to effectively counter the manpaDs threatspectrum of performance, reliability, size and small aircraft operators information linked to flight mission recording and evaluation systems that pro- over four decades has provided qualified com- essary for creating advance computer systems for against civil aircraft as well as special mission andcost requirements and are fulfilling the highest and navigation. rigs provides all-weather capability vide the ideal choice when replacing obsolete video munications services, advanced system solutions modern airborne platforms. our products perform Vip aircraft. camps has a uV-missile approachdemands regarding performance and safety-critical ideal for flying and landing aircraft in challenging tape recorders. our health and usage monitoring and on-going system support to the international control, monitoring and actuation in applications warner and electromechanical dispensing of astandards. our computer range include modules conditions. Because of its open architecture it system (hums) provide a proactive approach to aerospace industry and a wide range of regional ranging from the control of slats and flaps down new type of pyrophoric decoys. camps is totallysuch as the Basic module, a core module and can be easily integrated with new and upgraded aircraft maintenance. the stresses predicted for an airline operators. to various basic equipment. saab provides high lift modular and can be adapted according to aircraftgeneral processing unit, and the ethernet switch, a platforms. aircraft and the stresses which actually occur, can systems and components to the Boeing B787 as size or operational communications enabler. differ. therefore an aircraft may be unsafe and still well as the airbus a400m. in use, or decommissioned while it still has plenty of life left.8 9
  6. 6. commercial aeronautics solutions > aircraFt support solutions commercial aeronautics solutions > aircraFt support solutionsat your sideall the wayA great challenge for many commercial greater focus on your core operations. IMPROVING AVAILABILITY AND LONG-TERM COMMITMENT CUSTOMER FOCUSairline operators is how to maintain opera- Competitive support solutions are a EFFICIENCY Our commitment is always long-term and Our mission is to provide products andtional capabilities while at the same time prerequisite for successful regional airline Whether you are starting up a new busi- includes solutions for the entire supply services for cost-effective support of Saabimprove availability and cost-effectiveness. operations. With Saab at your side, you will ness, expanding or improving an existing chain – from factory support all the way systems and platforms as well as other access a customizable, fully integrated life one, Saab can help. As your partner and to the airfield. Our offering also includes aircraft. With customer focus, flexible solu-One way of addressing such a challenge is cycle-based support concept designed to in- support provider, we make sure you will a range of customer adaptable business tions, and a value-for-money approach wethrough a support solution provider that crease aircraft availability, reduce costs, and benefit from a range of support solutions models such as leasing or rental – custom- stand by our customers – all the way.guarantees the support resources and solu- enable you to counter stronger competition intended to make operational start-up ised solutions facilitating and supportingtions for your enterprise, allowing you and greater challenges. easier, and also improve availability and future capability growth and operational efficiency once your fleet is airborne. endurance.A Complete Support Concept the support concept include services within Saab 340/2000 Support Solutions our saab 340/2000 support offer include services, Solutions and Services for other Aircraft our offer also include extensive in-house com-our high quality, fully integrated life cycle-based areas such as specification and Development, as the type certificate holder for the saab 340 and such as, aog and operational support, technical through our one-stop workshop we provide cost- ponent maintenance capability covering instru-support concept allow customers a greater focus preparation and integration, platform and system saab 2000 aircraft, saab has a unique experi- support and publications, training, logistics effective and comprehensive composite and sheet ments, avionics, hydraulics, pneumatics, fuel,on their core business and provides cost-effective enhancement, operational optimisation and ence of delivering optimized support solutions to support (including customized parts exchange metal maintenance, repair and overhaul (mro) power supply, environmental control, oxygen, firethrough-life support and service for all phases of end-life management. customers worldwide. By improving availability and programs), component and aircraft mro and support and services for a range of aircraft types extinguishing, auxiliary power units, landing gear,operations – from initial definition of a requirement reducing costs our 24/7 customer support enables modifications and engineering support. including embraer, Fokker, Bombardier and vari- propellers, composites and metal structures. saabto fully embedded in-service operation over the saab 340 and saab 2000 operators around the ous helicopter fleets in addition to our own saab also provide component repair programs for saabuseful lifetime of an entire system. our products world to counter stronger competition. our support produced aircraft and uaV platforms. a long-term 340/2000, embraer erJ 135, eJr 145, e-jet 170,and services are adaptable to meet specific solutions will influence your company positively, partnership is also established with mitsubishi e-jet 190, Fokker 50/70/100, Bombardier Dash 8,customer requirements and can be provided as an and promote safe, reliable and cost-efficient opera- aircraft corporation, regarding development of Boeing 737 classic, and mc Donnel Douglas mD-80.integrated part of a total support solution or as a tion of your aircraft. various types of support solutions for theirstand-alone product or service. mrJ program.10 11
  7. 7. commercial aeronautics solutions > engineering serVices commercial aeronautics solutions > engineering serVicesdrivinG developmentthrough CoMpetenCeSaab is not only a provider of systems and assignment is to develop a completely NEw OPPORTUNITIES IN THE FOREFRONT PARTNERSHIPsolutions to the international aerospace new airframe or to streamline or optimize New technology often leads to positive Saab is engaged in a number of commercial Saab is continuingly establishing co-oper-industry. We are also one of Sweden’s lead- part of your production. Our engineering changes, but can also create new risks. The projects and we have extensive experience ations with partner industries around theing technology, development and manage- expertise covers everything from structural challenge is to balance technology and secu- of working at the absolute cutting edge. Our world. One current example is India wherement consultancy companies, offering our and mechanical design, systems engineer- rity knowledge with solutions that have less long-standing commitment to the Airbus Saab and several Indian industries are col-customers unique engineering services. ing and integration to stress analysis and impact on the environment. At Saab, we have A380 project is one example. Our assign- laborating in projects aiming at empower- industrialization. By combining our knowl- merged technical knowledge with industrial ments include everything from aerodynam- ing India’s industrial offering to the globalIn fact, Saab is a partner that can take edge in these areas, we help customers drive experience to create solutions that takes both ics and navigation to solutions for onboard aeronautical market.full responsibility – no matter if the development forward. environment and security in consideration. Internet and stress calculations of wing spars.Structural and Mechanical Design mechanical devices and equipment to fit in a mod- Stress Analysis Production Technology Systems Engineering & Integration tion to hardware and mechanics ready for produc-to reduce production costs and weight, and at the ern airframe requiring a minimum of space, and at over the years new methods and materials for once you have designed and developed a product Based on our seventy-year experience from aircraft tion to the development of complete navigation,same time increase strength as well as safety, is the same time delivers maximum performance and developing aerostructures have continuously or a system, you naturally want to take it to the manufacturing we know what it takes to develop flight or fuel systems, you can trust saab to providethe prerequisite for being able to build better, safer reliability. our mechanical design services include evolved in order to meet the most demanding market. at saab we have been through that proc- and integrate advanced aircraft systems. We have the competencies you need to succeed. ourand more cost-efficient aircraft. our knowledge locking mechanisms, piping, and suspension requirements from the aerospace industry. Working ess many times. today, our long experience from the knowledge, technologies an equipment to sup- systems engineering and integration operations in-in highly integrated assemblies will support you in devices for avionics, moving mechanisms and at the cutting-edge with airframes and structures preparing complete aircraft systems, structures and port you every step of the way. this means, we can clude assignments for airbus and eaDs regarding,employing the optimum combination of composite mounting processes, to mention some. that must perform as required, must be founded on equipment for production are utilized in a range of be your partner in all issues related to the develop- for instance, project management support, processand metallic solution. although modern aircraft reliable facts regarding strength. With saab as your production technology services that will facilitate ment and integration of technical systems. and harmonization, system development and integra-to a large extent is depending on electronics, partner you will have access to very capable stress and secure industrialisation of product or system. our commitment can cover a projects complete life tion, flight mechanics and mechanical design workmechanical devices and equipment is still vital. analysis services designed to handle structures of cycle, or just a phase, and support you at all levels to stress analysis, acoustic analysis, emc/lightningsaab has extensive experience from how to design almost any size and design. and parts of a project. From evaluation of specifica- protection and configuration management.12 13
  8. 8. commercial aeronautics solutions > regional aircraFt sales & leasing commercial aeronautics solutions > air traFFic managementexperienCe Controllingat your service the flowsSaab Aircraft Leasing is a major player in MEETING THE CUSTOMER’S AVAILABLE ON THREE CONTINENTS For an airport to function at its best, the control and help airports of any size to STAND-ALONE OR INTEGRATEDthe regional aircraft market and manages REQUIREMENTS Today Saab operate from strategically flow of people, goods and aircraft must reach their full potential and become truly It works stand-alone or as an integrateda portfolio of more than 120 Saab 340 and We know that the process of remarketing placed offices in Washington DC, be efficient. Only when all these flows are competitive. ATM and airport system, and offers theSaab 2000.The aircraft are leased to custom- aircraft requires careful planning and timely Stockholm and Tokyo and remarket about synchronised can the operation shift from Saab’s modular based ATM and airport ability to add modules when needed forers around the world, although most are in decision making. Therefore, every aircraft 10% of our portfolio every year. Our goal is unpredictable to predictable, from reactive to system is a family of user-friendly systems future expansion. The system supportsservice with large regional carriers in North transaction is tailored specifically for each to be available and at your disposal for any proactive, from monitored to managed and that reflects safety and reliability standards. Collaborative Decision Making (CDM). OurAmerica, Europe and Australia. customer, no matter if it is a local airline or future regional aircraft requirements. from tactically to strategically. It is built to suit all environments, from ATM offering also includes a wide range of a large global one. And, when their business Saab’s knowledge, experience and innova- regional to international airports. products and services for tower operations, expands many return to us for additional tive solutions can provide this level of navigation aids, training, landing procedures aircraft or for upgrading their fleet. and flight inspection, to mention just a few.Saab 340 Saab 2000 e-Strip – Electronic Flight Progress Remotely Operated Tower i-TwR – Integrated Air Traffic TowerWith about half the operating costs of a regional the saab 2000 is a modified and extended version Strip System the remotely operated tower makes it possible Solutionsjet, the saab 340 turboprop aircraft can offer of the saab 340 airliner providing low operating While aircraft can rely on the most advanced tech- to control one or several airports from a distance control towers tend to be cluttered with displays,between 30 and 36 business class seats in a quiet, costs and reliable performance and the comfort nology available, many control towers is still relying using network-based technology. high-Definition controls and indicators. i-tWr provides a morespacious and comfortable cabin. With the right and service similar to that offered by major carrier. on paper strips in a tWr/app environment for the video imagery and advanced image enhance- effective and flexible working environment where theblend of technologies, it consistently generates With a maximum speed of 665 km/h it is also the landing progress. saabs electronic Flight progress ment provides maximum visibility, even during bad air traffic controller benefit from a complete workingprofits for a wide range of regional air transport fastest turboprop available on the market. Due to strip system – e-strip – replaces paper strips with weather conditions. Fixed cameras at the airport position where all systems can be accessed fromservices. Due to its low operating costs and fuel- its jet-like performance and superior capability to a modern solution that improves safety and re- captures up to 360 degrees of video image which only one or two displays. a modern integrated airefficient engines it has become the ideal choice for operate on short runways in ‘hot and high’ altitude duces head-down time to a minimum. the system is compressed and sent to the remote tower traffic tower solution that reduces head-down timeboth passenger and cargo operations. the saab conditions, the saab 2000 has become a natural is role-based and scalable to suite both small and centre for real-time presentation. the controller and improves situational awareness.340 is currently available in six different versions; tool for evolving regional airline markets. the large airports. no more passing papers around. working position is fitted with the same controls asairliner, Vip, corporate, cargo, maritime patrol and saab 2000 is currently available in three different in a normal tower.airborne early Warning & control. versions; airliner, corporate and airborne early Warning & control.14 15
  9. 9. Commercial Aeronautics Solutions – Eng – July 2010