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  1. 1. Mission AMWHO is an initiative to promote the idea of public health advocacy among students. To offer an opportunity for students to be engaged in WHO projects of concern and spread awareness about pressing health care matters. Through AMWHO, delegates will gain experience in research, critical analysis and debate.
  2. 2. AMWHO Sessions WorkshopsMillennium Development Goals Non-communicable diseasesConference Campaigns
  3. 3. Conference Simulation of the world health organization assembly at which delegations of all WHO member states convene to discuss world health issues, determine and approve policies.
  4. 4. CampaignsAwareness Secondary prevention
  5. 5. If a delegate missed 2 successivesessions or a total of 3 he/shewill be disqualified.
  6. 6. Structure High Board Executive Chief of Director operationsYara Nasser Suzana Mohamed
  7. 7. Secretariats Assistant Head of Theme Theme Campaign field Director Director Manager operationsDiaa Al-Sousi Salma Adel Mohamed Alhasan Hassan Ghazzawi
  8. 8. SecretariatsMedia and IT Delegate Deputy Head of PR Head of Director Resource Delegate and Organizing Coordinator Resource Fundraising Committee CoordinatorMohamed Rajia Amr Heidi Ibrahim Mohamed Sa’eed Elewa Abou El Ella Atef
  9. 9. AUSSSAin shams university students’ scientific society
  10. 10. Founded: 1972 Student association formed of medical students studying at Ain Shams University’s Faculty of Medicine. AUSSS represents Ain Shams University in the International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA).
  11. 11. Standing Committee On Public Health (SCOPH) SCOPH aims to provide awareness about health issues that are most prevalent in Egypt targeting school and university students as well as the public. Major Projects: World Diabetes Day, Hepatitis Awareness Campaign, and Anti-Tobacco Campaign. Standing Committee on Human Rights and peace (SCORP)• SCORP aims to raise awareness among medical students and the general public about the threat that human rights violations, conflicts and modern warfare pose to public health. Major Projects: Cancer patient psychological support, Patients’ Rights Campaign and Orphan’s day.
  12. 12. Standing committee on Reproductive health and AIDS (SCORA) Raise awareness on a variety of reproductive health issues amongst the public, and strive to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS whilst challenging the widespread violation of reproductive rights and gender inequality. Major Projects: World Aids Campaign, Run for Cure and Female Genital Mutilation. Standing committee on medical education (SCOME)• Promote modern medical education and provide an entertaining environment for medical students. Major Projects: Talent Show & carnival, Tourna-Med and Clean up your act.
  13. 13. Exchange Exchange program offered exclusively to the medical students of ain shams. Countries include Spain, Germany, Brazil and other European and Mediterranean countries. The program includes training, accommodation and social programs.
  14. 14. Thank you