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Shipshape: Royal Caribbean Cruises Enhances System Stability


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Royal Caribbean Cruises engages with SYSTIME to improve business efficiency and address system stability by upgrading to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

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Shipshape: Royal Caribbean Cruises Enhances System Stability

  1. 1. APPLICATIONS UNLIMITED new i ns i ghts fo r o racle ap p li cati ons u ser s Keeping IT Shipshape JD EDwarDs upgraDE calms watErs for royal caribbEan cruisEs. he global recession has meant any- stand out above the competition due to “Before, we had the ‘opt-out’ model that thing but smooth sailing for the cruise our specialization in JD Edwards, our required putting in a lot of manual con- industry over the last few years, but global delivery model, and our reputation trols, but now the system does most of Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. (RCCL) for keeping our customers competitive the work, and that is extremely helpful,” has managed to thrive and grow due to and agile,” says Vishal Grover, president says Pujol. an increasing focus on the international and CEO at SYSTIME. Furthermore, the system’s employee- market. Along with acquiring companies RCCL Manager of IT Mark Musial says profile functionality was redesigned and opening offices around the world, SYSTIME helped the cruise line overcome to be managed shipboard, trimming including locations in Australia, boarding times and preventing Germany, Norway, Spain, and the delays. The hiring process also United Kingdom, company leaders saw improvements with applicant decided that it was imperative to tracking, which hiring partners modernize IT operations. around the globe can now access A recent survey from the Cruise to streamline the recruitment Lines International Association process. And the entire RCCL predicted that 14.3 million pas- fleet can access JD Edwards’ sengers will cruise in 2010, nearly shoreside and shipboard applica- 1 million more than in 2009. tions via satellite connections. Additionally, international pas- The new system offers criti- sengers make up 14 percent more cal stability. Prior to the upgrade, of the cruise market than in 2000. Pujol recalls frequent downtime Indeed, RCCL management rode that required support from in- the wave of that international house and outside IT. “Once we expansion by implementing Oracle’s JD some global systemic and functional chal- went live, we measured how many com- Edwards applications in 2001. But over lenges by working closely with the cus- plaints popped up. It was very successful, time, a highly customized IT infrastruc- tomer’s team to configure and adapt the and the issues were very minimal—even ture started to inhibit growth. JD Edwards system to meet core project in the first couple of days,” says Pujol. “RCCL grew up as a North American requirements. “They leveraged past expe- “The upgrade was delivered in perfect company. Our general ledger systems rience and offered new ideas throughout timing. We haven’t experienced any sta- were set up focused on accounting in the project efforts,” he says. bility or performance issues.” North America,” says Henry Pujol, vice The project’s “Big Bang” approach RCCL managers continue to look at president, corporate controller at RCCL. involved rolling out the system in additional functionalities within the JD “The biggest reason for going into the Australia, France, Germany, Mexico, Edwards EnterpriseOne system, further upgrade project was system stability and Spain, and the U.S. So SYSTIME’s improving human resources management support for the system. There was no ‘if’ proven global delivery model played an and currency management. “JD Edwards as far as upgrading—it was ‘when.’” important role in the project’s positive EnterpriseOne is a flexible solution that Oracle Platinum Partner SYSTIME outcome. This meant migrating older JD allows us to conduct business efficiently was tapped to lead the upgrade project, Edwards applications onto a unified JD and effectively in global markets with due to the partner’s 15-year focus on Edwards EnterpriseOne infrastructure— appropriate local flavor,” says Jason JD Edwards and its strong global pres- supporting 5,500 users and interactions Liberty, vice president of strategy, corpo- ence (30 offices worldwide). SYSTIME with 30 internal applications and 6 rate planning, and insurance at RCCL. needed to complete the globalization external systems. “SYSTIME did very well. They did a good and upgrade project in just 11 months, The new system features 16 new job managing through the organizations requiring close monitoring and strong functionalities, including Sarbanes-Oxley to make good tactical decisions. And project management under the auspices compliance, global currency conversions, the decisions that had to be made on a I-Hua CHen of its SYS-on-TIME methodology. “We simplified regional accounting, and global functional area level were always resolved were confident that SYSTIME would alignment with RCCL’s growth strategy. very quickly.” <> pro f i t j d e d w a rd s s p e c ia l ed it ion 7