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Sage summit 2013 session c 265 %282%29

  1. 1. CPE Credit • In order to receive CPE credit for this session, you must be present for the entire session. – Session Code: C-265 – Recommended CPE Credit = 1.5 – Delivery Method = Group Live – Field of Study = Specialized Knowledge and Applications • Visit the Sage Summit Connect kiosks to enter CPE credit during the conference. #SageSummit
  2. 2. Could Monkey Calls Offer Clues For Origin Of Human Speech
  3. 3. How to Increase Profitability Through Supply Chain Management
  4. 4. Introduction • Dane DeSantis / SPS Commerce - 10 years of experience working with supply chain solutions that work with the suite of Sage products. • Hellene Thurston / SWK Technologies - 20 years of experience working with ERP solutions and 5 years with supply chain solutions. • Session PowerPoints and materials can be found on the Sage Summit Mobile App under Documents. • Follow Sage Summit @Sage_Summit – Use the official Summit hashtag: #SageSummit • Follow us on Twitter: @SPS_Commerce @mapadoc #SageSummit
  5. 5. I love Lucy video
  6. 6. Who receives the order? Who picks/packs the order? Who updates the consumer? Who does the import paperwork? Who ships the order? Who sends/receives invoices? Who labels the shipment? Who chooses the carrier? Who builds the container? Supply Chain Integration Involves far More than just the Retailer
  7. 7. Supply Chain Statistics • The supply chain’s contribution to revenue more than doubled, from 4% in 2011 to 8.5% in 2012. • Companies that acknowledge the supply chain as a strategic differentiator achieve 70% higher performance compared with those that do not • 85% of companies have experienced at least one supply chain disruption in the last 12 months.
  8. 8. • Lost PO for an urgently needed shipment • Outdated item information • Too much (or too little) inventory to appropriately meet demand • Inability to fulfill orders at the speed that is expected by an online consumer. Minor Disruptions Add Up to Major Problems
  9. 9. Count on Real-Time Knowledge for Supply Chain Precision • Make smarter product, inventory and market decisions. • Use tools to monitor supply chain performance in real-time. • The integration of electronic data interchange (EDI) – (850) Purchase Order (856) Advanced Ship Notice – (810) Invoice (852) Point of Sale data – (820) Payment Advice (860) Purchase Order Change
  10. 10. Components of EDI
  11. 11. Typical EDI Solution
  13. 13. Seize More Sales with E-Commerce • E-commerce is the best opportunity to reach new customers and land more sales. • A strong e-commerce strategy and the right infrastructure to support it is also the only way to guarantee survival in an increasingly crowded global marketplace. • Constant and clear trading partner communication is essential. – Ability to flexibly fulfill orders – The right inventory from the right distribution center
  14. 14. Top 10 Grossing ecommerce sites of 2012 Number 1 Number 2 Number 3 Number 4 Number 5 Number 6 Number 7 Number 8 Number 9 Number 10 X X X
  15. 15. Move more product with accurate item info • Accurate product data and marketing information is an often overlooked but critical. • As e-commerce becomes an increasingly important focus for retailers, access to the most up-to-date comprehensive data is crucial – Price, color, size, style and photography
  16. 16. Accurate Item Info • 19% of retailers now share POS with all suppliers compared to 9% in 2010 • 73% of retailers say suppliers use POS in the best interest of the retailer compared to 54% in 2011 • 74% of suppliers say retailers respond to recommendations they make using POS compared to 53% in 2011 • Companies with combined visibility and analytics capabilities is almost twice as likely to be a fast grower (top 20% of growth) as a firm that is below average in both skill areas
  17. 17. • AAFES • Academy Sports • Babies “R” Us • Bass Pro Shops • Belk • Bergdorf Goodman • Best Buy Co • Big 5 • BJ’s • Bloomingdale’s • Bob’s Stores • Cabela’s • Dillard’s, Inc. • Dick’s Sporting Goods • Dollar General • Dunham’s Sports • Famous Footwear • The Finish Line • Fred Meyer • Gander Mountain • Hibbett Sports • The Home Depot • J.C. Penney Co. • Kmart Corp. • Kroger • Kohl’s Corp. • Lord &Taylor • Lowe’s • Macy’s • Marks Warehouse • Meijer • Modell’s • Neiman Marcus • NEXCOM • Olympia Sports • Peebles Stores • PetSmart • REI • Saks 5 th Avenue • SAM’S CLUB • Shoe Carnival • Sephora • Shoe Carnival • ShopKo Stores • Sports Authority • Sport Chalet • Stage Stores • Target • Wal-Mart • West Marine • And more...
  18. 18. Focus your expertise and energy where it Counts • Companies that outsource logistics activities and focus on core strategic functions are more successful than those that do not. • Outsourcing your electronic communications infrastructure frees up staff. • Not leaving the small to midsize partners behind to eliminate the technology barrier. • Standardization of data • Transportation – movement of goods
  19. 19. Give all trading partners a telescope • A key element of a resilient supply chain is end-to-end visibility. • The ability to track products at every point. • Identify and avoid disruption before it becomes a costly problem.
  20. 20. Conquer disruption with Collaborative relationships • Your business is only as successful as that of your chosen trading partners. • True collaborators will invest in supply chain management tools that meet your requirements and drive business.
  21. 21. Bonus Question • In 2012 how much revenue did generate per second?
  22. 22. Remember… • Minor Disruptions Add Up to Major Problems • Count on Real-Time Knowledge for Supply Chain Precision • Seize More Sales with E-Commerce • Move more product with accurate item info • Focus your expertise and energy where it Counts • Give all trading partners a telescope • Conquer disruption with Collaborative relationships
  23. 23. Bonus Question • In 2012 how much revenue did generate per second? $607.05
  24. 24. Your Feedback is Important to Us! • Completing a session survey is fast and easy: Complete the survey on your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet through the Sage Summit mobile app. – IOS, Blackberry, or Android users may download the app from the at the App Store by searching “Sage Summit”. • Remember each completed survey is another entry for one of several daily prize drawings, including an Apple iPad! • Your feedback helps us improve future sessions and presentation techniques. • Session code for this session: C-265 #SageSummit
  25. 25. #SageSummit Contact Information • Presenter Contact Information: – Dane DeSantis • • @SPS_Commerce – Hellene Thurston • • @mapadoc • • • Follow us @Sage_Summit – Use the official Sage Summit hashtag: #SageSummit • Don’t forget to use the Sage Summit mobile or web app for all your conference needs. Thank you for your participation.