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Leverage alter table conversions methodology to alter your upgrade downtime - Tredegar Story


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This presentation was delivered at Collaborate 2012 by our experts.
More: Tredegar learned early-on that enterprise-wide Application Upgrades can be complex and costly due to the downtime involved during the cut over window. Learn how the "Alter Table" conversion methodology reduced the table conversion from 20 hours to 2 hours enabling a rapid cutover. The accelerated conversion reduced the overall downtime on the GO LIVE weekend, which prevented any impact to the bottom line.

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Leverage alter table conversions methodology to alter your upgrade downtime - Tredegar Story

  1. 1. Alter Table – Alters Downtime Becky Blackhurst, Global Applications Manager, TFP Mitesh Shah, Sr. Architect CNC, SYSTIME Session id: 97730
  2. 2. Agenda Company Background Business Drivers to Upgrade Upgrade Planning Implementation Project Stats Key Impacts Lessons Learned
  3. 3. Tredegar Film Products Headquartered in Richmond, VA Manufacture films used in baby care, hygiene, packaging and surface protection 12 Plants – US, Netherlands, Hungary, China, India, Brazil
  4. 4. TFP’s JDE Background Using JDE E1 8.10 since Jan 2006 o 4 US plants and India Site o Finance, Distribution and Manufacturing Blue Stack Hardware hosted by Velocity (WTS) since 2009 Partner with SYSTIME for CNC support
  5. 5. Key Business Drivers to UpgradeOracle Support o Current E1 8.10 release no longer supported o Move to the current E1 release 9.0 Update 2 o Move to newer Tools Release o Bugs fixed
  6. 6. Key Business Drivers to UpgradeStrategic Project o Foundation for growth o Maintain support, bugs fixed o Localization improvements o Enabler for global roll out
  7. 7. Planning – Project Scope Technical Upgrade o New hardware – AS400 and servers o New AS400 operating system o New JDE E1 release 9.0 Update 2 o New JDE tools release CITRIX retired
  8. 8. Planning – Our Partners SYSTIME  WTS o Structure, methodology o Provision new hardware o Experience o Experience o Retro-fit assistance There is strength in numbers
  9. 9. Our Downtime Constraints• Shop Floor System – 4 hours• SF to JDE Integration – 24 hours Let the Challenge begin !
  10. 10. The Journey Provisioned Network & Phase 1 Conversions take Equipment 16+ hours Developed retro-fits Built/Upgraded DV & PY Environments What are we going to do?
  11. 11. The Conversion Dilemma Archive / Purge  F0911 – GL  F4111 – Cardex Pre-convert  F42199 – SO Ledger  WO Z files Or ??
  12. 12. Alter Table Process Traditional conversion – 4 step process: Improved *ALTER conversion – 1 step•Traditional *ALTER process creates a table with the name process: XXXXTCTEMP (where XXXX = Original table name, for e.g.F0911). Table creation is based on of the specs delivered •Adds new columns and indexes to the older release table with new E1 release to which older system is upgraded and convert it into the newer release format table•Conversion process copies the data from older release •Simultaneously populates the new columns with default to newer release table (table with TCTEMP suffix). New columns values, during table structure change itself in the new table are populated with default values (0 or ‘’) •Data in the table is not manipulated or moved•Deletes older release table and rename XXXXTCTEMP table with original name•Re-builds indexes Traditional Conversions Vs. ALTER Conversion •No need to create new temp table •No data movement required thus saving lots of time. • Only required indices are build which saves time to a larger extent
  13. 13. The Winning Approach Traditional Approach Truncate Approach *ALTER Approach•Initial DV Environment was upgraded •Split F0911 on the basis of period (such as • *ALTER conversion - Identified scope to alter using traditional table conversion Fiscal year, century) the table structure in place (on the source table) (TCs) provided within upgrade • Convert the data for the fixed period without having to move the data or workbench • Save the files with pre-converted data pre-convert data•Total time taken by upgrade process • Convert only the modified data • Selected the USUAL Suspects – F0911, F4111 during first DV environment conversion • Merge the newly converted data with and F42199 for *ALTER conversion - 20 hrs (including 16 hrs of TCs ) pre converted set • Ran the conversion • Restore the merged file in production•Conversion analysis library. •Conversion analysisThe USUAL Suspects - F0911, F4111 and •Conversion analysis • Saved around 14 hrs during the GO LIVEF42199 were in the CRITICAL path as they weekendtogether were consuming majority of •Test conducted on F0911 took 5.5 hrs with • Table conversions from 16 hours to 2 hoursconversion times. lot of manipulation and manual efforts, • *ALTER conversion reduced table conversion - F0911 (68,899,200 records) - 16 hrs, time by 800% increasing scope for human errors. - F4111 (30,915,732 records) – 5 hrs - F42199 (4,338,242 records) – 3.5 hrs
  14. 14. The Journey Continues Unit Testing  Provisioned Phase 2 Equipment  Built/Upgraded TP Environment  Developed Conversion Validations  Applied new tools release  Integrated CRP Next Time - Automated Testing Tool
  15. 15. The Journey Continues Built/Upgraded PD Environment Installed and configured Mimix Installed Showcase 9.0  High Availability Test  Mock Cutovers  Stress Testing  User Acceptance Are We Ready?
  16. 16. CutoverEvent DurationBring down JDE / Shop Floor stays up 1:00 hourPre-conversion data prep 3:00PD 8.10 Data Conversion to 9.0 format 2:00Apply JDE 9.0 Software Updates 7:30PD 9.0 Data Validation 2:30JDE Surface Test 0:30
  17. 17. CutoverEvent DurationBring down Shop Floor system 1:00Convert SF data to 9.0 format 2:00Shop Floor validation test 0:15Final Go/No Go Decision 0:15Enable services and license keys 0:45 Live in 21 hours
  18. 18. Project Stats 85 Objects Retro-fitted  90 member Project Team o IT, Supply Chain, Finance & BUs o Tredegar and 3rd Parties 500+ Tables Migrate o US, India and Brazil 19 Software Updates  12000+ Man hours o IT = 7500+ 385 GB Data o IT Partners = 4200+ o TFP Testers = ??? 287 Calendar Days
  19. 19. Project Stats 60 Functional Testers  3 Mock Cutover Trials o Unit Testing – 640 scripts o Integrated Test – 4+  3 Stress Testing Events weeks  390+ JDE Users o UAT – 2 weeks  20 Training Sessions Test, Test and Test Again
  20. 20. Key Impacts Retired Citrix access o Custom Shop Floor Data Collection application migrated to HTML o Biggest training impact o Transitioned in 8.10 prior to cutover HTML uptime limitation o Security Kernel
  21. 21. Key Impacts Additional ESU’s o Retro-fit rework o Re-testing o Time line slippage ALTER Conversion Process o Reduced conversion from 16 hours to 2 hours
  22. 22. Lessons Learned Data conversion is small portion of cutover time o Post conversion updates and languages o Validations Data Validations o New planner data conflicts o Technical validations as well as financial reports
  23. 23. Lessons Learned Project Partners o Collaborative strength o Oracle engagement Practice makes perfect o Multiple mock cutovers paid off in the end
  24. 24. Lessons Learned Custom Grids o Delete and start fresh Test, Test and Re-test o Biggest risk – the unknown; what did not get tested
  25. 25. SYSTIME Overview • Largest specialist provider for Oracle JD Edwards services • Global reach- NA, Europe, ME, Japan, APAC, South America, South Africa • JDE Focus with Surround Strategy for MDM, Fusion Apps, SOA, BI, Agile, OTM and Demantra/ASCPKey Statistics: 5 times Oracle JDE Award • 650+ dedicated JD Edwards professionals winner • 17+ Years in the JD Edwards business • 120+ Global implementations, 50+ Upgrades & 20+ Global Roll Outs in last 3 years • 265+ JD Edwards customers globally OFM 4 Apps Partner of the Year 2010Oracle Relationship: • Oracle Platinum Partner • ONLY company to have Advanced Specialization in JD Edwards areas • Co-development partner for Oracle