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Mos project monitoring_trip_report_2013

  1. 1. MOZAMBIQUE Project monitoring trip report 31.8.-14.2013 The project monitoring trip to Maputo, Mozambique was realized between the 31st of August and 14th of September, 2013. The project in question, Increasing the reading and writing capability of … , is realized by a Maputo based NGO, Afortalecer. The trip was monitored by SYL:s representatives Johanna Ursin-Escobar and Silja Palmujoki. The objectives of the trip were to learn how the project has been launched, to see if there is need for any changes in the project plan, to revise the indicators and to improve the partnership by getting to know each other better. The most important results of the monitoring trip where that the project has started but with fewer activities than planned. The general atmosphere in the organization was optimistic, analytical and conversational. As usual, the first year of project produced some delays in implementing the activities. The bookshelves have been appropriately procured and calligraphy books acquired. Nevertheless, not all the planned trainings for teachers and workshops for children have been realized. Some changes were made to the activities with children´s workshops and parent´s participation (Activity 4), as well as their indicators. Groups for storytelling and homework with parents were replaced with “learning cafés” and workshops supported by university students. Changes in detail can be seen in the updated version of the project plan. It was decided that in continuation Afortalecer will systemize their activities and will have a more participatory outreach in different areas of their project. Some new formulas for activity monitoring were also created. A timetable on the deadlines and activities for the rest of the year will be sent to Afortalecer soon. Programm Day Time Event 31.8. 13.00- Flights Helsinki - Maputo 1.9. 14.00 Arriving to Maputo, accommodation 2.9. Morning Afternoon Program for monitoring trip Introduction to current situation of Mozambique and the latest news of Afortalecer 3.9. Morning Afternoon Discussing the budget with the accountant of Afortalecer, Olivia Meeting with university students, meeting with the directorate of Afortalecer discussing the project activities 4.9. Morning Afternoon Monitoring and evaluation training for Afortalecer staff by Johanna Visit to Pedagogical University of Maputo 5.9. Morning Afternoon Visit to NGO Accodescha, the partner of Operation Days Work in Finland Visit to the project school Unidade 27, discussions with teachers, parents and pupils 6.9. Morning Visit to the project school Filipe Samuel Magaia, discussion with
  2. 2. Afternoon teachers, rector and parents Meeting with the director of educational department of the city of Maputo 7.9. FREE 8.9. FREE 9.9. Morning Afternoon Monitoring and evaluation training for Afortalecer staff by Johanna Revision of project indicators 10.9. Morning Afternoon Revision of project indicators and reformulation of project activities; visit to the embassy of Finland Meeting with teacher training facilitator and the designer of the book, meeting with university students 11.9. Morning Afternoon Revision of project indicator, discussing on the audit rules of Ministry for Foreign Affairs Workshop for pupils in Unidade 27 by university students 12.9. Morning Afternoon Meeting at KEPA, checking to do –list for the rest of the year 2013 Summarizing the results of project monitoring trip 13.9. 12.00- Flights Maputo - Helsinki 14.9. Arrival to Helsinki