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Innovation games


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Innovation games

  1. 1. Innovation Games Dr. Serhiy Yevtushenko, 09 Oktober 2014
  2. 2. Content •What are Innovation and Community Games®? •How they they different? •What Innovation Games exist? •Notes on playing •Where Agile and Innovation Games fit together? •Further Links
  3. 3. What are Innovation Games®? •C Created by Luke Hohmann •„Serious Games for Business“ - Informal games to better eliciting customer needs and desires •Tools for Qualitative Market Research •Arisen in startups community
  4. 4. What are Gamestorming and Community games •Similar approach •Initiated by Sunny Brown and David Gray •Can be traced to one of founders of facilitation – Michael Doyle •Coming as well from Silicon Valley Startup Hub •Consists of a more classical games
  5. 5. How they are different? •Focus on collaboration •Leverage principles of cognitive psychology and organizational behavior •Engage customers •Bring real customer input
  6. 6. What Innovation Games exist? Game Objective Remember the future Understand your customers’ definition of success –– and how to get there. Show and Tell Identify the most important artifacts created by your product or service Speed Boat Identify what is wrong with your existing products and services. Spider Web Customers work individually or in small teams to create vivid pictures of how your products and services fit into their world. Start Your Day Customers collaboratively describe when, how, and where they use your product(s). The Apprentice Create empathy for the customer experience by doing the job of a customer.
  7. 7. What Innovation Games exist? Game Objective 20/20 Vision Customers negotiate the relative importance of such things as product features, market requirements, and product benefits. Buy a Feature Customers work together to purchase their most desired features. Give Them a Hot Tub Use outrageous features to discover hidden breakthroughs. Me and My Shadow Discover hidden needs by carefully observing what customers actually do with your products. Product Box Customers work individually or in small teams to create and sell their ideal product. Prune the Product Tree Identify the kinds of benefits attendees of a conference, event or meeting received during and after the conference.
  8. 8. For what purposes? Discover Shape Prioritize Act Me and my Shadow The Apprentice Product Box Prune the Product Tree Spider Web Speed Boat Start your Day Give Them a Hot Tub Remember the Future Show and Tell Competitive Target Buy a Feature 20/20 Vision My worst nightmare What would Bourne do?
  9. 9. Notes on playing •Games require preparation –Different amount of preparation for different games •Consider carefully which customers to invite •Problem solving is better to do after the game •Processing results of games requieres significant time •It’s important to provide customer with report after a game
  10. 10. How does Agile and Innovation Games® fit together? •Buy a feature •Bang for Back •20/20 Vision •Speed boat •Community Games •Actions for retrospectives •Plus/Delta Game •… •Gives them the hot tube •Start a day •Prune the product tree •Speed Boat •Show and tell •Spiderweb •Me and my shadow •Apprentice •Remember the future •Product Box New Product Development Product Management Release Planning Retrospectives
  11. 11. Further Links Luke Hohmann Innovation Games: Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play Site Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, James Macanufo Games Storming German translation: Site Web-Application Site with agile- related games
  12. 12. Q & A Dr. Serhiy Yevtushenko codecentric AG An der Welle 3 60322 Frankfut
  13. 13. Image Attributions •