SWIFT Asia Pacific
Welcome toSWIFT Asia Pacific!As the backbone of the world’s money flows, we have been serving thefinancial community in As...
SWIFT is the member-owned cooperative thatprovides the communications platform,products and services to connect over 10,00...
amongst market participantsand nations.	We at SWIFT	Asian financial markets	seamless interoperability	 have a vision for t...
19731977198019811991199419972002200320072008200920122013SWIFT foundedSWIFT goes liveHong Kong and Singapore start liveoper...
Where we contributeSupporting financial infrastructurefor paymentsSWIFT is a key partner of banking marketinfrastructures ...
Australia India Japan KoreaSuite 3202AMP Centre50 Bridge Street,Sydney NSW 2000+61 2 92 25 8100+61 2 92 25 8111Unit No.303...
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SWIFT in Asia Pacific


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SWIFT in Asia Pacific

  1. 1. SWIFT Asia Pacific
  2. 2. Welcome toSWIFT Asia Pacific!As the backbone of the world’s money flows, we have been serving thefinancial community in Asia Pacific for over 30 years. We are very proudof the many customers who entrust us every day to exchange millions ofstandardised financial messages over our secured network.The 21st century is rightly spoken of as the Asia Pacific century. Strongeconomic growth in the last decade has positioned this region as thegrowth engine of the world. Going forward, we at SWIFT are expectedto play a more important role in driving this success.Our investment in Asia Pacific truly reflects this region’s growth anddevelopment in the global financial industry. We will continue to do so,and are committed to building world-class financial infrastructure in AsiaPacific and as helping our industry create new business opportunities.Yours sincerely,Alain Raes,Chief Executive, Asia Pacific and EMEASWIFT is the member-owned cooperativethat provides the communications platform, products andservices to connect over 10,000 banking organisations,securities institutions and corporate customersin 212 countries and territories.
  3. 3. SWIFT is the member-owned cooperative thatprovides the communications platform,products and services to connect over 10,000banking organisations, securities institutionsand corporate customers in 212 countries andterritories. These institutions include fundmanagers, broker-dealers, marketinfrastructures, market data providers, retail,wholesale and custodian banks and corporates.Many of these institutions are also shareholdersof SWIFT.SWIFT enables our users to exchange automated,standardised financial information securely andreliably, thereby lowering costs, reducing operationalrisk and eliminating operational inefficiencies. Wealso bring the financial community together to workcollaboratively to shape market practice, definestandards and debate issues of mutual interest.SWIFT was started in 1973 with a small group ofpeople and an ambitious idea to create a worldwidenetwork and a common language for the world’sfinancial transactions. Basically, the industry wantedto replace the telex and fully embrace an increasinglyglobal industry. Our first operating centre opened in1976 and the SWIFT service went live in 1977.Who we areSWIFT’s presence was extended to the US in 1979and to Asia in 1980. Today we are at the heart ofthe financial industry, handling more than 4 billionmessages a year between financial institutions,market infrastructures and corporations. Theprinciples that started our cooperative are as strongas ever. SWIFT was created by and for the financialindustry – our customers and their needs continue tobe the driving force behind the way we develop.SWIFT has its global headquarters in Belgium andhas 24 offices around the world, with operatingcentres in the United States and Europe.
  4. 4. amongst market participantsand nations. We at SWIFT Asian financial markets seamless interoperability have a vision for the future of – a vision of”“SWIFT enables our users to exchangeautomated, standardised financial informationsecurely and reliably. We create the connectionsand standards that make markets work acrossthe globe. We bring together the world’sfinancial institutions, promoting dialogue andhelping to solve common industry problems.And we combine a uniquely informedperspective with the flexibility to respond to theindividual needs of every customer.Whether your business is payments, treasury, tradeor securities, whether you work for a small localbrokerage or a global multi-service bank, SWIFTenables you to automate and standardise yourtransactions end-to-end. Our solutions can helplower your costs, mitigate your risk and increase yourservice levels.• Messaging: SWIFT provides a range ofmessaging services to exchange messages andfiles tailored to specific banking and securitiestransactions as well as a set of related tools to helpyou get the most out of them.• Connectivity: We offer the operational equipmentyou need to connect to the network, including amessaging hub, messaging software that providesthe connectivity to your business applications,communications software to connect to allSWIFTNet services as well as the physical networkconnections to SWIFT.• Standards: SWIFT collaborates with the usercommunity to standardise the messagesexchanged by organisations conducting financialbusiness.What we do• Applications: SWIFT offers several businessapplications required to address specific businessneeds. Our applications aim to make day-to-daybusiness easier for customers as well as loweringtheir costs, improving their efficiency and reducingtheir operational risk.• Consulting Services: We provide consultingservices in the following areas: BusinessConsulting, Technical Consulting, Implementation,and Project Management, all with the aim ofhelping our customers reduce costs and risk andenable business growth and regulatorycompliance.• Support Services: SWIFT provides 24 x 7worldwide support which is delivered by a group ofexpert analysts. This service covers administrative,operational and technical matters and provides avariety of support offerings tailored to customers’needs.• Business Intelligence: Our Business Intelligenceportfolio encompasses an entire suite of intuitivetools including analytics, insights and economicindicators designed to grow with a customer’sbusiness needs.• Reference Data: SWIFTRef is the new industry-wide utility for sourcing, maintaining and deliveringhigh-quality payments reference data. It’s a secureplatform where data owners, including banks,central banks and code issuers, can manage andpublish their reference data so users can find allthe data sets they need in one place.Our role is two-fold. Weprovide the communicationsplatform, products andservices that allow ourcustomers to connectand exchange financialinformation securely andreliably. We also act as thecatalyst that brings thefinancial communitytogether.
  5. 5. 19731977198019811991199419972002200320072008200920122013SWIFT foundedSWIFT goes liveHong Kong and Singapore start liveoperations; First Asian countries connectedto SWIFTJapan goes live on SWIFTKorea connected to SWIFT; Beijing officeopened; The first Sibos in Asia Pacific isheld in Hong KongFirst Asia Pacific Customer ServiceCentre is set up in Hong KongSydney office openedCustomer Service Centre openedin JapanSibos is held in SingaporeMumbai office openedShanghai office openedSeoul office opened; Sibostakes place in Hong KongFirst SWIFT board memberfrom China; The largestSibos in Asia Pacific is heldin OsakaJoint venture is set up inIndia; Corporate servicescentre established inKuala LumpurKey MilestonesBuilding abetter financialinfrastructure inAsia PacificAt SWIFT, our goal is to support the economicgrowth and stability of the Asia Pacific nationsby providing them with the financialinfrastructure that underpins their nationaleconomies and connects them to the rest of theworld. In addition, we aim to ensure our globalmembership benefits from the economicgrowth, innovation and resources from this partof the world.Strong regional presenceSWIFT has been in Asia Pacific for over 30 years,starting in Hong Kong and Singapore. Three regionaloffices have been opened in Asia since 2005,bringing the total to nine commercial and supportoffices including our customer support centres inHong Kong and Tokyo. In March 2013, we opened anew corporate services centre in Kuala Lumpur toserve our offices around the world. As the world’scentre of economic power shifts to the East, SWIFTas a company is doing the same.We maintain stability,creating deeper relevanceat a time of deep change,broadening the spacefor collaboration, andmaking the globalcommunity more relevantlocally as the pattern ofgrowth in ourworld shifts.
  6. 6. Where we contributeSupporting financial infrastructurefor paymentsSWIFT is a key partner of banking marketinfrastructures around the world. In Asia Pacific,SWIFT is used by payment market infrastructuresin more than 10 markets for their Real Time GrossSettlement (“RTGS”) and retail payments systems,including Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines,Thailand, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Fiji, Hong Kong,Macau and Taiwan. The adoption of SWIFT fora payments market infrastructure leads to majorimprovements in stability, efficiency, interoperabilityand cost reduction for financial institutions andregulators alike – something that’s vitally important infast-growing markets like those in Asia Pacific.Securities marketsSWIFT supports the development of the securitiesmarket in Asia Pacific across the entire spectrumof market players, including brokers/dealers,custodians, investment managers and securitiesmarket infrastructures. Only SWIFT helps the industryautomate business processes covering post-tradeto pre-settlement, settlement and reconciliation,corporate actions and collateral managementand more, for all asset classes. With demand forinvestment growing in Asia – and as the need forautomation increases to meet this growth – SWIFTand our highly resilient infrastructure has a criticalrole to play to ensure that these markets and playersoperate efficiently and securely.Sibos – the world’s premierfinancial services eventEvery year Sibos brings together influentialleaders from financial institutions, marketinfrastructures, multinational corporations andtechnology partners to do business and shapethe future of the financial industry. Facilitated andorganised by SWIFT for the SWIFT community,Sibos is much more than a conference andexhibition. It is a unique forum to collaborate andtake collective action in payments, securities,cash management and trade. With the power todraw some 7,000 participants from across theglobe, Sibos is unparalleled in its reputation toreach the entire financial services industry.
  7. 7. Australia India Japan KoreaSuite 3202AMP Centre50 Bridge Street,Sydney NSW 2000+61 2 92 25 8100+61 2 92 25 8111Unit No.303, Ceejay HousePlot No. F, Shivsagar EstateDr. A.B Road, WorliMumbai 400018+91 22 6196 6900+91 22 6615 697420th Floor Nippon LifeMarunouchi Building1-6-6 Marunouchi,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 100-0005+81 3 5223 7400+81 3 5223 7439Room #2031, 20FKorea First Bank Bldg.100 Gongpyung-dong,Chungno-guSeoul+82 2 2076 8236+82 2 2076 8488People’s Republic of China Hong Kong SingaporeUnits 819 - 8218th FloorNo. 7 Financial StreetWinland International FinanceCentreXicheng DistrictBeijing 100034+86 10 6658 2900Unit 4005-4007,One LujiazuiNo.68 Central Yincheng RoadShanghai 200120+8621 6182 8300+8621 6182 8308As of May 2013:Suites 3201 – 0932/F One Island East18 Westlands Road,Hong Kong SAR+852 2107 8700+852 2107 87338 Marina ViewAsia Square Tower 1 #28-04Singapore 018960+65 6347 8000+65 6347 8099MalaysiaLevel 18, Tower 3, Avenue 7,No. 8 Jalan Kerinchi, BangsarSouth,59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia+60 (0)3 2773 7500+60 (0)3 2773 7501SWIFT offices in Asia PacificFor more information about SWIFT and contactsvisit swift.comor e-mail us at:APAC.Commercial.Admin.Generic@swift.comSWIFT © 2013We are the global authority forfinancial standardsSWIFT develops business standards tosupport transactions in the financial marketsfor payments, securities, treasury and tradeservices and facilitates the industry to gettogether to define best practice for handlingthe messages that they send over SWIFT toeach other. Since our genesis in the 1970s,SWIFT has worked at removing ambiguityand incompatibility in how banks and financialinstitutions interact with each other, whilesimultaneously championing security andhigher levels of automation. The result? Lowercosts, greater efficiency and increased outputfor our industry.CorporatesSWIFT provides a single, highly secure andstandardised communication platform for corporatesto exchange financial information with their banks,as opposed to multiple connections. This enablescorporates to improve their global cash visibility andgain maximum efficiency from their financial andtreasury operations, by rationalising bank channels,centralising payments and collections and achievinggreater automation through standardisation. Frommid-sized companies for simple cash managementto conglomerates for global trade and supplychain solutions, Asian corporates connect toSWIFT because we improve their local and globalbusinesses.
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