Getting started with eazy business general administration


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Getting Started with EazyBusiness General Administration

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Getting started with eazy business general administration

  1. 1. EazyBusiness User Guide Series Getting Started with EazyBusiness Administration EazyBusiness
  2. 2. Note to Users: This guide was created to help you quickly learn the basics of administering the EazyBusiness Suite for your company. If you have questions not covered in this guide, please refer to our other guides n the series or you can write to us at: Copyright – EazyBusiness, Inc. All rights to this document are reserved. Do not reproduce this document without permission. EazyBusiness
  3. 3. Introducing the EazyBusiness WebTop What is the EazyBusiness WebTop? • It’s a ‘desktop within a browser’ where you can access all EazyBusiness applications at one place. • It’s a personal “Desktop on the web” that’s accessible from anywhere • The WebTop can be personalized to your needs • You can also create shortcuts to other / 3rd party applications or web sites • A Sidebar allows you to publish company-wide announcements or other data and see who’ else is online EazyBusiness
  4. 4. Accessing the EazyBusiness WebTop Go to: Click on the Login button on the top right Enter your username and Password to log in to EazyBusiness. If you don’t have a username / password, You will need to register first and a username/ password will be emailed to you. EazyBusiness
  5. 5. Key WebTop Components You can access shortcuts on the WebTop to launch EazyBusiness applications You can minimize the side- bar if you want. This sidebar shows company announcements, who else’s online etc. You can create your own shortcuts to your applications Shortcut icons or websites and make this available to your employees Change your icons Shortcut profile Get Application Help Shortcut icons Launch Adminicons Shortcut console Shortcut icons Change desktop settings EazyBusiness
  6. 6. Alternative Application Access Method You can also click on the Start Button to see the list of solutions Clicking on each solution you will see a list of application you can access You can launch an application by simply clicking on it. EazyBusiness
  7. 7. WebTop Personalization Options Classic Modern Default You can have 3 different versions of the WebTop as shown here to enable users to personalize their WebTop experience EazyBusiness
  8. 8. Company Profile Settings Click here to enter your company’s details to personalize EazyBusiness to your company You can also add / change company announcements that get displayed on the WebTop sidebar for all your employees EazyBusiness
  9. 9. User Profile Settings User / Account Settings Individual users can manage their profile information and also manage account information including changing passwords etc. EazyBusiness
  10. 10. User / Access Control Administration Click here to launch the EazyBusiness administration Console You can administer and manage users, application access, company details, customer support You can control which user has access to which application here with just a few clicks You can launch the admin console from Shortcut icons here as well. EazyBusiness
  11. 11. Technical Support Help You can also access critical technical support information here. This information will help a technical person customize or modify your application and data You can also contact EazyBusiness for support by email at: You can also learn more about the various support options that EazyBusiness offers at: EazyBusiness
  12. 12. Reseller Administration EazyBusiness also offers companies the ability to resell our applications through their own channel and even as a white-labeled / branded offering. The reseller administration page shown here offers powerful capabilities to create channel set up resellers, create hierarchies, define contracts, manage billing and payments and lots more. EazyBusiness
  13. 13. Billing History Billing Information / Tracking You can track all your billing & payment history and also set up and manage your payment preferences here EazyBusiness
  14. 14. EazyBusiness Applications Intro - EazyWeb What is EazyWeb? A complete platform for creating websites, ecommerce stores, and company intranets that enable easy upload and editing of content to provide a custom online experience. EazyWeb is powered by Joomla! - the industry-leading open source web content management application. Click on the EazyWeb Shortcut to view the Key modules available within this solution EazyBusiness
  15. 15. EazyBusiness Applications Intro - EazyCRM What is EazyCRM? A comprehensive solution for managing customer relationships that integrates sales, service and marketing to help acquire, grow, and retain customers. EazyCRM is powered by vtiger – the industry-leading open source CRM application. Click on the EazyCRM Shortcut to view the Key modules available within this solution EazyBusiness
  16. 16. EazyBusiness Applications Intro - EazyHRM What is EazyHRM? A complete solution for managing employee information that integrates and streamlines human resources operations while enabling compliance and reporting. EazyHRM is powered by OrangeHRM – the feature-rich open source HRM application. Click on the EazyHRM Shortcut to view the Key modules available within this solution EazyBusiness
  17. 17. EazyBusiness Applications Intro - EazyWork What is EazyWork? A set of email, messaging, conferencing, collaboration, content creation, and office tools that integrate seamlessly and enable a company to improve productivity. EazyWork is powered by Zimbra - the popular open source email and collaboration application Click on the EazyWork Shortcut to view the Key modules available within this solution EazyBusiness
  18. 18. Central Application Help Access Application Help You can access application help functionality from a single place on the WebTop Through the EazyBusiness ‘Help Center’ EazyBusiness
  19. 19. Thank You! If you have any questions or feedback regarding this or other EazyBusiness user guides, please write to us at EazyBusiness