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Semiotics in the Visual


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My Presentation for a sample 30mins class for my PhD course "Academic Teaching".

Credits to:
- Mazzali-Lurati S., Cantoni L., (2005), Semiotics of Photography, in
Keith Brown (ed.), ELL - Encyclopedia of Language & Linguistics.
Elsevier, Oxford, 2nd edition, v. 9, pp. 569-571.

- Rose, G. (2007), Visual Methodologies: an introduction to the
interpretation of visual materials, London, SAGE, cap. 5, pagg.

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Semiotics in the Visual

  1. 1. Semiotics in the Visual:uncovering the prejudices beneath the surface of the beautiful Sara Vannini Academic Teaching - Dec. 2011
  2. 2. ia ls tion t er re ta a m rp a l te is n u in is s v is na l lys aly tio g io na an gy cita h i n s i t a e o -lo eli t s a rc p o e n o ur p o ro ot e m nt c th hres co c o d is an p ti cs io s em
  3. 3. The Afghan GirlNational Geographic Magazine cover
  4. 4. Afghan Girl revealedNational GeographicMagazine
  5. 5. Found - a life revealedNational GeographicMagazine cover
  6. 6. Food for life United Colors of Benettoncampaign